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Tinker Bell

Updated on September 17, 2014

The Origin of Tinker Bell

Every story begins somewhere and Disney has produced the self-titled Tinker Bell movie to explain this Never Land fairy's origins. The story of Tinker Bell begins with her conception from a baby's first laugh to her struggle to fit into her new surrounding at Pixie Hollow. The movie focuses on Tinker Bell's acceptance of her talent as a Tinker Fairy.

Through this film we are introduced to many of the fairies that reside in Pixie Hollow. We meet Silvermist the water talent fairy, Rosetta the garden talent fairy, Fawn the animal talent fairy, Iridessa the light fairy, Terence the Pixie Dust Keeper Fairy, and Vidia the fast flying fairy. Most of these fairies become friends of Tinker Bell right away while Vidia is seen as a rival to Tinker Bell (though if you continue your Disney Fairies journey Tinker Bell and Vidia do become friends.)

As this is an origin story it predates Tinker Bell's adventures with Peter Pan. In this adventure we see the fairy world and how it is run. The head of the fairies is Queen Clarion who over sees the fairy talents and the heralding of the seasons with the help of her fairy lords and ministers.

Photo Credit: Tinker Bell [Blu-ray + DVD]

Tinker Bell DVD

Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell

Journey into Pixie Hollow for the story of how Tinker Bell came to be. Learn about the world of Pixie Hollow and discover new fairy friends in a world of magic and enchantment.

This movie is worth watching because it give you background on one of Disney's most legendary characters Tinker Bell.

I like this movie because it shows the hot headed Tinker Bell learning what it is to be a fairy. It is lovely to see the world that she came from and to be introduced to new exciting characters with different fairy talents.


Vidia and Tinker Bell

The Tinker Bell movie introduces us to the relationship between Tinker Bell and Vidia. At one point Tinker Bell has the audacity to compare her fairy talent to Vidia's. This is much to Vidia's chagrin as she sees herself as being special and having a rare talent.

Tinker Bell turns to Vidia when she appears friendless and Vidia makes matters worse by convincing the forlorn Tinker Bell to capture the thistles that are a big nuisance to the fairy community. The only problem is that the task is impossible. When it seems like she is about to succeed at this impossible task she fails creating a huge mess and set back for the preparations for spring.

When Queen Clarion discovers Vidia's role in the destruction she is set to capture the Thistles as punishment. In the meantime, Tinker Bell comes up with a plan to save Spring while using her love for lost things to invent gadgets to help the fairies repair the damage she has done.

Acceptance of Yourself

One of the main themes in the Tinker Bell movie is self acceptance and discovery. Tinker Bell refuses to believe she was meant to be a Tinker fairy when everything told her that was what she loved and was good at. She didn't think her talent was special enough. She wanted to be anything else but who she really was. Tinker Bell tried being a water fairy, a light fairy and an animal fairy with poor results.

Why was it hard for Tinker Bell to accept herself?

Tinker Bell and the Disney Fairies Continuing Saga

Once you get your first taste of the Disney Fairies movies you will want to see more. Check out these titles that explore Tinker Bell's journey into Pixie Hollow.

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
Curiosity gets the best of Tinker Bell in the third Disney Fairies film entitled Tinker Bell and the Fairy Rescue. Tinker Bell explores the forbidden human world in this film.

Secret of the Wings
2012 saw the return of Tinker Bell in the film Secret of the Wings. In this film we see the missing scenes of Tinker Bell's birth and are introduced to her sister Periwinkle a frost fairy.

"Have you ever wondered how nature gets its glow?"

-Tinker Bell Movie Preview

Tinker Bell Movie Trailer (2008)

See a preview of the Tinker Bell film that launched the Disney Fairies franchise.

Your Thoughts on Tink

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