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The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon Television Show

Updated on September 16, 2014
Dudley the Dragon
Dudley the Dragon | Source

Who was Dudley the Dragon?

If you are like me, you know exactly who Dudley the Dragon is and you can even sing the theme song. If you have yet to learn of the Adventures of Dudley the Dragon, let me be the one to introduce you right here on this page!

Dudley the Dragon is a children's show which aired in Canada and the United States between the years of 1993 to 1997 or, and this will explain why I know the theme song so well, during the years in which my first son was between the ages of newborn and four years old. Of course, it also aired in reruns for years after that & people watched it on VHS videotape, too.

The show consisted of live actors, what they call 'full body' costumed characters and puppets with the most notable one, of course, being the giant dragon of the show's name, Dudley. The show centers around Dudley fresh out of hibernation and his two ten-year old friends named Matt and Sally. The children helped Dudley learn about life in the modern world and the show covered subjects like caring for the environment, the importance of friendship and pro-social values.

On this page, you will find interesting facts about Dudley's adventures, a complete list of the show episodes, a video of the show opening and theme song as well as Dudley the Dragon merchandise including rare and hard-to-find Dudley the Dragon VHS videotapes, plush, music and so much more. For newcomers, it will be a great introduction. For Dudley the Dragon fans, it will be a trip back to children's television in the 1990s!

Dudley was so popular with children that he found himself in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in the form of a six-storey tall float!

Dudley's Tea Party

Dudley's Tea Party
Dudley's Tea Party | Source

Dudley Programs

Unfortunately, The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon television shows are ONLY available on VHS videotape. I have had the opportunity to sell a few through my eBay store and I know they are sought after and that some episodes are more readily available than others.

If you are buying a used videotape, I strongly encourage you to shop carefully and make sure that the seller you are dealing with has a good reputation and that he or she GUARANTEES the video tape to work without any issues, as I do. Otherwise, there is a fare amount of risk in buying a used videotape.

Also, if you are hanging onto your VHS copies of this show or other shows that are not available on DVD, I encourage you to read up on how to look after your collector's items. On my page, Rare VHS Videotapes A Collector's Guide to Videotapes, you will find a complete guide to the proper way to store and care for your video tapes. I encourage you to check it out. All this said, not to discourage you but rather to encourage you to treat the tapes as valuable collector's items, which they are.

If you love Dudley, I know you would like to go back in time and visit him again through the adventures of his television show. Let's hope that they will release a Dudley the Dragon DVD in the future. Meanwhile, if we want to watch Dudley we will have to be content with watching him on videotapes.

Merchandising of Dudley was somewhat controlled to reflect Dudley's environmentally friendly way of thinking with stipulations like the fact that toys, clothing etc. would be made out of natural fibres and that food would not include sugar or preservatives.

Dudley the Dragon Plush Toys Are Available Through eBay

Dudley the Dragon Plush Toy
Dudley the Dragon Plush Toy | Source

Fast Facts About the Awards and Cast of The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon

Production Dates: 1993 to 1997

Dudley The Dragon - Alex Galatis (voice) & Kirk Dunn (costumed performer)

Matt - Daniel DeSantoIreon

Warthog - unknown performer

Sammy/Mr. Robin - James Rankin (voice)

Mr. Crabby Tree - Graham Greene

Louis The Lion - Saul Rubinek

Actor Graham Greene won a GEMINI AWARD for his role as Mr. Crabby Tree in 1994 and was nominated in 1998.

Jackie Burroughs was nomined in 1994 for a Gemini when she appeared in the episode called High Flying Dragon.

Educational consultants for Dudley tried to ensure that there was no violence or insults, no stereotyping and that girls were equal to boys. There were villains in the show. However, the villains generally were not evil but instead, misguided.

The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon Music CD

Dudley the Dragon Music CD
Dudley the Dragon Music CD | Source

Episodes of The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon

Dudley generated quite a few episodes over a run of four seasons!

  • Dudley Finds His Home
  • Mr. Crabby Tree
  • Dudley and the Genie
  • Dudley meets Mr. Can
  • Dudley Gets a Tummy Ache
  • Dudley's Tea Party
  • Dudley Meets a Tiny Giant
  • High Flying Dragon
  • The Dragon and the Toxin
  • Dudley Goes Camping
  • Dudley in the Rainforest
  • Dudley and the Dodo
  • Dudley and the Gingerbread House
  • Dudley and the Snowman
  • Dudley Through the Looking Glass
  • Dudley and the King
  • Have Yourself a Crabby Little Christmas
  • Dudley and the Leprachaun
  • Dragon's Ahoy
  • Dudley and the Great Race
  • Dudley Meets Pablo Pickle
  • Dudley Makes a Movie
  • Dudley and Flammo the Magician
  • Dudley Meets the Alien
  • Imagine That!"
  • The Living Doll
  • The Spooky Castle
  • The Tree House
  • The Unhappy Garden
  • Dudley and the Lion
  • Mr. Crabby Tree's Really Great Adventure
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Dudley and the Caveman
  • Dudley's Amazing Journey
  • The Trouble with Bubbles
  • The Red Sneakers
  • Dudley and the Lost City
  • The Frog Princess
  • The Royal Crown
  • You and Me and Caveman Makes Three
  • Dudley's Birthday Surprise
  • The Tiny Little Raincloud
  • Dudley and the Toothfairy
  • Good Knight Dragon
  • Dudley and the Balloon Force
  • Mama Crabby Tree
  • The Flying Frog
  • Junior Robin's Big Day Out Showbiz Dragon
  • The Prince's New Clothes
  • Alphabet Dragon
  • Dudley and the Cowardly Ghost
  • Dudley's Big Decision
  • Mr. Crabby Tree Falls in Love
  • Dog Gone Dragon
  • The Royal Cup
  • The Wishing Well
  • Cinderella Ha-Ha
  • Dudley and the Knight Club
  • The Great Dragonberry War
  • The Boy Who Cried Witch
  • The Pumpkin King
  • Which Witch?

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