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Eric Balfour

Updated on May 21, 2015
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

For Whom the Bell tolls

Eric Salter Balfour (Bal-Four) born April 24, 1977 is an American film and television actor born in Los Angeles, Californi. Eric is the son of Sharon ( Salter), who works as a marriage and family counselor, and David Balfour, a chiropractor.

He's of Russian, French, and Native American descent.

Eric was once engaged to actress Moon Bloodgood however was broken off. Reports recently suggest that he is single again.

When Eric was about 14 or 15 he appeared on the kids TV show Kids Incorporated for one season in 1991.

In 1997, he appeared in the pilot for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as one of the show's very first victims. Years later, ERic has appeared as a dancer in the music video for the song "Fergalicious" by former Kids Incorporated castmate Fergie. (Video posted to Best Movies/Characters page, Scroll down However I Haven't spotted him) He appeared as a regular cast member in three short-lived TV shows. NBC's Hawaii was canceled after seven episodes in 2004, UPN's Sex, Love & Secrets was canceled after four episodes in 2005, and in March 2006, Balfour debuted as Brian Peluso on producer Dick Wolf's short-lived NBC crime drama, Conviction which lasted one season. He starred in the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre opposite Jessica Biel. He played a minor character in several episodes of The O.C., as Eddie, Theresa's fiancée, and in the hit HBO show Six Feet Under, as Claire's thuggish boyfriend, Gabriel Dimas during most of the show's first season. In 2005, Balfour starred in the controversial and sexually explicit film Lie with Me, in which he appeared frontally nude and erect. Balfour is one of three actors to have appeared both in The O.C. and The West Wing. Balfour appeared in eight episodes of the first season of 24 as computer technician Milo Pressman in 2001. Five years later, Balfour reprised the role for nineteen episodes of 24's sixth season before leaving the show by his own request. Then in 2007 He was set to star in CBS's new pilot Protect & Serve.

In 2011 Eric was a guest star for 2 Episodes of The Superhero family Drama

No Ordinary Family; playing Lukas Winnick. His character is a Murderer who gets injected with the super juice but what will his power be? The Episodes aired on March 1st called No Orinary Love & the 22nd titled No Ordinary Animal.

He will also be back as Duke in The Season 2 series HaVen on The Syfy channel (based on the Colorado Kid story by Steven King).

There show has plenty of genre's ingrained in it. There's syfy, crime, drama, Thriller, as well as Mystery & fantasy elements. The town is a getaway for those with supernatural powers weather they know it or not, They're called to it.

Besides being a talented actor, Eric is very talented musician.

He's the lead singer of the band Born As Ghosts, formerly known as Fredalba.

The Fredalba Album has a variety of music types on it. There's Rock, hip Hop, and one with bit of a salsa beat in it. Then there's some I'm not sure How to describe. It's a musical Journey.

I LOVE his deep sensual seductive voice (along with t he lyrics) on Slide your Breath. There's a Music Video in his Bio for Gimme More

Eye color: Brown Height: 6'2 Resides in: California Nickname(s):

Notable feature(s): Usually sports a moustache & a bit of a goatee and a Few Tattoos


Mother Sharon

Father David

Sister Tori

Personal interests/hobbies: Surfing Snow boarding & poker (& good at them too) Music

he has a new clothing company called 'Electric & Rose"

@ELECTRICANDROSE Electric & Rose Facebook

(pic from Balfour's yard)

Haven reel

I do love gag reels and here I have included the season 3 one thanks to Eric Balfour postingit to his twitter feed.

THEre's a Duke Crocker Tribute reel

Comic con with Lucas, Eric & Emily


Character Sketch & Quotes

It takes a village to hide a secret

Character name: Duke Crocker

What's up with Duke this season

Appears in: HaVen

Which Haven Character are you?

Haven Returns for its 3rd season Friday September 21st 2012

Date(s): 2010-


Character /show Summary

Haven is a town where odd things happen and the residents might even be more odd with powers they may or may not know about. The Show, based on author Steven King's book The Colorado Kid and is shown on U.S. Cable station Syfy during the summer season. I'm guessing Mr King,if he hasn't already will be popping up in the show soon as he usually pops up in the movies made from his works.

