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David Nykl

Updated on December 4, 2010

A Very Funny and Very Talented Actor

I got sucked into Atlantis because of a very quirky character named Radek Zalenka. He was just what the show needed. I only wish they had subtitles for all the rants in Czech.

When Atlantis was canceled I joined the protest at Bridge Studios. While I was there David Nykl arrived on his bicycle. He stopped to chat with us and sign autographs. He also took pictures of us, one of which he posted to his blog.

I also got a chance to meet David when I was at a Stargate Convention. He was a very nice and very patient man. He did not one, but two "photo ops" where he had to stand and smile for hours on end. I got a chance to tell him that I enjoyed his blog and he said he'd try to keep it up.

Now that Atlantis has ended I hope to see him in many other projects.

David Nykl Info

David Nykl (born 7 February 1967 in Prague, Czechoslovakia) is a Czech Canadian actor of film, television, commercials and theater.

After the Soviet invasion in 1968, he and his family left then-Communist Czechoslovakia for Canada. Upon arriving at Victoria, British Columbia, his father found work as a structural engineer and his mother found work as a nurse.

Nykl attended the University of British Columbia, where he majored in liberal arts.

Nykl has appeared heavily in Vancouver and Prague in dozens of theater, film and television productions. Known for his versatility and depth as an actor, he has also produced theatre and film projects, and in 1994 he co-founded Prague's Misery Loves Company Theatre with Richard Toth and Ewan McLaren.

He is known to science fiction fans as the recurring Stargate Atlantis character of Dr. Radek Zelenka, a Czech scientist on Earth's expedition to the "lost city" of Atlantis. His character often provides a foil to the main scientists, who forget the limits of their situation.

He is fluent in Czech, English, French and Spanish. Though his character on Stargate Atlantis speaks English with a Czech accent, Nykl has a Canadian accent.


Voodoo At Vancouver International Film Festival

Wed, Oct 13th 9:15pm @ Empire Granville 7 Th 2 $12.00 and Thu, Oct 14th 4:00pm @ Pacific Cinematheque $10.00

David Nykl and Camille Sullivan
David Nykl and Camille Sullivan


Daved played Mr. Decker

Some marriages are cursed from the start - a fact Mr. Decker knows all too well. When his wife returns from her travels abroad and provokes yet another fight, the couple turn to an unusual solution. 'Voodoo' is narrated by Colm Feore and stars David Nykl and Camille Sullivan. Set in 1944 and shot on black and white film, this dark and witty clash of the unhappily married Deckers captures a style and humor reminiscent of the very era it is set in.

Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Watch the trailer

Still From Voodoo

Still From Voodoo
Still From Voodoo

Promo for

Stargate Convention Caberet Vancouver 2009

Stargate Convention Caberet  Vancouver 2009
Stargate Convention Caberet Vancouver 2009

Radek Zelenka Fan Video

"Unpredictable" (Eureka 2007)

David played Dr. Steven Whiticus

Season Two, Episode Three

A brilliant scientist, Dr. Stephen Whiticus, creates a weather machine intended to reverse the effects of Global Warming which creates an isolated deep-freeze that sets off a chain reaction of freak climate changes that soon become a critical threat to Eureka. To make matters worse for Carter, his ex-wife, Dr. Abby Carter, comes to town for Zoe's 16th birthday, and she has some interesting news for her daughter.

First aired: July 24, 2007

Filmed in Vancouver, BC

Watch Online: Unpredictable

Screencap from "Unpredictable" (Eureka 2007)

Screencap from "Unpredictable" (Eureka 2007)
Screencap from "Unpredictable" (Eureka 2007)

"Shawn vs. the Red Phantom" (Psych 2006)

David played the event coordinator

Season 1, episode 8

Plot Summary

Juliet goes to Shawn for some help finding a missing teenager, Malone Breyfogle. In Malone's room Shawn and Gus find a lot of money hidden in a light fixture. They also find directions to TriCon, a comic book and science-fiction convention. Two more people disappear before Shawn figures out what's going on. George Takei guests stars as himself.

