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CW: Arrow vs Smallville

Updated on July 26, 2014

Why Compare These Shows?

You can't compare Smallville with Arrow, they are two very different shows. Or can you? I seen a lot of people compare the two right away. And, I thought the same thing there's no way you can compare them especially since Arrow isn't finished yet. It's like comparing apples and oranges. But, that's not true either you can definitely compare apples from oranges that's the point they're differences and similarities make that possible.

Now let me get back on track. I have already compared Arrow's Green Arrow with Smallville's Green Arrow (link on the right). But, now I'm going to compare all the similar character's with polls as always and let you argue your point if interested. The point is not who is better looking but which character brings more to each show. What makes them a better ally or foe and so on.

Similarities Between Smallville and Arrow

Lets throughout the obvious one right out the gate. They're both CW TV shows, and like all CW shows they're are also dramas. Basically novellas, and I can admit I enjoyed these types of show from time to time.

Both shows have the main hero surrounded by help as well as great villains. Both shows also have a lot of the same type of heroes almost mirroring each other with the exception of the personalities of these people. You'll see each character I compare are very similar in roles but react in different ways in situations.

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The Best Main Character

Clark Kent (Superman) or Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)

Both of these characters has their interesting moments. Oliver did seem more interesting in his flashbacks more than his present day story. Clark on the other hand you got to experience how each power manifested and a new villain every episode which kept things fresh and showed different sides of his character. Funny enough both characters never go by their comic book names as far as I know, don't know about Arrow's season 2.

Main Character - Clark Kent (Left) or Oliver Queen (Right)

Which Main Character Was More Interesting?

See results

"Your The Best Around!" Best Sidekick

Felicity Smoak or Chloe Sullivan

Both are the tech geniuses of each respective show. Felicity and Chloe also often times act as a conscience for the Hero. Both also act as a damsel in distress to bring out somebody they are searching for. Felicity worked for the Queen industry and became friends with Oliver Queen. On the other hand Chloe and Clark are long time friends even before the show starting point.

Both Have Nerdy Girl Sidekicks - Felicity (left) or Chloe (right)

Who was the best girl Sidekick

See results

The Villains Son

Tommy Merlyn or Lex Luthor

In both first seasons the Villains are the Billionaire Fathers of the Heroes Friends. Lex Luthor wanted to grow a friendship after he runs Clark over with his car and saves his life. Whereas Tommy and Oliver have been friends prior to the show. Tommy becomes Oliver's reason to stop killing.

The "Friend" - Tommy Merlyn (Left) or Lex Luthor (Right)

Who was the best of the friends of the Villainous Fathers?

See results

My Choices So Far and Polls to Come.

I'm mostly on the side of Smallville because of how interesting each character is. But, I will be adding more polls as soon as I can. with more characters. I also want to see how people like this. If not enough people vote I might not be motivated to make more. Let me know in the comments if you have a poll idea to add. I will be adding the fathers of Lex and Tommy and possibly the love interest of the main characters. But, I don't know yet. And, of course there will be a Smallville vs Arrow Poll to sum up all the polls so be sure to return every now and again.


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