The cool Charming and Mysterious, Duke Crocker normally seems like a free spirit living an unobtrusive life. His mellow demeanor however may hide a darker agenda. He's a laid back troublemaker who owns the local waterfront restaurant. He lives and can usually be found hanging out on his boat in a White 'Grand Pa' Sweater when he's not available at the restaurant.

Sherrif Nathan Wuornos (Left) keeps an eye on Duke as he's accused him of Being a trouble maker. He seems sweet on Agent Audrey Parker (middle) who has some sort of connection to the town.

Eric on his Character Duke in the first season

Bottom line, he was a fun guy. He was this sort of swashbuckling modern-day pirate, and he got to say whatever he felt like and do whatever he felt like. And he was a bit of an antagonist, and I love characters like that. Not that I'm comparing in any way, shape, or form, because he's way better than me, but you think about Jeremy Piven on Entourage. What's great about Ari Gold is that he's kind of a dick. But when he has moments of sincerity, you really embrace them, because you almost don't expect them. And that's what's fun about this guy. He doesn't want to do the right thing. He doesn't want to help these people with these troubles and all this stuff, but at the end of the day, he sort of can't help his own good nature, a little bit, as hard as he fights against it. So it's fun.


I smuggled it, all of it. From Iceland (to agent Audrey Parker)

Eric as a Pirate on Haven

Eric as a Pirate on Haven
Eric as a Pirate on Haven

Fredalba - uptown Music for Downtown Kids

Uptown Music for Downtown Kids
Uptown Music for Downtown Kids

I was nervous when I purchased it, hwoever I ended up buying another when the original I had got damaged. This is not my usual music but there are songs I really like and actually getme moving. Quite good for a workout as well!


Fredalba (Born as Ghosts) - Possibility through postitivity (is the bands credo)

Eric along with friend Tiffin Roley formed the Band Fredalba which in 2007 changed the name to Born as Ghosts.

Under the Name Fredalba They have an EP 'Get Low' and their first full length album Uptown Music for Downtown kids" which though is not my type of music to listen to, it has a little bit of everything for eveyone on it. Its a multistyle music album.

You can listen to music from their upcoming album on their myspace page.

Where they posted a 4 song playlist that (speculating) will be on their album. The songes are as follows :

Sweet Sixteen,

I Will,

I'm A Man,

Heart to Steel. (my fave)

From these songs I think the album will be more rock based, where the last album was Hip Hop, funk & a host of various musical journeys

The Song I will, was used in the end credits for the Surf Documentary Down The Barrel, which Eric narrated.

just to let you know, I sleep in the raw

-Duke Crocker from Haven

Haven Character Zodiacimmortal is like

Haven Character Zodiacimmortal is like
Haven Character Zodiacimmortal is like

Eric In Kids INc.

Eric In Kids INc.
Eric In Kids INc.


