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We Are The Champions - Queen Cover Versions

Updated on June 24, 2008

Remakes - We Are The Champions - Queen

This lens features the original version of "We Are the Champions" by Queen and showcases cover versions Gavin DeGraw, Green Day, William Hung, Liza Minelli with Queen, Robbie Williams plus two song parodies "We Are The Champignons" and "Wir sind die Champignons". You would think listening to the same song over and over again would be tiring but it's infinitely interesting.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Jazz has a long standing tradition of different artists covering the same tune calling them standards. As a relatively young form of music, pop and rock are continuing to evolve. Beyond mere karaoke, cover songs whether remakes or samples showcase an artist's versatility & originality with fresh interpretations that dare listeners to enjoy a new take on an old favorite.

Original Version - Queen

Freddy Mercury in a skintight Harlequin outfit with a plunging scoop neck vamps it up proving why he is the definite reigning heir of glam rock.

Cover #1 - Gavin DeGraw

Slowed down and bluesified, Gavin DeGraw's rough plaintive almost desperate wail is an amazing rendition.

Cover #2 - Green Day

Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong applies a piece of black duct tape to his upper lip to stand-in as a pseudo moustache mimicking the late great Freddy Mercury. But his strong vocals prove the gimmick is not necessary with a transcendent live performance in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Cover #3 - William Hung

This former American Idol auditionee cum karaoke crooner makes up for his singing abilities with his bold hutzpah and enunciation. Considering he managed to milk his 15 minutes of fame, who's not deny he's a champion in his own right? Here's a chance to enjoy 3 1/2 more minutes of the American Idol rejectee whose rendition Hung hopes inspires others to "keep fighting for their dreams...a great song to cheer everyone on".

Cover #4 - Liza Minelli with Queen

At the Freddy Mercury Tribute in 1992, Liza Minelli belts out the Queen power ballad with bold theatrics. The lyrics are apropos for Minelli. It's the hallmark of a great song when it takes on different nuances depending on the performer and on Minelli the song's transparency rings true on lines such as "Bad mistakes, I've made a few" and especially touching is when the crowd at Wembley cheers her on "You brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it and we thank you all". Wonderfully fitting tribute to both Mercury and Minelli.

Cover #5 - Robbie Williams

English singer/songerwiter Robbie Williams does an incredible job at matching Freddy Mercury's vocals especially during the raw scratchy power sections. This update on the Queen classic was included on the soundtrack "A Knight's Tale", the 2001 movie starring Heath Ledger.

Parody #1 - We Are The Champignons

Cute parody with singing mushrooms sounding like some guy in a recording booth high on helium whose voice is most likely electronically sped up.

Parody #2 - Wir sind die Champignons

Passionate German parody in celebration of mushrooms complete with harmonies. Audio only track with a static screen shot of the title.

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    • mountainstevo profile image

      mountainstevo 6 years ago

      Everyone does a good job but the original is still the best in my opinion.

    • profile image

      QueSea 8 years ago

      Lot's of fun! Queen is one of my favorite bands. Thanks for sharing this great lens.