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Have You Thought Learning Drums at Home?

Updated on December 28, 2011

If you are interested to be a drummer and play in a band, you will be glad to learn that there are now drum lessons for beginner available on the internet. The matter of fact is learning drum online is actually good for beginner or people who are starting out with the drum. Why?

The most obvious reason is the cost involve. The price for a drum lesson with a private tutor will cost you a lot more compares with an online lesson. Besides, there are actually a lot of resources over the internet which can provide you with valuable information on playing drums, even for a starter who knows nothing about it.

By the way, beginner lesson is not as much as complicated as the immediate or pro level so there is no reason why that you should pay a high fee to learn something which can cost you only a small faction online.

Besides, if you go to YouTube or any video sharing sites, you can find a lot of videos that are uploaded particular for beginner drummer lessons. The best thing about this is they are free. If you search thoroughly, you can also be able to find plenty of tips and tricks on how to play the drums, as well as about the different techniques which are not taught in the traditional drum classes.

Drum Lessons for Beginners
Drum Lessons for Beginners

An online drum lesson normally consist of live online tutorials with DVDs videos which you can download into your computer for references. These are a lot cheaper than the private lessons that you undertake in a music class. Well, in case if you are not able to see the difference between the cost of an online drum lesson and a private drum lesson, here’s a breakdown that you can refer to.

Normally, a private drum instructor will charge you between 20 to 40 dollars per lesson. And for beginner, it is highly recommended that at least two lessons per week. For that, the total cost for a week lesson is around 40 to 80 dollars.

To make the calculation easier, we just take the cost of 20 dollars per week. So for a one full year fee, that would cost you about $1,040. This is definitely a lot of money considering that it is just for a drum lesson. Besides, $20 per week is a very conventional and rather cheap cost; it’s hard to find a tutor that charges that low nowadays.

On the other hand, for an online drum lessons for beginner, you are only charged once for the whole beginner lesson even if it takes you a one whole year to master. If you do it right, you will be able to find those that only charge you for less than a hundred buck. Another advantage of an online lesson over the private tutor is you can learn it on your own pace and time without any pressure.

Online beginner drum lessons have a lot of other advantages too. Although the price is so much lower, but the quality of the lesson is top notch. These tutorials and live recorded lessons are done by professional drummers which are trained to conduct such trainings online. You will find that after only a few sessions, you will be able to start playing some of your favorite songs and music.

One of the best online . It is run by a professional drummer that has over 20 years of experience playing drums. This course have over 45 multi media lessons that teach you everything from holding the sticks, basic stroke types, drum rudiments and beat. Besides, it also has over four hours of video instruction that conductd by Jim McCarthym, the instructor himself.A 52 pages of printable material is provided to assist you in the learning and not forget to mention that it also has 198 audio files of all the beats and solos for you to practice.

Getting Online Drum Lessons for Beginners

Today, more and more people are tuning to the internet for music lessons and that’s not only drums but also other instrumental such as guitar, bass, saxophone and etc. There are free lessons available online and as mentioned video sharing sites are a great resources. However, if you are going for a professional quality tutorial, you should always go for the paid ones. Such lessons are designed to help the students to learn the drum easily. They are structured in such a way that learning drum will not be that hard. Drum lessons for the beginners are not hard to find online. Just do some researches and read some testimonials and you will be able to find the right and top notch quality drum lessons.

Finding Good Quality of Drum Lessons for Beginners

Before subscribing to any lessons that you found online, it is very important that you take your time to conduct an intensive research. Find out what offers are available and check out whether these are scam or not. Some website that offering drum lessons will let you to subscribe to their newsletter so that they can deliver you a few lessons to test it out. If that’s the case, go ahead and try it out. By the way, some websites also offer full money back guarantee in case if you aren’t satisfied with the lessons provided. However, take note that this is a time limit for the money back guarantee such as 30 days or 60 days.

a) Go Though the Online Drum Lessons Program
Check out the step by step guide. A beginner drum lesson should provide you with a gradual and stepwise learning pattern; this is crucial so that you won’t find it hard to get started. Drum rudiments are rhythmic patterns that used by drummers to acquire stick technique, sequence and skill. So in order to learn the drums the right way, you should get hold of the drum rudiments and practice it patiently until they are well mastered. They are the foundation of all drum playing.

Basic beginner drum rudiments lessons include:

  • Single stroke roll
  • Double stroke roll
  • Multiple bounce roll
  • Diddle rudiments
  • Flam rudiments
  • Drag rudiments

Knowing these six rudiments would form a good foundation for the next coming levels which consists of other forty official rudiments lessons.

b) Drums Sheet Music Reading and Support
After learning the basic, it is time to understand the drum sheet music. This knowledge is crucial as it can help the student to get into different sort of styles and genres of drumming, which might be difficult to decipher by the ear.

Depending on the sites, some do have student support while some don’t. In the case of no support provided, particular true for beginner lessons, you can try to find out if they have forum or chat support so that you can post questions when you need it.

Drum Lessons
Drum Lessons


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  • Web World Watcher profile image

    Web World Watcher 

    8 years ago

    THat is Great, I play the drums myself and I'm gonna write a hub specifically for teaching kids how to play the drums like an eighties punker

  • Ingenira profile image


    8 years ago

    That's cool. Online drum lessons !


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