As a teen, Eric went to a Theater camp for teens & at the age of 15 when a talent scout cast him as a regular for the tv series Kids Incorporated. Eric & the cast in 1993 received a nomination for Young artist award and won in 1994 the Yong artist award for Outstanding Youth Ensemble in a cable prime time series. After Kids Inc. Eric, Jenifer Love Hewitt along with others they met on the show, started the band Blessed with Soul. Jennifer was at some point replaced with Brittany Murphy.From There, Eric has established a creative force in Tv and Movies playing a wide range of different characters. Mr. Balfour has also taken on the roles of Writer, Producer & Director for his Off The Grid Entertainment production company and as you read above Eric is also musically talented. (see more about his band below) Eric appeared in other tv series throughout the years, like Step by Step, Animaniacs (I'd guess voiced one of the characters) & Boy meets world. Eric has also made Guest appearances in Dawson's Creek, Nash Bridges, Chicago Hope, NYPD Blue & The west wing. Even the O.C. Between 2001 through 2003 he played Gabriel Dimas (also credited for Pilot as Claire's Meth date) the Boyfriend of Claire on the HBO series Six Feet Under. Clair Played by Lauren Ambrose was also in the movie Can't Hardly Wait (credited as Hippie Guy) among a large cast of many young actors (like Jenifer Love Hewitt, Ethan Embry, Jason Segel, Seth Green, Selma Blair, Melissa Joan Hart, Sara Rue, & Many others)From 2001 through 2007 Eric had a recurring role on 24 as Milo Pressman a computer tech brought in to work on a key card left by a deceased agent. Eric appeared in the Pilot for Protect & Serve pilot. 2010 Eric is a co-star (tho he steals the show) in the Syfy channel original series Haven. A town where odd things happen. In 2002 Eric was in a car commercial playing Satan, (well that devilish grin of his sure helps!) In the commercial he punished a man, by forcing him to drive a minivan. In some recent years it seems somewhat like Eric is a Jinx to the shows he's been in that the ratings / networks have not been kind to. The Ex-List (he was in the pilot.. a shame if he were in it throughout I would have kept watching it!) Hawaii which was a cop show & lasted 7 episodes (& was definitely NOT as exciting as the New Hawaii 5-0.) Sex Love & Secrets & after 1 season Conviction was canceled. Eric was also in the MTV show Valemont. However Finally Eric has found a Home in Haven on the Syfy station The show will be starting its second season (from what I've heard) July 9 2011Eric was in the John Travolta movie Be cool but his scenes were cut. Those scene can be seen In the Special features section among the deleted scenes.

Quiky Facts

Eric is working on a clothing line

When asked on twitter If thre's anything he can't do (being as he's an actor, martial artist, DJ, clothing designer, & advocate ...) Eric Replied.. He can't Tap dance.

Paris (France) Is one of his favorite cities in the world

Says his mom's fave Quote is a hawaiian blessing "ho 'oponopono...forgive me ..thank you ..I love you.."

IF you had to get a Tattoo on your Forhead, What would it say? "F** OFF...NO! I'd get F*ck off. More Polite" (from Twitter) (joking I guess casue he's a nice guy)

FIlm that Inspires You - IN the Name of the Father

When he left to Film season 2 of Haven in Halifax, all he brought with him was 1 suitcase & his turn tables case

One of Eric's Favorite Shows to watch is Whale Wars

He roots for the Rockford Peaches baseball team (ot so he mentioned on his twitter feed)

His favorite thing in Halfiax to do while not filming is Surfing hurricane swells

He'll be DJ'ing while in Halifax filming Haven season 2 for the Syfy network

Would rather be outside playing in the rain than staying inside.

Eric was asked to mention 5 desert island movies in a tweet... His answer..

Blue Lagoon, Castaway, Lord of the FLies, Swiss Family Robinson, & Return to Blue Lagoon

His Favorite thing to do on Sundays is Surf & yoga

Fave 'Zombie' Flick 28 Days later

John Travolta in Stayin' ALive is what first made Eric want to become an actor.

What are your fave 5 bands RIGHT NOW (July 2011)

Matt&Kim, Sleigh Bells, Crystal Castles, Metric & The Kills.

Fave Place in Nova Scotia to Eat - Nicki's Inn

Love Actually is his 'Guilty pleaure' movie

I guess if you were to ask what would I do if I wasn't in entertainment at all, I would either want to be a professional surfer or a professional MMA fighter. I love mixed martial arts. I have been training since I was a teenager and I actually am a co-owner at a gym here in Los Angeles called Legends. Everyone should go check it out and go take a Muay Thai class at

Best band he's seen Live- Red Hot Chili Peppers


1993 Yong artist award for Outstanding Youth Ensemble in a cable primetime series Nominated

1994 Young artist award for Outstanding Youth Ensemble in a cable primetime series Won

2003 Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA Cinescape Genre Face of the Future Award

Male for: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) and "Veritas: The Quest" (2003). Nom

Other videos of Eric

The 'Vending' vault

Why do I have this video here? Listen to the voice... in the Phoenix commercial that should be the first clue!

Still not sure.... the you can ask me.

The Song that Plays in the Background..of the Valentino male fragrance, Valentino V. Is by Eric's Band formerly named Fredalba (see more below and his Biography page for more about the band including a music video!) Eric is singing & if I remember right its the one titled Slide your Breath

Surfrider interview - credit- screen capture © Surfrider

"I want to look back on my life and go,'I really Lived'"

"I want to look back on my life and go,'I really Lived'"



Project save our surf Sponsor Eric...