First aired: Thu, Aug 24, 2006

Filmed in Vancouver, BC

Watch online: Part One; Part Two

Screencap from "Shawn vs. the Red Phantom" (Psych 2006)

Screencap from "Shawn vs. the Red Phantom" (Psych 2006)
Screencap from "Shawn vs. the Red Phantom" (Psych 2006)

"The Pegasus Project" (Stargate SG-1, 2006)

David played Dr. Radek Zalenka

Season 10, episode 3

SG-1 visits Atlantis with two goals: to find new clues about the location of Merlin's superweapon and to disable the Supergate by connecting it to a black hole. As McKay assists SG-1 in their elaborate plan to "jump" a wormhole into the Supergate, Daniel and Vala search the city's database for information, eventually confronting the Ancient known as Morgan Le Fey.

First aired: July 28, 2006

Filmed in Vancouver, BC

Watch online: Parts One and Two

Screencap from "The Pegasus Project" (Stargate SG-1 2006)

Screencap from "The Pegasus Project" (Stargate SG-1 2006)
Screencap from "The Pegasus Project" (Stargate SG-1 2006)

Scene From Pterodactyl (2005) - David played a soldier named Herbert in this TV movie

A dormant volcano deep with the Turkish forest holds within it a deadly secret. Perfectly preserved, a nest of pterodactyl eggs are ready to hatch...

Filmed in the Czech Republic

Also stars Cameron Daddo and Coolio.

Many of the characters are named after famous science fiction and fantasy writers - Burroughs (Edgar Rice), Clarke (Sir Arthur C.), Donaldson (Stephen), Heinlein (Robert), Herbert (Frank and Brian), Lem (Stansilaw), Lovecraft, (Howard Phillips) Serling, (Rod), Yolen (Jane) and Zelazny (Roger).

"Thirty Eight Minutes" (Stargate Atlantis 2004)

David played Dr. Radek Zalenka for the first time

Season 1, episode 4

Maj. John Sheppard leads a team that includes Lt. Aiden Ford, Dr. Rodney McKay, and Teyla Emmagan back to planet to do reconnaissance on the Wraith. They intend to survey the Wraith stronghold where they were taken prisoner, but soon learn that it was actually a massive ship that has now taken off and left a huge crater in its place (see "Rising"). In awe, they prepare to return to their Puddle Jumper and head back to Atlantis. On the way back, they are attacked by three Wraith.

Maj. Sheppard orders the rest of his team back to the Puddle Jumper, but stays behind to provide cover by shooting at the Wraith. He manages to kill one, but as he is retreating, he is attacked by a large, black parasitic creature. He is immobilized, and one of the Wraith approaches him. Sheppard is surprised when the Wraith leaves without killing him. He soon realizes that the action was not one of altruism but sadism, since a death at the hands of the parasitic creature is slower and more painful than a death at the hands of a Wraith.

Lt. Ford returns for Sheppard and discovers the parasite. His attempts to detach it from Sheppard prove unsuccessful. Ford then takes out his pistol and shoots the creature with it. This, however, instead of killing the creature, causes severe pain for Maj. Sheppard near to killing him, while the creature simply heals itself. Ford and Sheppard conclude that the creature acts like a Wraith; that is, it feeds off the life of its host, and any attempts to damage it only hurt the host. The team brings Sheppard aboard the Puddle Jumper and take off. In an effort to return to Atlantis as quickly as possible, and get Sheppard into the hands of a medical doctor, the pilot of the Puddle Jumper approaches the Stargate in orbit around the planet at a high velocity. But the jumper's thruster pods, which were damaged by the Wraith as the craft took off, do not retract in time. The vehicle becomes lodged in the stargate, with half of it demolecularized and half of it still outside the gate in space above the planet.

Only thirty-eight minutes can pass before a stargate's wormhole shuts down. In this case, such an event would destroy the part of the jumper that had demolecularized and would leave the rest open to the vacuum of space. The team members in the still-intact section of the jumper inform Atlantis of their predicament.

