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Destination Death

Updated on August 31, 2016
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Have you reached YOUR final destination?

The Final Destination series (or as I call it Destination Death) I think is one of the best horror series starting in the early 2000s. Not only did they creep you out but the hyper alertness the first 2 left when leaving the theater. Sadly the ones that followed did not have the same affect (at least not on me)

With the series each movie follows a group that was on their way on some sort of trip and someone has a premonition as if seeing it run in real time. The premonition person starts seeing the first few signs of their 'dream' then freaks out and gets kicked off. Of course after this the person(s) who didn't believe them look like they feel stupid (I can almost hear them asking themselves 'What have I done" to themselves. Usually they all have something in common as a group, and so not to give anything away, they could have been a friend, family member, kicked off the trip and so on.

I like each of the different plots the first being the Plane, then the 2nd the 3rd being the coaster, 'The Final Destination'(in 3d) being at the race track (& the perfect one to be in 3-d) and the 5th being the bus trip. They are all connected in some way to each other as a whole!

Final Destination trailer

Is it yours?

Final Destination (New Line Platinum Series)
Final Destination (New Line Platinum Series)

I loved this when it was first out. Unlike Most Horror movies in the new millenniumm, the horror and thrills just do not leave a lasting impression.I mean Jaws made a generation very wary of going in the water. Nightmare on Elm Street, made it hard to sleep, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre well mom has not watched a horror movie since (and that's the original)

(The STORY on that...her car broke down and when she went to the house nearby when she knocked on the door it opened of it's own volition! After Final Destination I think there has only been one or 2 movies, that has had any affect on me. Insidious (the first one) and the first 2 Paranormal Activity movies and their cheap scares. I hope someone will come up with something that will leave me white knuckled in the theater or even better something that will make me hide under the covers! (the only time that's happened was when I scared myself!


Final Destination -Death is the Final Destination, Boarding Starts Now!

The original movie starring Devon Sawa, Ali Larter and Kerr Smith, Sean William Scott, along with Tony Todd (or as I still call him, Candyman) as the creepy mortician!(I think this poor guy is in the dictionary as typecast.) was released March 17, 2000 written and directed by James Wong along with a writing assist for Glen Morgan n the screenplay.

In this initial movie a French class is on a trip to France,m they're all aboard when one of their classmates has a fiery vision of the plane going down with them on it. Thanks to Alex (Devon Sawa) he saves some of his classmates and a teacher when he's escorted off the plane.

You can't cheat death and so the group is now living on borrowed time

for me there are 3 memorable deaths maybe 4 but I won't ruin them, I will say the very last is a lasting memory for me at least for some reason!

One of the tag lines says it all:

In The Best Twisted Tradition Of The Twilight Zone.

I would have to agree, especially after I left the theater. The heightened awareness or alertness whichever you want to call it and that dismal cloud of paranoia like will this movie have been MY final destination? Let me tell you I was looking 3-5 times up and down the streets before cross I think more than just that day! Now THAT is what I call a horror/thriller.

One year I was going away to Toronto on the plane and I had some time before bed so I threw the DVD on the fourth time I was to get on a plane (going to Toronto)....

BAD IDEA!! for the first time out of 4 trips we had turbulence!

I was white knuckled freaked out on the plane and basically scared myself. (But yet still didn't soil myself in anyway I swear the person that write & directs that movie I have to meet to give them a medal of honor or something!

This is the Premonition scene and really am not sure if it's best to just include this or the trailer as well. Thought I'd have to say This premonition full on beats the first movie's!

Final Destination 2

or as I've titled it "The road trip to hell:

Which stars A.J. Cook,Keegan ConnorTracy, Shaun Sipos, Michael Landes, David Paetkau, Tony Todd & others and a change up with the writer and director

a bunch of kids have just started on a road trip, when Kimberly the driver (A.J. Cook) has a vision of a violent pile up, before getting on the highway and holds up traffic. saving a number of others and thankfully one of the would be victims is a keep the peace and the others from killing her!

One of the survivors is a neurotic nut bag, there's a mother and son, a drug addict (who got a cool death)

This installment also left me feeling paranoid and all the first movie did when I left the theater... honestly, this should have been the last movie....just for the 'side affects' of seeing the movie!

FD3 trailer

Final Destination 3

This hari scary roller coaster ride may be your last, after you watch the opening to this addition in the franchise.

James Wong and Glen Morgan are back in the writers room and Director's chair. This go round Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Wendy on a graduation night Amusement park celebration. When her friends wantto go on the Diablo (or whatever the coaster was called) Wendy has a devilish vision of what's to befall her and friends if they go for a ride.

I think this had the most memorable mutilations of all the movies. Let's just say one shallow one in particular. Best for a real bake than a fake bake! (is all I'll say)

The Final trailer...(not)

The Final Destination

The not quite final movie,

I still say they should have stopped after the 2nd movie as the thrill and heightened sense of alertness (awareness?) no longer thrilled was no longer suspenseful nor gave you that feeling of paranoia. Which is one reason I love the first 2 so much.

A group of friends at a Nascar race have front row seats for a great wreck, only the wreck is headed toward them as death looms and one of them has a vision of how they will all died.

One scene in the movie could be a pool safety public announcement, as I guess when they were making or a year or 2 before there were a lot of injuries and fatalities from what happens in the pool.

In the end

Don't worry I'm not going to spoil it.


In the end, we probably have about 100 ways to die some quite interesting and gory.

You will see how the series comes full circle which I thought was great, but thinking about it at the same time it's a bit confusing and not. You'll see what I mean. Ouch I just gave myself a headache thinking of it!

FD5 or as I call it: What comes around goes around

Final Destination 5

This had one of my top 3 (if not #1) favorite death scenes!

This one is for some company excursion (or film crew) who are on a road trip on a charter bus.

Of course someone has a vision of the bridge collapsing, then everything that happened at the start of the dream starts to happen and tries to convince the others, but he just saves his girlfriend (or is it Ex?) and high tails it out of the bus to try to get to safety.

Choose your Final Destination

Which movie was your fave of the Franchise?

See results

The FINAL Collection 5-movie set

Final Destination Franchise (5pk)
Final Destination Franchise (5pk)

sadly I was not able to find a blu-ray version of the collection, which stinks considering some of the movies are in 3D.

Any fan of the movies or the creative deaths in the series, this would be a great addition to any of our collections! (actually I think I need it in mine but already have a couple if not all of them in mine


Fan mademovie

Lessons from the movies....


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    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @Nightcat: Oh for sure, but if you look closely (i forget if it was in all or just once or 2 in each) you do sometimes see a shadow rep. death. I may add your comment (giving credit of course) to the end of the review. THough sometimes some movies even when you see the character can be creepy/scary. (I don't usually get creeped out or scared from movies but the insidious redface demon would give me the creeps when I saw it in the commercial & movie. I'm jsut waiting for the darn thing to sneak up on my in a dream! (so I can laugh at myself later!)

    • Nightcat profile image


      4 years ago

      Great review and I agree! This film series works for me since although Death is a real character (with serious anger-managment problems) there's no hokeyness to it. There's something a lot scarier about a horror film when you never really see what is stalking the cast.


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