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Eastenders- Has Glenda Mitchell Discovered Ronnies Baby Lie?

Updated on February 17, 2015
Ronnie is clearly distressed
Ronnie is clearly distressed | Source
Later Glenda and Roxy try stealing the contents of Phils safe
Later Glenda and Roxy try stealing the contents of Phils safe

Will Glenda find out the truth about Baby James before she goes?

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Glenda has always rubbed people up the wrong way since appearing on the square in January 2010. This week is set to be her worst yet when she is first accused of stealing from her daughter.

Glenda then plays on her other daughters vulnerability and finally reveals her affair with Phil to a furious Shirley.

It all starts when Glenda offers to go to Ronnie's counselling session with her. After telling her Mum that she would prefer to go on her own, Ronnie sets of towards the tube station.

However Glenda notices that Ronnie has left her purse behind, and so chases after her daughter. Just as she gets close she sees Ronnie walk straight past the tube station and towards the park.

While Ronnie is sitting alone in the park, Glenda confronts her daughter about the missed appointment. Ronnie tells her that she is going the next day instead.

The next day Ronnie tells her Mum that she can't go and see the councillor today as the baby is ill. Glenda can tell that Ronnie is lying, and so decides to follow her.

Glenda follows Ronnie all the way to the church and witnesses her lighting a candle.

This obviously confuses Glenda because Ronnie has never been a religious person and she suddenly becomes very concerned about her daughters mental state. She walks up to Ronnie and asks her what she is doing. Ronnie is clearly distressed and starts talking about Tommy still being there.

Glenda obviously has no idea what Ronnie is talking about and so puts it down to baby blues. She advises Ronnie to pull herself together in order to be a good Mum to James.

Later Phil Mitchell arrives back from Portugal and unbeknown to him Glenda and Roxy are plotting against him. The Mitchell women are attempting to sell his secret stash of champagne from the R&R to make money. Their plan fails when Phil walks in on them moving the champagne bottles.

Glenda and Roxy try pretending that their doing a stock take. However Phil is already suspicious. Later that day Glenda witnesses Phil handing over a wad of cash to Shirley and decides to rope Roxy into stealing the money from his safe to compensate for the 20,000 he stole from her.

Glenda has a spare key to Phil's house and so Glenda and Roxy are soon carrying out their second attempt of the day. Just as they have the cash in their hands, Phil walks in and catches them in the act.

A furious Roxy tells Phil that she knows that he stole her money and she wants it back. Phil however has already caught onto Glenda's games. Phil tells Roxy that she should look closer to home if she wants to know who really stole her money.

If Roxy was unsure what he meant at first then Phil soon spells it out for her when he names Glenda as the thief.

Roxy searches Mum Glenda's bedroom and sure enough discovers a wad of cash hidden at the back of her wardrobe. A surprised Glenda swears that she has no idea how the money got there but Roxy refuses to believe her and instead goes across to apologise to Phil.

Meanwhile Phil is outside The Vic handing over an envelope of cash to Masood and thanking him for helping to set up Glenda.


Glenda Causes Trouble For Ronnie

Glenda knows that Phil has set her up so she heads over to The Vic to set Roxy straight.

When she walks into the pub she sees Roxy sat having a cosy drink with Phil and Shirley and she sees Red. Glenda tries once again to protest her innocence, but when Roxy tells her she doesn't believe her and that she wants nothing more to do with her, a desperate Glenda announces in front of the whole Pub, that she has been having an affair with Phil.

Things don't get any better for Glenda when Roxy starts throwing her Mums suitcases out of the flat they share, before telling her to leave.

Roxy then goes over to see sister Ronnie who agrees that their Mum has bought nothing but trouble for them. The sisters make a pact to have nothing more to do with their Mum.

However later on that day Glenda threatens Ronnie that she will tell Jack about her missed counselling sessions, unless she lets her stay. A worried Ronnie immediately agrees that her Mum can stay. Glenda realises there must be more to Ronnie's situation than she first thought.

Phil is not happy about having Glenda living so close and orders Ian to help get rid of her.

Phil hands Ian some cash to get Glenda away from the square but son Ben witnesses the exchange and is curious about what is going on. Ian is just as keen to get Glenda away before she reveals their affair to Jane and so he later approaches Glenda with a ticket to Paris only for her to laugh at his attempt to hide his dirty little secret.