Dr. Carson Beckett in Atlantis works with Ford and Teyla to help Sheppard. They notice that the creature has a soft underbelly, and Beckett suggests that pouring various substances on it could kill it in the way that pouring salt on a leech can kill it. Several substances, including iodine, have no effect. When the team tries salt and water, Sheppard is put in a great deal of pain. As Sheppard gets weaker, the team search for a solution by discussing the creature's similarity to the Wraith, conjecturing that it the two species could be related by evolution. Sheppard is then struck with an idea. He tells the team to electrocute him with a defibrillator, suggesting that if he is dead, the creature will no longer attach itself to him. Ford reluctantly agrees, and he then kills the Major. Several seconds later, Teyla is able to pull the creature off him, after which Ford shoots it repeatedly. Ford then uses the defibrillator on Sheppard several more times in an attempt to revive him, but this proves unsuccessful. Not wanting the Major to die, Teyla accompanies his body into the wormhole, where it will stay in demolecularized stasis.

Meanwhile, a team of scientists in Atlantis, including the American Dr. Kavanagh and the Czech Dr. Zelenka work to find a solution to the immobility of the puddle jumper and the impending death of its crew. Dr. Kavanagh proves to be contentious and unhelpful, and he seems more concerned about his ego than about saving the team. He complains to Dr. Elizabeth Weir about his dislike of taking orders and of working with the military, and she responds by threatening to send him through the stargate to an uninhabitable planet if he continues to be disruptive. When he scoffs at this threat, she responds by asserting that she will carry through with it if he remains a problem and sends him back to work.

Dr. Zelenka proves to be more useful, as he finds a way to manually retract the puddle jumper's thrust pods after experimenting on a jumper in Atlantis. He relays this information to Dr. McKay, who has also been experimenting. McKay is successful in manually retracting the pods, but the puddle jumper remains stationary due to inertia. Time is running short, and Dr. Kavanagh realizes that that there is only one way to get the rest of the jumper through the stargate and remolecularized in Atlantis before the wormhole closes and the crew is killed. He states that the team must blow the rear hatch of the craft in the hope that the evacuation of the craft's atmosphere will provide enough momentum to propel the craft through the gate in time. Lt. Ford agrees to stay behind and manually blow the hatch, and Dr. McKay then goes through the wormhole's event horizon. The plan is successful, and the craft passes through the wormhole and arrives in Atlantis, where Major Sheppard is successfully revived by Dr. Beckett.

First aired July 30,2004

Filmed in Vancouver, BC

Screencap from "Thirty Eight Minutes" (Stargate: Atlantis 2004)

Screencap from "Thirty Eight Minutes" (Stargate: Atlantis 2004)
Screencap from "Thirty Eight Minutes" (Stargate: Atlantis 2004)

"Dreams in the Witch House" (Masters of Horror, 2005) - David played an unnamed CSI

Walter Gilman, a student of mathematics and folklore at Miskatonic University, takes a room in the Witch House, a house in Arkham thought to be accursed. The first part of the story is an account of the history of the house, which has once harboured Keziah Mason, an accused witch who disappeared mysteriously from a Salem gaol in 1692. Gilman discovers that for the better part of two centuries many if not most of its occupants have died prematurely.

The dimensions of Gilman's room in the house are unusual, and seem to conform to a kind of unearthly geometry that Gilman theorizes can enable travel from one plane or dimension to another. In his dreams Gilman is taken to a city of Lovecraft's "Elder Things", and even brings back tangible evidence that he's actually been there. Several times his dreaming self encounters a bizarre "congeries of iridescent, prolately spheroidal bubbles", as well as a trapezoidal figure, both of which seem sapient.

Of much more direct concern, however, are Gilman's nightly dream sojourns with the old hag Keziah Mason and her rat-bodied, human-faced familiar Brown Jenkin, sojourns which he increasingly believes are actually happening in the real world. One night, along with this duo and the infamous "Black Man", Gilman is an unwilling dream participant in the kidnapping of a baby. He awakes to find mud on his shoe and news of the kidnapping in the newspaper.

On May Eve (Walpurgis Night), Gilman dreams that he thwarts Keziah from sacrificing the baby, only to have it killed by Brown Jenkin. Coming back to wakefulness in this plane, Gilman hears an unearthly cosmic sound that leaves him deaf. The next morning, Gilman is found dead in his room in the Witch House, a hole burrowed through his chest and his heart eaten out.

The landlord then abandons the house completely, and when it is finally demolished years later, a space between the walls is found filled with children's bones, a sacrificial knife, and a bowl made of some metal that scientists are unable to identify. A strange stone statuette of a star-headed "Elder Thing" is also found, and these items go on display in the Miskatonic University museum, where they continue to mystify scholars.


