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Community - Great new TV comedy

Updated on November 6, 2013

Community - TV comedy about the Community College we Wish We had Attended

The television situation comedy Community,   is one of my favorite TV shows. It went through five seasons, and then unfortunately was cancelled.

The series started when Jeff Winger - played by Joel McHale - returns to Greendale Community College in  fictional Greendale, Colorado to start the process of getting his degree and returning to the law. Jeff lost his degree when it was discovered that he actually had never attended college. He had hopes of quickly getting a degree by using his influence on a professor that he once got off of DUI, but soon those hopes are dashed and he realized he actually is going to have to attend college.

In an attempt to attract the "hot girl in Spanish class" Britta Perry Jillian Jacobs - he offers Spanish tutoring to her and the offer is overheard and turned into a Spanish group. The rest of the series follows the adventures of Jeff, Britta, and the rest of the cast as they grow closer as a group in spite of their differences and in spite of - well just some general weirdness.

In the first year of the sit-com, the group takes Spanish together, the next year Anthropology and the third season it was Biology. The cast is first rate, and the venerable Chevy Chase adds a lot. Each episode is named after a conceivable community college course - like "Creative Calligraphy" or "Football, Feminism and You."  There are some interesting love twists, but even beyond this it is a wonderful story in friendship. I love Community!

What will the fourth season of community bring?

PS - Alas, no realized dream of six seasons and a movie: the series has been cancelled. We just have pleasant memories and the series on DVD.

Thanks to shawnogram for the Creative CommonsPhoto of Community streaming into her TV

Community: The Complete First Season (2009)
I love all of Community's seasons - it has stayed fresh and strong through all the incarnations, but I have to admit that season one is my favorites.

The pilot is indeed memorable, as Attorney Jeff Winger attempts to regain his law career - this time by actually going to school. Watching him Ahbed at his geekiest, Troy at his most self centered and immature, Britta at her most shrill, Annie and Shirley at their most naive, and Pierce just being Pierce made for one fine study group. I loved Dean Pelton in all his incarnations, and Season One brings us the Spanish Genius episode that shows Chang in his finest.

Senor Chang is a Spanish Genius - El Tigre is Even More

Ken Jeong the actor is one of the most amazing actors around: maybe because he is a multi-talented guy who also has a little day job to fall back on - he is a pediatrician. I fell in love with Community when I watched the first episode and saw him as the Asian Spanish teacher. However, every season he has had a different role, and I love all of them.

Here we met El Tigre - as he explains that he will not tolerate anyone challenging his right to teach Spanish.

Community Products On Amazon

Community: Season 1
Community: Season 1

Spanish class anyone?

Community: Season 2
Community: Season 2

The study group continues and takes on Anthropology.

Community: Season 3
Community: Season 3

More for the Community Gang - this time in Biology Class

Community Troy and Abed Mug
Community Troy and Abed Mug

Troy and Abed in the Morning..........



17 in. x 11 in.

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When  I first started watching Community  I was obsessed. I watched episode after episode on Hulu, I stayed up until 3AM watching episodes and soon it became a regular thing with me. I discovered the school website:

Why the fascination? One thing is that the writers quite often base their stories on other movies, and it is fun to figure out which one they are focusing on that episode. The characters are well-developed and it is fun to see the story unwind as the seasons go on. Also it is just funny.

Greendale Would be Nothing Without it's Famous Dean Pelton - Dean - A -Ring - A-Ling!

The author or "you are already accepted" Dean Pelton is truly one of a kind - although you couldn't tell through all the costume changes.

All the characters in  Community are great, but maybe you have a favorite.

Which Community Character is Your favorite?

See results

Troy and Abed in the Morning - My favorite Morning Show

Can you have a show with no cameras? You can if you are the TV like Troy and Abed.

Six Seasons and a Movie - the Campaign to keep "Community on the Air"
Six Seasons and a Movie - the Campaign to keep "Community on the Air"

Is Community Going to be Cancelled?

