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Eastenders Why Did Bianca Go To Prison?

Updated on February 14, 2015
We saw Bianca worried that Tiffany was being abused
We saw Bianca worried that Tiffany was being abused | Source
forcing mum Carol to confess her relationship with Connor
forcing mum Carol to confess her relationship with Connor
Bianca attacks Connor then runs off to Sonias
Bianca attacks Connor then runs off to Sonias
sonia arrives at the butchers to tell her family where Bianca is staying
sonia arrives at the butchers to tell her family where Bianca is staying
Meanwhile Carol visits Connor
Meanwhile Carol visits Connor
but bumps into a furious Whitney while she is there
but bumps into a furious Whitney while she is there
Whitney later moves in with Janine which can only been Trouble!!
Whitney later moves in with Janine which can only been Trouble!!
Janine takes Whitney under her wing
Janine takes Whitney under her wing
and leads Whitney into a downwards spiral.
and leads Whitney into a downwards spiral.

This week we saw things come to a head in the Butcher/Branning family when Carol was forced to confess she had been seeing Connor.

Bianca originally thought that her daughter Tiffany had been abused and when her Mum reveals the real reason for Tiffs strange behavior Bianca is shocked to the core. Bianca is so angry that her own Mother would put Tiffany in a position where she had to lie to protect her and it is not long before Bianca's anger turns towards Connor who she blames for the whole mess.

Although she is intent on punishing Connor I don't think even Bianca could have guessed how far it would go.

Shockingly Bianca attacks Connor so bad that he is left unconscious and later found by Max and Carol.

Bianca knows she is in serious trouble and so she runs away from the square without telling anyone where she is going. Later when word of Connors attack gets out and with Bianca on the missing list, Ricky fears that his wife is responsible.

However while Ricky is being questioned by the police, Carol is at the Police Station, confessing to the crime.

Carol feels responsible for this whole mess and believes because it is all her fault then it is only right she should take the blame for her daughter.

Ricky and Max agree to go along with Carol's lies and tells the police that Bianca is in New Zealand with Pat, but when Connor regains consciousness he names Bianca as his attacker and so the police come back in search of her.

meanwhile Ricky desperately tries to reach Bianca leaving her a series of phone calls begging her to come home so they can get her a good lawyer.

Later on Ricky, Max, Carol and Jack all have a family meeting to discuss the best course of action but they are soon interrupted by Sonia banging at the door.

Sonia informs her family that Bianca is safe and has been staying with her at a B&B in London. Sonia tells them that Bianca is in a bad state and so Ricky Max and Jack prepare to get Bianca abroad where she can lie low.

Later Sonia tells them that Bianca has decided to hand herself in. Bianca knows a life on the run will make the whole situation worse and she would never leave her kids unless she really had too. Later on Carol goes to the police station with Bianca where she hands herself in, meanwhile Ricky accepts the situation and tells the kids that Mummy has to go to prison.

Later when Carol has a talk with mum Carol, she confesses that her and Martin have split up and she has been living in a B&B in London with Rebecca.

Carol is shocked that Sonia hadn't told her this news before but Sonia tells her Mum that herself and Martin split at the same time Billie died and she thought she already had enough to cope with.

The next day Whitney and Ricky are getting ready to visit Bianca in prison when Janine returns telling him that sister Dianne has kicked her out and she wants to move in with him at Pats.

Ricky tells her No and he and Whitney go to visit Bianca. Whitney finds the whole thing difficult and soon leaves but when she arrives back at the house she comes face to face with Carol who tells her she is moving in permanently. The two of them begin to argue only to be interrupted with the news that Connor has woken up.

Later on Whitney decides to visit Connor but is annoyed when Carol has beaten her to it and so she storms off. Carol goes into the hospital room to speak to Connor but their discussion comes to an end when Connor's Mum Kendra arrives and instantly demands that Carol leaves. Carol is left reeling when Connor agrees with his Mum and tells Carol to go.

Back at Pats, Whitney and Carol have a heated row over dinner and a fed up Whitney decides to move out. Meanwhile Janine has moved back in to her flat and is upset when Ryan begins to move his stuff out of there, she is more upset later when Ryan knocks back her offer of a romantic meal.

However Janine soon sees a ray of hope when Ryan's sister Whitney asks if she can move in with her, Janine agrees and then begins to wind Ryan up about her new flat mate. Moving in with Janine can only mean trouble for vulnerable Whitney and it doesn't take long for that trouble to start either.

Janine and Whitney start getting on famously and Janine even persuades her not to go to work so they can get drunk together instead and have a laugh, but with no job or money the two girls soon head of to R&R where they get other men to buy their drinks for them and it is not long before scheming Janine thinks up a way young Whitney can make money for them and Whitney is horrified by what Janine has done.

Given Janine's past as a prostitute herself i can only imagine that Janine has told the men at R&R that Whitney is also a prostitute and when Whitney has a one night stand with one of the men, Janine probably profits from her.

Is Connor too Young for Carol?

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Carol and Connor

Whitney with new Boyfriend Rob
Whitney with new Boyfriend Rob | Source

Whitney Meets New Boyfriend Rob

Whitney Dean will meet new boyfriend Rob who is played by Jody Latham (also known as Lip Gallagher in Shameless). Whitney's new boyfriend is an abusive pimp who will sexually exploit her and turn her into a £50 a time teen hooker.

Eastenders has worked closely on the storyline with Charity Comic Relief which has been tackling teen prostitution for the past ten years and the plot will be shown as part of a ten minute special on Comic Relief's telethon Friday 18th March.

This week will see Whitney become worried that Janine is just using her to get back at brother Ryan, but Janine soon convinces the confused teen that her worries are unfounded.

Whitney is already feeling lonely after she found out Connor was seeing her step Nan Carol, which was made worse when Bianca went to prison, Whitney began to feel like she had no place in the butcher home especially as Carol pointed out that she is not a 'real family member' and Ricky did nothing to reassure Whitney that this was not the case.

Things go from bad to worse for poor Whitney when she looses her pitch on the market stall because she has not been keeping up with the rent, but when Janine discovers that Whitney has no income she soon thinks up of a way they can make some quick money.

It all starts when Janine and Whitney visit the R&R and a man named David starts paying the girls a lot of attention. Later when Janine and David are talking, Janine realises that he thinks both herself and Whitney are prostitutes.

At first Janine tries to warn Whitney but before she gets chance Whitney gives her new admirer her phone number and suggests they go back to hers. Janine does try to stop Whitney at first and tells her that they should both go home and forget about David but Whitney is after comfort and so she refuses.

Back at the flat while Whitney is quickly tidying up her bedroom, a sneaky Janine tells David that Whitney is working and it will cost him £50 and so David hands her the money and heads into the bedroom to join Whitney.

Whitney is later horrified when she discovers what Janine has done and is shocked when she later finds out about Janine's past as a hooker.

Later Whitney and Janine try and get jobs at the R&R but that doesn't go to plan. Desperate for money Janine teaches Whitney how to tease men and later after another money making scheme Roxy catches Whitney stealing from people in the club and demands that she give all the belongings back to the rightful owners.

Viewers will see Whitney's life spiral out of control over the next few months and she will find herself entering a very dark world.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My problem is, she couldn't have gone to jail straight away without a trial then sentencing

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Yay, bianca's back for christmas, it will be a good episode xx

    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from South England

      Bianca's out of prison and home for christmas

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      ahh i wish bianca came back

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      cute xxx


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