Dreams in the Witch House DVD

Masters of Horror - Stuart Gordon - Dreams in the Witch House
Masters of Horror - Stuart Gordon - Dreams in the Witch House

"The Dreams in the Witch House" was made into a short segment for Showtime cable television's Masters of Horror series, directed by Stuart Gordon, under the title H. P. Lovecraft's Dreams in the Witch-House. It alternates the plot and minor details of the original and puts it in a contemporary setting, with Keziah Mason becoming what the film's promotional materials refer to as "a luscious she-demon" and neighbor Frank Elwood changing genders to become Frances Elwood. Source


"Middleman" (Jake 2.0 2003) - David played Vasily

After the NSA intercepts a phone call, they assume Jake is the target of a dangerous Polish mercenary who has just arrived in D.C. and wants to steal a nanite project. It turns out that Jake is not the target - someone else on the team is.

Filmed in Vancouver, BC

Screencap from "Middleman"

Screencap from "Middleman"
Screencap from "Middleman"

Screencap from "Middleman"

Screencap from "Middleman"
Screencap from "Middleman"

Stealing Sinatra (2003)

David played the valet

Based on a true story. Barry Keenan (David Arquette) needs money to start his political career. He comes up with a plan to kidnap Frank Sinatra Jr. With the help of two buddies (John Irwin played by William H. Macy and Joe Amsler played by Ryan Browning) Keenan puts his plan into action. Whatever can go wrong does in a story that's almost too unbelievable for words.

Release Date: January 24, 2003

Filmed in Vancouver, BC

Online: View the trailer

Screencap from Stealing Sinatra

Screencap from Stealing Sinatra
Screencap from Stealing Sinatra

Scenes from "Death, Lies & Videotape" (Cold Squad, 1999) - David played a homeless man called Moonman

Ali and Bill investigate the death of Sarah Mills, who was found in a warehouse years ago. Nicco and Mickey join forces with Frank to investigate the death of Liam Skyler, the main suspect being the former roommate, Tessa Yale. When problems with his son come to a head, Frank takes a leave of absence from the squad.

Filmed in Vancouver, BC

Three short clips. The last one cuts off before the scene is finished.

Scenes from Escape Velocity (1998) - David played Russel aka The Priest

A psychotic spaceman takes over a deep-space observatory manned by a scientist, his wife, and teenage daughter.

Also stars Wendy Crewson, Patrick Bergin and Peter Outerbridge

Filmed in Milin, Czech Republic

Screencap from Joan of Arc

Screencap from Joan of Arc
Screencap from Joan of Arc

Scene From Ceska Soda (1998) - Full Length Movie

Ceska soda was a satirical tv show created for Ceska televize. The show was aired between the years 1993 and 1997. Total number of 14 episodes was created plus two New Year's Eve specials and a 1998 full-length picture.

Filmed in the Czech Republic.

"Jan" (Danger Bay, 1988)

David played Peter

Season 4, Episode 15

Nicole and Jonah befriend a young Czechoslovakian student visiting Vancouver who chooses to defect to Canada. As his teacher tries to convince Grant to deny him asylum, his fellow students decide to join his fight.

First aired: January 13, 1988

Filmed in Vancouver, BC

Screencap from "Jan" (Danger Bay, 1988)

Screencap from "Jan" (Danger Bay, 1988)
Screencap from "Jan" (Danger Bay, 1988)

Terasen Commercial #1

Terasen Commercial #2

Subway Commercial

Subway Subs - Ice Fi..
Watch the ad...

Imodium Plus Commercial

Have you met David Nykl? Have any comments about his work? This is the place to post them.

Incoming Wormholes

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I recommend the Stargate Atlantis audio book "Zero Point" by James Swallow, which is read by David Nykl.

    • Travel Shepherd profile image

      Michael Shepherd 

      7 years ago from Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland

      I have been watching for English language plays in Prague; they are rare.

      Vote for your favourite Czech place on this lens:


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      "I only wish they had subtitles for all the rants in Czech." Here >

    • Board-Game-Brooke profile image

      C A Chancellor 

      8 years ago from US/TN

      Zalenka was one of my favorite characters on Atlantis too. I loved it when he'd start griping in Czech. :-)


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