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dance moms

Updated on January 20, 2012

Dance moms

If you had not had the opportunity to watch dance moms this lifetime series is as about as funny as it can get. If constant yelling and back and fourth banter is something you enjoy, then this show is for you. Dance mom follows a studio in Pennsylvania Abbey Lee dance studio and a group off girls that compete constantly around the world. Abbey Lee categorizes the girls in a pyramid format in which they are placed in depending on performances. If you're at the top of the pyramid you offered a spot to do a solo dance in the next competition. If you are at the bottom of the pyramid not only is it a slap in the face, but you are also scrutinized for having a lack of dance skill. The show is funny to me because I was with a dance studio and you would not believe how far some of the parents would go to see their children end up on top. If you had not had an opportunity to watch dance moms, it comes on every tuesday at 9 on lifetime and I highly recommend it.


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