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Doctor Who is Turning Us Into Whovians

Updated on September 24, 2014

Dr. Who is a MUST WATCH at My House -- The Merchandise is a must as well

My kids got me started on watching Dr. Who, from Netflix. It has become a favorite of ours and we quickly became the stereotype Whovian that lives for the next show and has to have any and all things that center around the Tardis, The Doctor and all the extras.

I am putting up some links below to some hard to find -- at least in one place -- Dr. Who memorabilia.

Dr. Who is a hit with both my pre-teen son and my teenage daughter. So, anytime I need a new gift idea I just checkout the Dr. Who collectibles.

David Tennant!!!! :)
David Tennant!!!! :)

Dr. Who Favorite Doctors around my house

Around my house, we have mainly watched Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith -- soon to see the new doctor!

Each time we would finish a season where the one doctor was leaving and the new beginning it would take time for us to really get adjusted to accepting the new one. Our all time favorite of the above 3, is David Tennant. I love his capability of really seeming to BE the doctor. His facial expression and quick one liners is priceless.

After Tennant, I didn't think I would like Matt Smith at all. But, things change. Smith grew on me, and I came to really like him as well. Tennant will probably always be my favorite, but Smith and Eccleston, both found there way into my Dr. Who, doctor list of GREAT ones.

Sonic Screwdrivers - A must have for any Whovian

Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver
Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

Every Whovian needs a Sonic Screwdriver!!! :)


Who is your favorite?

Who do you prefer Tenant, Smith or Eccleston?

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River Song
River Song

River Song

Wow, the character of River Song has been a long and intriguing one. I found is so interesting the way she was seeing the Doctor going one direction in her life and he was seeing her going the other. It made for some challenging writing on the writers parts, that paid off wonderfully.

I loved having the question for so long of, Who is She really?!?!?. Priceless

Dr. Who and the BBC network have created characters that my family and I will long remember. When my kids are older, they will look back on this classic show, much as I have on shows from when I was a child -- fond memories and great re-runs. :)

Dr. Who Apparel for all ages

Billie Piper & David Tennant
Billie Piper & David Tennant

Dr. Who Companions

Much like the adjustment of switching Doctors, it takes my family a little while to warm up to the new Doctor companions. Rose, Billie Piper, was the first one that we watched. Watching her character develop was awesome. Seeing her work through the change from Eccleston to Tennant, also was so real. She had some of the same questions in her that we did as we watched the regenerations and coming doctor.

Donna and Martha were both good, but my families next favorites were Amy and Rory. I really didn't think that I would like having a couple as companions, but the added dynamic was one that worked well. The writers do an AMAZING job working in all the characters and intricacies that come with a show such as Dr. Who.

Dr. Who's companions are a necessity that really adds a whole other greatness to the show.

Let me here from some fellow Whovians...

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    • kimberlyschimmel profile image

      Kimberly Schimmel, MLS 3 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      One of my daughters is a fan, so this winter I made TARDIS scarves for her and for 3 friends. I also knit 2 of the superlong scarves from season 12.

    • DreyaB profile image

      DreyaB 4 years ago from France

      Love Dr. Who too. Have you seen any of the doctors before Mr. Eccleston? Though the tech was different then there were some great characters. Cool page btw. :0)