Sponsor me in a 24hr surfathon,

The 24 hour Surfathon will take place August 27 & 28th & hell be surfing @ 2pm & Midnight


Falling Whistsles

Sea Shepherd

Free The Slaves

Quotes By Eric

Music is my first love, and sort of always will be. Acting is amazing and I like it a lot, but it doesn't have the same artistic gratifiaction for me.

For me and my friends, when somebody says, 'Hey, we're gonna go live on a bat for three weeks in the Maldives or try to kayak down the Zambezi river,' I go, 'Yes, Let's go!'"

I want to look back on my life and go. 'I really lived'" On How Life Experience Impacts characters

When asked what his first order of business would be as king, funky, smelly, boogie bear, king of Balfour bears? (as was a convo on Twitter acc't) My first order of business would be that people no longer shake hands when they meet each other. They have to hug each other...I don't know how this whole Care Bear thing started, exactly. I literally woke up one morning and was just feeling a little unusual. And just randomly decided I wanted to be king of the Care Bears. And people seemed to enjoy that idea. It's one of those weird kinds of things. I'm glad that everyone is enjoying the Care Bear Kingdom. For More of the interview ..Copy & Paste following URL..

His Opinions on the Supernatural...

Well, there are a lot of things that we don't have proof of in this world. There are a lot of things we don't answers to. We don't know for sure if aliens exist or we don't know if ghosts exist or (humans) or an afterlife. All these questions, we don't know the answers to. And I don't profess to say that I have a definitive answer either, but I guess I would say it sure does make life more interesting to believe that these things exist. In some ways, whether or not they do, I sure would like to believe that there are crazy little alien men running around on another planet and that ghosts really do exist. And that there are people out there that have super powers and can do things with their mind and we see evidence of it all the time, but obviously we don't have definitive proof. But I sure just think it makes like more interesting to believe that those things do exist.

Eric was asked if he was Upset that he was kille doff in the first episode of Buffy

"In hindsight, I think I am, because that show went on for a really long time, and everyone did really well because of it. I always knew. It was always set up to be a thing where Joss wanted to fool the audience. It wasn't like I was bummed, going, "I sucked so bad they're killing me." I did suck! I remember going back and watching it. It was one of my first acting gigs, and I was bad. I look back on it and I was like, wow. I was Johnny "I'm trying to be cool guy" Vampire"

Facts about eric

Eric & His family used to hold Indian sweat lodges in their backyard

Allergic to cats (how sad)

Eric's mom bought him 'The Making of Thriller Video when he was a kick & mimicked all of Michael Jackson's moves & that he could moonwalk well.

Prince's Purple Rain was his mantra.

Likes Being adventurous- Like Hopping on a motorcycles with buddies nad cruising the coast of France

Favorite Summer Memory - My Uncle Brad throwing me in the bay first thing in the morning near my Grandma's house!

lifelong surfer

Most Challenging Part- Hell Ride

Eric's middle name is after his mother's maiden name

Where did you go on your first date? - "Skateboarding to the end of my block. I was 9 she was 12"

where do you think would be the coolest place to live if you could live anywhere? The Mentawai Islands...

Says he was 32 when he had his greatest heartbreak

His biggest fear is giving up on his dreams

His Most Awakward moment in Life....."Tripping and falling out of a dressing room naked... Long story"

Says he was sad when he 'died' on six feet under & would like to have stayed on longer

A song he loves but would never play when with the Bros.. Katy perry's Fireworks

Doesn't see himself as being sexy

his 'in the mood song' The girls of porn by Mr Bungle

His 1st time was when he was 15

Eric Balfour attempting a Larry King impersonsation

In a Tweet Eric Noted his favorite writer is Bret Easton Ellis

Eric's Ring

Fave Sports....Dodgeball, laser tag & women's roller derby

fave music Bell Biv Devoe, New Edition & Color Me Badd

After a crap day he tried to pick himself up my reminding himself how much He'll enjoy the next good day.

