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Epic Fail Videos

Updated on January 11, 2014

The Best Epic Fails

This lens brings you some of the best epic fail films from around the web!

You may have heard of an 'epic fail', as the term 'Epic Fail' has been knocking around the Internet for a little while now. But what does it mean?

According to Urban Dictionary (the home of all unofficial word definitions!) it can be seen as "A mistake of such monumental proportions that it requires its own term in order to sucessfully point out the unfathomable shortcomings of an individual or group."

Which, if you've seen the epic fail videos I've added to this page, you can related to!!

So why have I made a lens about all these fails by the unsuspecting public? Well... because, they're hilarious!

I'm not a horrible person but whenever I'm feeling a little down in the dumps, I could turn on some epic fail videos and within 5 minutes, I'd be smiling. It seems to be part of humour nature, the ability to laugh at ourselves when mistakes and silly things happen.

Having said that, I hate seeing people get hurt, so there's a fine balance to my epic fail tolerance!

This lens brings you some of the best epic video clips that I've seen, so if you're feeling down in the dumps, watch all of the videos on this page and I GUARANTEE you'll go away with a huge smile on your face.

Note: I have rated this lens 'R' rated as there are the occasional swear words spoken in the videos when some of the people are experiencing fails (as I'm sure you can understand)!

Photo courtesy of wumpiewoo

Ultimate Fails Complilation 2012

I was just watching this video on YouTube when I realised that what Squidoo is missing is an Epic Fail page! Tadaaaaa!!!

I laughed (and cringed!) a lot of this video, so if you love to see an epic fail then this video shows the best epic fails of 2012!!


Best Epic Fails Compilation

An awesome collection of epic fails for your amusement! Some of them are a bit cringe worthy but most, are HILARIOUS!!

Epic Fail Products On Amazon

Epic Fail Stills

This epic fail video compiles together some EXTREMELY FUNNY epic fail pics that have been on the web over the last few years! Strongly recommend you watch this quick movie for lots of laughs!

43 Minutes of Epic Failures!

Got some time to kill? Then give this MEGA epic fail video a whirl! With 43 minutes of the best ever epic fails that have ever been recorded on video, this is going to take your emotions on a roller-coaster ride!

Although I'm only selecting my favourite epic fails to add to this page, maybe you've seen some that are better?

If you have, which is the best epic fail video that you've seen?

What Is Your Favourite Epic Fail?

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