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Cheap Second Round Cinema Taipei, Taiwan

Updated on January 2, 2014

One Day - Four Movies - Half Price

If you want to go see a Hollywood blockbuster movie in Taipei on the big screen but don’t want to pay the ridiculous large movie theater chain ticket prices then you should read this post and discover a cheaper, all day alternative. By simply waiting for the movie of your choice to stop showing at the flashy cinemas, you can head on down to the Nanshan second round cinema (湳山戲院) in the Da-an District of Taipei City to watch it at a huge discount. In addition to saving money, the entry ticket lets you enjoy all the movies on offer that day. If you are still not convinced, then I invite you to continue reading for many more reasons why spending a full day at the Nanshan second round cinema is miles better than a couple of hours at a regular movie theater.

Nanshan second round cinema
Nanshan second round cinema

5 reasons why a 2nd round cinema is better than a normal one:

  1. You don’t have to wait in a huge line to buy tickets.
  2. The ticket prices are much cheaper.
  3. You can watch as many movies as you like.
  4. You can take in as much food and drink as you like.
  5. Nearby lunch and dinner options are generally cheaper.


All-day tickets cost a mere $140NTD

The Nanshan second round cinema is an older style movie theater, which means it can charge less for entry tickets. Tickets cost $140NTD (approx. $4.70USD) per person. It has four screens in total, with the largest screen A taking up the whole upper lever and three screens B, C, and D on the ground floor, each able to hold roughly 100 people. To make the most of your time at the discount cinema, it’s best to check out the show times website at the link below and check that there are at least two movies you want to see; great if there are four.

Now calculate your itinerary using the provided show times. Each of the four screens alternate between two movies giving a total of eight movies per day. There are no reservations for seats so the best way to guarantee a good spot is to watch the movie that’s showing in the same screening room as the blockbuster movie you came here to see first. If this is not possible then it’s advisable that you queue up thirty minutes before the blockbuster begins because it will fill up pretty quickly.


Linjiang Street Night Market
Linjiang Street Night Market

Eating in and around the cinema

The Nanshan second round cinema is located in a quiet neighborhood of just off Xinyi Road. When you get hungry in between movies you can skip out and enjoy one of the many lunch and dinner restaurants nearby offering tasty meals at cheap prices or go to the many street vendors lined up at the Linjiang Street Night Market just minutes from the cinema. This is in contrast to flashy cinemas located inside a busy mall such as Q Square, where eating choices may be plentiful but not exactly cheap. What’s more, you can even buy take away, bring it back to the cinema, and enjoy it with your movie. With many other people doing the exact same thing, you definitely won’t feel like the odd one out. One time I saw a guy eating a meal from a cooking pot that I assume he prepared the meal in.

Nanshan Second Round Cinema

A marker台北市通化街24巷1號 -
No. 1, Lane 24, Tōnghuà Street, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
get directions

Getting there

The cinema is located on Lane 24, Tonghua St., very near to Xinyi Road. If travelling by bus, head towards Xinyi Rd and get off at Xinyi Tonghua Intersection and walk 250m south along Tonghua Street and turn right at Lane 24. The nearest MRT station is Da-an Station. From the station exit, walk east along Xinyi Road. If you are walking towards Taipei 101 then you are going the right way. Now turn right at Tonghua Street and walk 250m, then turn right at Lane 24.

Fun day in and fun day out

So, if you’re in the mood for a movie and believe that watching just one blockbuster won’t satisfy you, then why not wait a couple of months and visit the Nanshan second round cinema in the Da-an District of Taipei City. With an all day ticket at less than half the price of a flashy cinema, you’ll still see the exact same movie on the big screen but this time you can enjoy three others and still have plenty of money left over to buy lunch, snacks, and dinner. I can’t think of a better all day activity.

Regular Cinema vs. 2nd Round Cinema

After thinking about price, environment, movie quality, food & beverages, and overall experience, which do you prefer?

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