He doesn't like making lists

Eric wears a Size 12 shoe

He says his Greatest accomplishment was Probabbly working on the Obama Campain & hopes to do it again in 2012

When he feels down or depressed he focuses on th e little things he CAN change

If he could portray any Superhero What would it be... He asks back, "Do the Thunder Cats Count"

If he could live in any Tv show or Movie He says it would be "The Endless Summer'

First Concert he ever attended- Michael Jackson @ Dodger Stadium in 1984

(as of May 2nd 2011) The one place he'd love to travel to that he'd love to visit is AFRICA

Song he listens to to get hyped up - "Eye of the Tiger...Doesn't everybody??"

Fictional Character he Most relates to/admire - Huck Finn

His 'hgappy Place' or what maks you happier than anyything else - Surfing

He'd Rather be outside than play videogames

Hips & Stomach is the woman's body part that's most sexy to Him

Says his most difficult role to perform was the one in 'Lie with Me' was Very intimidating

Worst Super Power to have ...."X-ray vision in Jonah Hill's Bedroom"

When asked if he looked up to anyone he notes " My grandfather! Who 'raised me with all the love I ever needed. Miss him so much!

Who he'd trade places with for a day...Kelly Slater just to know what surfing that good feels like

Where did he grow up & did he stay out of trouble? "Los Angeles, I tried but no"

The weirdest/grossest thing He's ever ate was Rat on a Stick & No he wouldn't eat it again on a dare.

If you could be on any show, other than Haven, what would it be? The Facts of Life.. huge crush on Jo Polniaczech

If you could be in any boyband which 1 would it be? Definitely NKOTB cause I know the dance to Hangin' TOugh dance WELL!

When asked if there was a song that would describe you, what would it be... "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"

Believes in psychics

people he'd most like to work with... Meryl Streep and Danny Boyle

Dream role..... would really like - I want to play a pirate. If they do another pirate movie I want to be a pirate

What acting Role do you still want to play? Comedy

If eric had one wish his choice wold be for unlimited wishes

WHAT IF/would........

1. He were told he'd have one week to live? "I'd sing Bon Jovi's Blaze of Glory

2. Woke w/ Amnesia? "Really bummed, I've had a blessed life with great memories"

3. he were a female for a day ....(love this one) "Claim I had my period and get excused from math class

4. wasn't in the entertainment biz...."I'd be a professional surfer"

5. you do if you didn't know what to do....."Travel the world trying to figure it out"

6.If he had a time machine would he go either forward or backwards... He said Backwards because he wouldn't want to ruin the surprise

7.If he wasn't an actor, said he'd love to have a job as a River Boat Captain

8.What do you consider your most embarrassing role.... "Pretending to be a celebrity. I'm horrible at it"

9.How he handles the haters...Kill'em with Kindness

10.IF they made UNDEROOS for adults, what character would you wear? WONDER WOMAN

11.Song that reflects your pesonality - Cabron by Red Hot Chilli Peppers


1. Red Hot Chilli Peppers song - 'Probably Venice Queen'

2. Dessert - The Mojave

3. Favorite Scary Movie - The Exorcist!

4. "Love Song' - Girls Girls Girls by Motley Crue

5. Musical - RENT

6.Comfort Food - Panda Express

7.Late Night Snack - Tacos from LA Cabana in Venice CA

8.Food- Korean BBQ by Shin BBQ

9.Favorite Singer - Stevie Wonder

10.Romantic Movie 'Does "Can't Buy me love" count'?

11.Time of Day- Just before sunrise

12.Submission Hold - Triangle Choke

13.Nighttime activity - Dancing

14.Sound - Waves Crashing

15.swear word - 'Twat' (with an english accent)

16.Top 5 Fave movies ALL Time ~ JAWS Ghostbusters, Trainspotting, tate of Grace & Y Tu Mamma Tambien

17.Princes Bride Character - Andre The Giant (from then WWF wrestling) becaue he rhymed in the movie so many times

18.TV show - So you THink You can Dance

19.TV Show as a KID - "Growing up, one of my favorite sci-fi shows, hands down, was the original Battlestar Galactica. That was one of my favorite shows. And then the other one was Buck Rogers. Like when you were 7 years old, a woman in an outfit like that is basically pornography for a pre-teenager."

