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BBC Merlin & Colin Morgan

Updated on June 11, 2017

BBC Merlin and Colin Morgan News and Gifts

Colin Morgan has been a busy man since the end of Merlin last December, starring in Shakespeare's The Tempest, which opened at The Globe theater in London.

Colin Morgan is a very popular actor who shot to fame as Merlin, the lead role in the immensely popular BBC TV Series Merlin. He has gained a lot of fans during his time as young Merlin in the BBC's Arthurian family fantasy.

Morgan is currently starring in The Tempest playing Ariel in the production, The show runs until August 18 at London's Shakespeare's Globe,

I have collected some great gifts for the Colin Morgan and BBC Merlin fans on this page.

image To buy this poster from Amazon see below

Merlin: The Last Dragonlord
Merlin: The Last Dragonlord

This book is now a collector's item


Merlin: the Last Dragonlord - Order this book before it's gone

This action-packed book covering three exciting episodes of the hit TV show!

BBC Merlin TV Series - Order the whole series

Colin Morgan Wins Best Male Drama Performance - NTA 2013 -

National Television Awards 2013: Merlin star Colin Morgan wins Best Drama Performance. Congratulations, Colin!!

NTA 2013 - Colin's Acceptance Speech For 'Drama Performance: Male'

Merlin Cast @ NTA2012 - all scenes/snippets/interviews from show

Bradley James and Colin Morgan attended the NTAs2012 on January 25th, 2012. 'Merlin' was nominated for 'Best Drama' (sadly they didn't win). At the aftershow party Bradley and Colin were interviewed.

Merlin News - LA Times spoke with MERLIN's co-creators about the final season.

"Created by Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, "Merlin" provides a fresh take on the Arthurian legend. Irish actor Colin Morgan plays Merlin, a servant to King Arthur and a wizard-in-secret in a realm where magic has been outlawed."

"We've been blessed with four young actors that have risen to a huge task, and I think everyone forgets that when we began this series, Bradley and Colin were virtually unknown actors, virtually out of drama school, and we were asking them to lead a prime-time international series, and they stepped up to the mark. We were lucky. We were so lucky to have them, because it wouldn't always have worked. And to watch them grow as actors - and they grew very fast, actually - is a very enjoyable experience. I guess we had [Anthony Stewart] Head, and we had Richard Wilson, and they were good, wise mentors to the young cast. They really were, and they set out to be just that, and they gave them lots of great advice and lots of help and lots of support. We were lucky to have two guys who were very generous like that. But the credit must go to the young cast because to ask them to carry a big international show with so little experience was a big ask, and they delivered. They more than delivered."

"I think visually we took inspiration from "Excalibur," definitely. There are things that John Boorman did in that I think were very, very good. It certainly sat in our minds. Mary Stewart's books on Merlin I think were inspiration to us. They tell a very different story, a very different Merlin, but the way they reinvented the legend was an inspiration, definitely."

Adventures of Merlin Action Figures

Arthurian legend brought to life in action figure form! These figures taken from The Adventures of Merlin TV series.make great collector's pieces for those looking for Merlin memorabilia. These highly-detailed action figures are sure to please collectors and fans alike.

"Reenact your favorite battle scenes from the Merlin TV series with the Adventures of Merlin Prince Arthur Action Figure!"

The Adventures of Merlin Limited Edition Action Figures - Individually Numbered Collectibles

These action figures are fully articulated poseable, 3 3/ 4-inches tall, individually numbered, limited edition of 5000.

The Queen Gwen Guinevere Pendragon

The Witch Morgana

Gaius portrayed by Richard Wilson

King Uther Merlin Anthony Stewart Head

Colin Morgan and Bradley James Video

Official Merlin 2013 Calendar

This calendar is a collector's item. If you are a fan of the TV show, you will want to add this item to your collection.'s the end of an era in which we've worked on something that we feel very proud of.

~C Morgan

Colin Signing Autographs Video - And taking photos with fans

A Story of Friendship

"Merlin and Arthur. To me, ... It's a story of friendship, it's both very funny but very touching and very real. And to go from two characters who in many ways in the first series began hating each other to two characters who profoundly respect and care about each other is a great journey. Those simple journeys are always the best, and the heart of the program is not dragons and swords and myths and legends, it's that story, that friendship." ~Julia Murphy ‘Merlin’ co-creator


Merlin || Hymn For The Missing [S5] - Season spoiler

"I can't lose him, he's my friend!"


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    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 3 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      I have not seen the Merlin series.

    • patinkc profile image

      patinkc 5 years ago from Midwest

      @Nancy Hardin: Thanks, Nancy! I am so sad that this is the last season. I think they are talking about a movie, but don't think that is settled!

    • Nancy Hardin profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I'm a Merlin series fan...and I understand this is the final season....boohoo! I'm adding your Merlin to my Merlin lens as a related lens.