A worried Ian then walks off wondering how long he has until Glenda talks to Jane.

Meanwhile a horrified Ben finds out about his Dad's affair with Glenda which can only spell trouble for those concerned. Meanwhile a worried Ronnie believes her Mum has guessed her secret about Baby James and is just as keen to get rid of her. Ronnie approaches Phil and together they try to think of a way to get rid of Glenda for good.

When Glenda first reveals all about her affair with Phil he denies it and Shirley says that she believes him, but she is still a little unsure. When Phil buys her a big boquet of flowers and then an expensive engadgement ring Shirley can smell a rat.

However next month Shirley will learn the truth of her love rat fiancée when she follows Glenda to the R&R and overhears Phil and Glenda arguing in the office. But instead of storming in there Shirley stands at the door listening which is when she hears Phil taunting Glenda and admitting to their affair.

Phil tells Glenda that the affair meant nothing to him and he was just using her. Shirley is hurt by what she has just heard and walks straight in to the office.

Phil is clearly shocked to be found out and tries to tell Shirley it is not what she thinks but Shirley has had enough of his lies, and refuses to listen to him. Shirley gives him a big slap before leaving.

Later, Glenda makes things worse for herself when she causes more trouble and an upset Shirley snaps and drags Glenda into the chip shop. Perhaps Glenda should have thought twice before crossing Shirley!!!

Glynis Barber who plays Glenda Mitchell has recently revealed on her own website that she is leaving Eastenders next month after she finds herself increasingly isolated in Walford.

However she confirms that she is not being killed off so could make a return sometime in the future to wreak more havoc on the Mitchell clan.

Although Shirley discovers Phil has been cheating on her the couples spring wedding will still go ahead........Just!!

Their spring wedding will take place at the local registry office where they will be joined by their friends and family.

But as they leave the church, Shirley wearing a smart white trouser suit will walk up to their awaiting car which reads the words 'Just Married' on the back window, Shirley then cheekily wipes off the word 'Married' leaving only the word 'Just' showing as they drive away together.


Glenda Mitchell Leaves The Square

Glenda seems to be getting even closer to the truth of the baby swap when she asks Ronnie what she meant in the church when she said Baby Tommy was still here?

Glenda then says that all babies look the same and lies have a habit of coming out. Has Glenda finally guessed her daughters secret? Ronnie is left clearly shaken by her Mums unexpected questioning and so she teams up with cousin Phil to get rid of her Mum once and for all.

Ronnie lures her Mum in to the R&R where she leaves her alone with an angry Phil. Glenda is furious that her own daughter would stab her in the back but Ronnie tells her Mum to get out of her life.

Later on Ronnie decides to be honest with Jack and tells him that she has not been going to her counsilling sessions which leaves Jack worried that his wife is hideing something more sinister.

Ronnie promises him that the counsilling is all she has been dishonest about and so Jack agrees that they'll put it all behind them and start fresh. Meanwhile Glenda knows that Phil will stop at nothing to drive her out of the square and later when Shirley lets her fists do the talking, a scared Glenda flees the square. But for how long?

While all this has been going on Glenda has also been threatening to expose her affair with Ian. She tells Ian that he either gives her five grand or she will tell Jane everything.

A worried Ian knows that Glenda is more than capable of exposing the truth to Jane and so in the middle of a packed pub he presents his wife with a cake reading 'Will you marry me-again?' Jane is so overcome with emotion that she happily agrees. But when Ian cant raise the five thousand pound needed to shut Glenda up he decides to confess all to wife Jane before Glenda does. What will this mean for the Beale's?

Laurie Brett who plays Jane is due to go on maternity leave and so when photo's revealed Ian and Jane saying an emotional goodbye at the airport it looks like Jane is about to walk away from her cheating husband.

Has she found out the truth and left Ian for good? or will she be back after her maternity leave to try again?

Ian Tells Janine About His Affair With Glenda (@GlynisMitchell)


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    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from South England

      Thank you Crystolite, hope you enjoyed the read :)

    • crystolite profile image


      7 years ago from Houston TX

      Good work,thanks for sharing.

    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from South England

      Thank you Hinazille, pleased you enjoyed it :)

    • hinazille profile image


      7 years ago from Planet Earth

      i haven't watched eastenders for a while but thanks for the update!


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