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Electric City - By Tom Hanks

Updated on January 10, 2014

The Electric City.

The Electric City; a 20 episode animated webseries created by Tom Hanks. Taking place within a fictional dystopian world after surviving a worldly catastrophe. Narrated and based only within the Electric City; a current haven of a city of many cultures.

20 episodes ranging around 5 minutes a piece, this is about 90 mins over all. Partially violent, mostly drama, it is quite the webseries. One that would be nice if there was a download option rather than always streaming.

Aside from that rant, watching the episodes on it's "Yahoo! Screen" gives you access to the episode archive as well as an interactive feature: World, well City Map that moves to locations the current scene narration takes place in, shows time of the scene by sky coloration typical to sun-moon cycles and an active character bio constantly updating by episode, by which character is newly shown per episode.

Viewable here.

Not only those functions but through the blog (so far just one entry) they try to further pull fans in following suit to their in-show 'Code' and applying it to some notorious in-life persons. You'd have to check it out for a full grasp of what I mean.

Famous Uncracked Codes.


Along with the episodes and side content, the site also features some commentary by both Tom Hanks and other voice actors. Very short clips, around 2 minutes for each. To further anyones appetite to learn a bit more of what went into the webseries.

Hand's on (digital) applicable content.

Not only is Electric City a webseries, but they have also given it a Mobile Device life as well; it's primary function post episode release. Forming 2 applications for your IOS and Droid devices:

  1. Being the Electric City episode viewer as well as hosting 2 prequel comics and retaining Character Bios. Entertainment on the go, like many other things.
  2. Being a mobile game of sorts, allowing players to progress thru the plot of the Electric City episodes, from their start to the show's conclusion.
  3. A new mobile game placed in the world of Electric City where you build your utopia, without committing the same errors as the previous world did.

They are fascinating for their approach (but lacking for any other medium to host such), they will pertain to any fans who prefer mobile entertainment.

Electric City Mobile Apps:

App 1: Electric City episode viewer, prequel comic viewer, character bio, etc. Is free of charge for the app, but consists of micro charges in-app if you want to download the prequel graphic novels or bundles of episodes.

App 2: Electric City interactive game: The Revolt. Is $0.99 purchase fee.

App 3: Electric City - A New Dawn game. Is a $0.99 purchase fee.


There is even a Facebook version of the Electric City app (episode, comic, character, etc). Presently being without a smart phone of any kind, the app does not work for me. It may be configured to work with Mobile Facebook on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch or Android, of there may be something up with the app itself making it not behave correctly.

Facebook app.

Give it a try if you wish.If it works for anyone, let me know so I can update the facebook app prerequisites.

Last but not least.

While it is a new webseries, information is fairly easy to obtain. But in efforts to make it easier for those whom may be curious, here is an interview conducted with Tom Hanks that made it's way into the New York Times Online Articles.

Tom Hanks interview about his Electric City.

Revised: 4/15


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