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the dreamer

Updated on May 11, 2010

Yes.I'm a dreamer.I'm also a realest.Meaning I'm a dreamer that lives in reality.I see the economic structure of this "world economy" teetering back and forth.Gasping for breath,fighting for life.I see it first hand from the Unemployment line.I'm one of the millions of people on the front lines of this recession.I'm scrambling just like everyone else.I listen to the leaders of this free world when they say it's going to take years for this economy to finally take off.For this globalization thing that they have created to finally gel together.I also know that this monster called NAFTA is here to stay.Bad idea in my opinion but outsourcing,jobs flying over seas is here to stay.The rich and powerful will never admit to making a mistake.NAFTA is the real reason we are in economic turmoil today,NAFTA,and deregulation.I also know that I have been blessed with the gift of creation,the power of imagination,and it will be my creativity,and my imagination that will save me from the chaos, the fly by night jobs,and the instability of today's market.It is my dreams that will pull me up to a better life.I go about my daily routine of searching for a job,taking up classes at the local tech school,and honing my craft daily.I've always had a head full of dreams,but I would only chase them half heartily,instead of committing to the dream I was committed to working all my life and retiring.I treated my dream as a hobby something I would do for fun and relaxation.Now I'm committed to the dream.The job thing its not going to work.job security does not exist,unless you work for the government,or you are in the health care fieldĀ besides that their is no job security.Its a dog eat dog world out there.every man for him self.The rich are getting richer and the poor?.. well you know how it goes.Its sad...but its true.Job search after job search,interview after interview,day after day week after week month after month is what my life has boiled down to.I feel like a bum instead of begging for a dime,I'm begging for a job.Me.A citizen and a veteran.I went to burger king a couple of months back they was not even open yet,had a sign up saying now hiring,I thought to myself to myself "why not? I'll flip some burgers."So I went in and applied,the manager interviewed me on the spot.He asked me about my experience,and commented on my military back ground,and my work history.I also mentioned that I worked in fast food back in high school,thinking to myself "I know I got this job." at the end of the interview he told me I was over qualified.That's the way it is in today's market over qualified,or under qualified.They have jobs now that are specifically for immigrants and prisoners.I have applied to places that employ mostly prisoners and immigrants,only to be told that they are not hiring.buses and buses of inmates and immigrants pulling up getting jobs.with labor is a motherfucker.So I turn to my dreams put in time on perfecting my craft become the absolute best that I can be,have faith and trust my imagination will be able to sustain my lifestyle.As I look around my house I see all the novels,comic books,dvds,and magazines that I buy each month.And Realized that,that is my way out of this daily grind,out of the rat race.I have scripts,sketches,story boards,characters,and photographs,piled up from years of brainstorming and starting project after project never finishing because it was all done in fun.Until now.I've set aside six hours a day to perfect and hone my craft,set a deadline for myself to finish two books by the end of the year.Have them published in January.Turning one dream into reality.My dream is becoming my job.


Back when I was younger and I was working hard to start a Entertainment company specializing in hip-hop and films,there was a lot of so-called friends,dismissing and down playing my efforts,saying things "like you can't do that" or "that won't work"when I would discuss my plans and dreams with people they would smirk or sigh and try to talk me out of the things that I was trying to do.Even partners that was supposed to be all in,would speak in negative tones and try their best to stop the mission from moving forward.You see they had given up on their dreams and couldn't stand the fact that I had not.They would come with all kinds of ways to monkey wrench the machine,to shut the engine down.And they did.That's when I learned that if I'm going to make something happen I would have to do it by my see must people do not really want to succeed,most people are afraid of success,or they feel that they are not worthy,or they can't possibly see themselves making something happen so they will try to sabotage or stop someone else from achieving their dreams especially if that person is a friend of theirs.They want you to stay on the same level as they are on.I have been called crazy for simply saying things like "I want to build and empire,and leave it to my children."I have been ridiculed for saying things like "Jobs are a joke,I have to find away to take care of myself."My dreams range from the smallest to the biggest,simple things like getting my insurance and business license so I can get commercial cleaning contracts,therefore eliminating the need for a job,because I would be working for myself,(which I am working on right now.)to the very big such as building a Multi-billion dollar empire dealing with entertainment,everything from movies,to manufacturing,and every thing in between.You would be surprised how people react when you discuss a vision that you have with them.So I stopped discussing my dreams with people,I just try to make them happen one small step at a see a dream with out action is only a dream.But a dream along with a plan,ability,determination,faith and action is a destination.When I discuss my plans now its only with two people and both of them understand where I'm coming from because they have plans and visions of their own that they are trying to manifest.They are my MASTER MIND ALLIANCE.When we talk amongst each other we share ideas and support for one another,give honest true advice to one another.When are around others we just engage in conversation and save the dream talk for one of our MASTER MIND meetings.That might sound odd to you,but everyone that is on the entrepreneur path needs a Master Mind alliance,someone that they can freely share their ideas with with out worrying about negative feedback,from some one who cannot grasp the concepts you are talking about.To do anything in this world you have to have vision.If you a dreamer with a head full of Ideas,when you succeed you will be called a Visionary.don't let someone talk you out of your dreams.Keep your feet on the ground and go for the gusto.get the wind behind you and your destination in front of you and DO THE DAMM THING!He who aims at nothing hits nothing.If you're going to dream might not get there but you will get somewhere.Have faith.Believe in your self,especially when no one else does.Make it happen.All it takes is one idea to go from a 9 to 5 to financial independence.we all got to die one day you don't want to be on your deathbed thinking "I wonder If I would have tried........what would have happened?" The man with a dream is a king amongst men.the man with a vision always has oppurtunity.GO FOR,love,and happiness to you all I'm Audi 5000.


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