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Alternate End of El Camino - A Breaking Bad Movie. It was to be different and Darker.

Updated on October 19, 2019
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Read this and know how El Camino - A Breaking Bad Movie would have ended differently. The fate of Jesse Pinkman would have been different.


The Breaking Bad movie is here. It includes a conclusion for the story of Jesse Pinkman, one of the two protagonists of the original series, along with the well-known Walter White. If you saw the movie, you already know its ending, but originally it was going to be very different.

El Camino is a film that tells what happened after Jesse escaped from the farm in which a group of drug traffickers caged him, forcing him to make drugs for them. Walter, after initially wanting him dead, is going to "rescue" Jesse (or instead perhaps to end the fact that someone is copying his drug) and, in the end, we see Pinkman driving very fast away from the place, laughing and with tears in his eyes.


Notice: Read at your own risk if you have not seen El Camino: a Breaking Bad movie.

The movie begins just at that moment, which for many, was a more than a worthy end. Vince Gilligan, the creator of the series, mentioned that he did not want to leave Jesse's end open, so he deserved his closing, one that we saw in the film. Jesse is escaping from the police, and on the way, he meets some of the characters we already met in the series. Such as his friends Skinny Pete and Badger.

In the film Jesse spends almost two hours looking for a way out, until finally getting the necessary money (taking money that belonged to Todd, in the middle of many flashbacks that gave us more context of the terrible relationship he had with his captor), to buy his ticket to a new life from the mysterious man of the vacuum cleaners, the one who helped Saul Goodman escape justice.

At the end of the film, we see him moving to Alaska, with a new life and a new identity. Driving to the frozen state with a kind of smile on his face, of tranquility, and having left a letter for Brock, son of Andrea, the woman Jesse fell in love with and who was killed by Todd.

However, the ending was going to be different, according to Gilligan, who commented in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he initially had other plans for Pinkman:

After much thought, I did not like my original ending, which probably involved a young woman who needed help. Jesse was hiding out by the Canadian border, and this woman was working at a motel as a housekeeper or something. [He] goes into the process of saving her, knowing full well that he's going to suffer for it, he's going to get caught for it, but he does it anyway. And the last scene would be maybe him in a jail cell but at peace for the first time since the movie began. I think there was going to be this component where he couldn't sleep. He wouldn't get a single night's sleep for a week or so upon escaping. The police are looking for him, and he's too haunted, and he's too adrenaline-charged. And at the end of the thing, he's in a jail cell, and ironically he can fall asleep like a baby. And I thought, 'Ah, that'd be kind of cool.

In short, Pinkman was initially going to end up in jail. But according to Gilligan, after mentioning that idea to his girlfriend, one of the creators of Better Call Saul and the scriptwriters, "they all looked at me like I was crazy and told me that I couldn't put Jesse back in a cage at the end of the movie."

According to Aaron Paul, the actor who gives life to Jesse, there was also a very similar ending to the one we saw in the movie. It would have been his voice narrating the content of the letter he left for Brock. However, in the end, they decided it was better to remain a mystery.


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