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Elementary TV Show Review - Find Out More About the Elementary TV Series

Updated on October 1, 2012

Elementary TV Show

CBS has decided to do a TV show for all the Sherlock Holmes fans out there. To make the show more interesting they have decided to push the envelope and change the premise of the traditional story. Instead of calling the new show Sherlock revisted, or something boring like that, they have decided to instead title the show after Sherlock Holmes most commonly quoted saying of "Elementary, my dear Watson."

The Elementary TV show will air on CBS on the 27th of September 2012 and many fans are eagerly awaiting this edition of the Sherlock Holmes files. Holmes isn't your typical middle aged man with a pipe. Instead, the producers have decided to update the show and bring it into the current century. Watson is now a woman and Holmes has some serious social issues. The show is actually set in modern times in Manhattan, rather than London.

From the Elementary trailer below, the show does appear to be interesting and they have even managed to draw in a few big names as regular cast members. Will this be as popular as the recent Sherlock movies staring Robert Downie Junior and Jude Law? Well we will have to wait and see. Perhaps this review of the Elementary TV series can help shed a little light on the subject.

Interesting Facts About Sherlock Holmes TV Show

CBS are trying to make Sherlock Holmes popular again. However, this is not the first itme they have tried to do this. This will be the 3rd time that CBS have adapted the original Arthur Conan Doyle storyline.

In 1987, CBS tried The Return of Sherlock Holmes. They then tried again in 1994 with Sherlock Holmes Returns. Perhaps this time they will be more successful with a more imaginative title of Elementary, a big name such as Lucy Lui and also with the recent popularity of the Sherlock Holmes movies.

Elementary TV Show Synopsis

Holmes is a consultant for Scotland Yard and is working in Manhatten. He has a drinking problem and has just come out of rehab. He's been given a partner to look after him while he tries to re-adjust to a normal life. However, there's nothing normal about Holmes. He's quirky and see's the world differently from most people. He has problems communicating and tact is not his strong point.

Various detectives and other law enforcement personnel find it hard to work with him and constantly question his theories, even though he is always right. They mainly dislike him because of his quirky behaviour and this means he's constantly on the outside looking in. His new partner, Watson, could change all of that.

Watson is supposed to be Holmes's sober partner. It's her job to make sure he doesn't get into any trouble while helping him solve crimes. To begin with, Holmes keeps her on the outside and doesn't let her know what he's thinking. However, a bond is formed and they begin to work together. There's even potential for romance. And that's even after he crashes her car.

This is all new for Watson, but she has heard about Holmes through his father, who has hired her to make sure his son stays on the straight and the narrow. No one wants Holmes to go off the rails again.

Expect to see modern day versions of tweed and tartan in simple fashion choices, such as Watson's t-shirt and Holmes's scarf.

Watson and Holmes back together
Watson and Holmes back together

Elementary Cast and Characters

Johnny Lee Miller plays the modern day Sherlock Holmes.

John Watson is re-imagined and is now a woman called Joan Watson and is played by Lucy Lui.

Aidan Quinn plays Captain Tobias Gregson, of the NYC Police Department. He has history with Holmes as they worked together at Scotland Yard.

Each week we will meet new characters as more crimes are committed that need Holmes to solve them.

Will You Be a Fan of the Elementary TV Show?

Does Lucy Lui make a good Watson?

See results

This could very easily have been a simple cop type drama. However it is made more interesting by the personal traits of Holmes and the relationship between Holmes and Watson. It will be interesting to see how that bond develops, as we discover more about Watson's past and why she's been given the role of Holmes's babysitter.

I think you will like this if you like shows like The Mentalist or Numbers. Lucy Lui fans will also like this as she does a great job of playing Watson. Johnny Lee Miller makes an interesting choice as Holmes and is unexpectedly better than I would ever have imagined.

If you are a fan of the original Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, and are willing to give this modern adaptation some benefit of the doubt, then the Elementary TV show could become a big hit.

Elementary TV Show Trailer


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    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Drivel it's great to see a real Sherlock Holmes buff! Thx for the comment and I hope you enjoy the new show.

    • profile image

      Drivel 5 years ago

      Elementary, my dear Watson was never actually used in the Sherlock Holmes stories, and it's John Watson, not James.

      Why no mention of BBC's Sherlock?

    • RedElf profile image

      RedElf 5 years ago from Canada

      I think I will enjoy this show! Thanks! Did you know that Johnny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC1's "Sherlock") alternated roles in London's West End production of Frankenstein? One night one would play the monster and the other would play the creator, then the next night, they would swap roles. Interesting actors - interesting casting by CBS.