The push to keep it On the Air

Horrified fans of Community have watched lately to see - is Community going to be cancelled? In spite of the inventive and funny scripting and loyal fan base - recently it appeared that might be the case. It was pulled from NBC's line-up but there was a big outcry on Twitter. Things look better now, but it appears that it is on a "hiatus." The final not word is out.

Update: "Community" is scheduled for a thirteen episode fourth season!

A great deal of the sucess of the series is due to a huge fan outcry - the Six Seasons and A Movie twitter campaign among them.

The Show is Going to Last HOW LONG? - Community - Six Seasons and A Movie

Dress like a Human Being with help from Amazon

Community Greendale Community College GCC 1974 Already Accepted Adult T-shirt
Community Greendale Community College GCC 1974 Already Accepted Adult T-shirt

I'm going! No messy college applications - if you can fog a mirror you are accepted!

Dan Harmon: on a panel of the cast of"Community"
Dan Harmon: on a panel of the cast of"Community"

What does the Firing of Dan Harmon Mean to "Community"

Stay Tuned - Harmon was one

Part of "Community's" success is Dan Harmon, who is a writer credited with the bizarre humor. "Community" watchers were dismayed to find that Harmon had been replaced by TV writers David Guarascio and Moses Port. Hopefully they will be able to tap the resources of the talented crew and keep the frenzy going .

Mid March 2012 - and Community is back on the air! We are treated to see Shirley and her husband consider renewing their vows, vs Shirley and Pierce starting a sandwich shop. Are Britta and Jeff going to get married just because? Are Troy and Abed going to become normal or stay weird?

I laughed a lot - and the monkey made an appearance!

What is meta humor?

Community is brilliant because of the cinema references

Meta humor refers to making references to something greater than the original. In Community, the references are often in relation to film. For example a frequent theme is a play on Good Will Hunting [Blu-ray + Digital Copy] - where Troy is tapped by the head of the Air conditioning and Refrigeration department because he has a gift as a plumber. This is of course a spoof of Will Hunting's character - the ghetto genius who is discovered in the halls of the Ivy League. There are special Community twists of course, John Goodman is not content just to lure Troy into the program, he basically plans to kidnap him there. Great stuff!

The Fourth Season Of Community?

Will Community be as Wild, Wacky and Wonderful?

Community fans - including myself were appalled that writer Dan Harmon got booted off the set of Community. But actually it looks like there might be hope - even with the new writers of Moses Port and David Guarascio. Or maybe, especially with them!

At ComicCon 2012, the new writers assured readers that they got it - they knew what was special about Community and had no intention of changing it. They want the characters to remain clever, unique and what Community viewers have learned to expect.

We know that the first episode will be a first episode of Community will be a parody of The Hunger Games.

Will there there be a romance between Britta and Troy? What incarnation is crazy man Chang going to showing this year? What subject will the study group be taking this year?

And what about the Dean?

Whether there will be whole new story lines or just many more weird mustaches Community will definitely be worth watching.

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Have you seen Community? - What do you think of the Show?

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    • Gypzeerose profile imageAUTHOR

      Rose Jones 

      5 years ago

      @TransplantedSoul: Really? I love it! Different strokes for different folks I guess. What I really like is that other literature - meta-analysis- and the characters are so quirky.

    • TransplantedSoul profile image


      5 years ago

      Honestly --- it is not a show I watch. I've seen a few, but it does not make my list of shows to go back to. I find Chevy Chase is just too bad in the role and the other characters are not strong enough. Poor writing too (for me).

    • LaraineRoses profile image

      Laraine Sims 

      5 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

      No I haven't. I'll have to watch for it. It sounds like my kind of show.

    • Gypzeerose profile imageAUTHOR

      Rose Jones 

      6 years ago

      @Scarlettohairy: I agree, one of the most clever programs on TV. Hope it sticks around.

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 

      6 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      Oh, I love Community! I especially loved the episode where the group was in the mental hospital and they said, "Now let's see what happens when we take away their pen." Oh my gosh, it is genius!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      No I haven;t, but you sure make it sound worth seeing. :)

    • lamontcranston profile image


      6 years ago

      Sounds like a good idea. Hope community works some day. Hope springs eternal.


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