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Dynasty Warriors 7 Release Date

Updated on February 11, 2011

Dynasty Warriors 7 Release Date

Dynasty Warriors 7 Release Date
Dynasty Warriors 7 Release Date

Dynasty Warriors 7 Release Date

The release date for dynasty warriors 7 will be 22 March 2011. The dynasty warriors game is based on the player being given the rein of a general and using that general to conquer the land of Ancient China. Set in the medieval period between AD 169 to AD 280, this game is set in the historical period where unrest has fragmented Ancient China to different regions controlled by warring factions. You are given the task to unify China. In order to do this, the general you control must take on hundreds and hundreds of soldiers and other generals in 1 on many combat situations, armed with only two hands and some weapons. In the course of unification, one will expect to go through some famous battles including the Battle for Red Cliff, the battle of Cao Cao led army against Yuan Shao and the neverending siege of Zhu Ge Liang against Sima Yi.

Dynasty Warriors 7 Additions and Differences

What will differentiate the dynasty warriors 7 from its predecessors include the addition of the Jin Empire. Accurate historians will know that this period of Ancient China was split into 3 countries - the Wei country North, the Shu country to the west and the Wu country to the east. The cunning warlord Sima Yi, commander of the forces in the Wei Country, would later set in action a series of events that would cause the Wei Emperor (descendant of the warlord Cao Cao) to abdicate to his grandson, who would eventually unify the whole of China and form the (rather short-lived) Jin Empire.

It looks like in Dynasty Warriors 7, the Jin Empire and its heirs including Sima Shi and Sima Zhao have been integrated into the actual romance of the three kingdoms period, becoming romance of the four fictional kingdoms. Nevertheless, hardcore gamers of dynasty warriors have always wanted to play this particular empire and control the forces and family of Sima which created the next dynasty. Watch out - Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan.

Dynasty Warriors 7 Weapons

The next dynasty warriors 7 additions to the game are the dynasty warriors 7 weapons. Not only can the player swap weapons whilst playing the game, the player can also employ a variety of weapons including the mace, sword, rod, etc. Although not invented yet in the medieval period of AD 169 - 280, the player can know use the machine gun! Yes the machine gun to effectively annihilate the hordes of enemies rushing towards the player.

Dynasty Warriors 7 hits stores near you late March 2011. Here's a preview of what's in store for fans in the video preview of Dynasty Warriors 7.


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