20.Steven King Book - Stand by Me "its not the Typical Stephen King fare. When I was a kid, obviously I saw the movie before I ever read the book, and reading the book later was really interesting, because it's so much more in-depth. And it's much more macabre in the book. The journey is much darker than it is in the movie. And that's probably what I loved about the book"

21.Fave Movie ever so far- Stayin Alive w/ John Travolta


This or That (*=denotes what he chose)

Mustard* or Ketchup

Hummidity or Dry heat summer...Definitely Hummidity*! Hot summer nights and dancing

*Trains Planes or Automobiles

Bridesmaids* or The Hangover

Lady Gaga, Beyonce or Rihanna? ---Patti Smith

Ginger* or Maryann (Gilligan's Island) Gotta love the Redheads

Blair or Jo* (Facts of Life)


His Fave Summer memory is skateboarding around Balboa Island and hanging out at fun zone

Fave summer memories from his 20s surf trips to Mexico

Ultimate Summer THeme song of your life - Will Smith's Summertime

Fave summer Volunteer work - Surf lessons for kids

Eric says the start of summer for him is the first south swell in SoCal

Pref. to spend Summer Nights.. Beer & BBQ or Wine on the beach.... Says Wine & BBQ

Long board or short board*

Fave summer Movie - Endless Summer

(via Twitter)

Go to Karaoke song- My Parogative

IF he had one wish.. he'd wish for unlimited wishes


Character Sketch & Quotes

Don't look Up

Character name: Jarrod aka J-Rock

Appears in: Skyline

Date(s): November 12, 2010

Character/Movie Summary:

Jarrod & girlfriend Elaine embark on a trip to visit "J-rock's" old friend Terry who's celebrating his birthday and has a job proposition for his buddy.The 3 along with Terry's 2 girlfriends (or is it groupies?) party through the night and wake to one of their party missing.

Jarrod is an artist around late 20s early 30s living in New York. He's a Sweet, Romantic & Loving boyfriend to Elaine and can normally be seen in a Tank Top and protecting his friends. jarrod has also been the one most supsetable of the alien light, that 'bruises' start to form.


What are you going to do when all the blinds fall down? It's not exactly like we have a lot more bedsheets!

Probably Just a Tremor (w/ room shaking)

Once you look at the light, it grabs hold like...(Elaine:it controls you)

If we get to the boat we have a chance, whe have to try, Pack food & water let's do this

Remember the first moment whenyou saw it, when it completely took you over. Somehow you felt..Powerful well I still do.

Its not dead, just really really pissed off

I'd rather make a run for it then stay in a 20 story target. Between those things and the radiation we are done up here.

Fergalicious Music Video - & OTHER Apperances

No Ordinary Family 2011

Play Lucas Winnick

a Murderer on Death row He's sick (with Teberculosis ?)

He's injected with the super drug to make him better but there's other agendas at hand.

What Shall Lucas Turn into?

Episodes: No Ordinary Love & No Ordianry Animal

Hawaii- 2004 Christopher Gains

Sex Love & Secrets (2005) -

Conviction (2006) -A.D.A. Brian Peluso

The O.C. - Eddie Theresa's fiancée

HBO series Six feet Under - Gabriel Dimas Claire's Drugy Boyfriend.

The west Wing - Mr. Willis of Ohio (1999) Frat Boy #3 (uncredited)

24 - Milo Pressman In the first season then returned 5 seasons later

Nash Bridges Cliff Morehouse In Shoot the Moon Ep.

Buffy THe Vampire Slayer as Jesse in The Pilot Episode : The Harvest & Welcome to t he Hellmouth MTv's

Mtv's Valemont as Eric Gracen

The EX-List - Pilot Episode

Plays Johnny Diamont a musician who dated Bella until she dumped him on his birthday way back when. For her Sister's bachlorette party they go to a psychic Who tells her if she didn't marry within the yeaer she never will.

Along in her day Bella has a mishap with a pigeon & takes out a free paper to take the mess off. Finding an Ad for her Ex-, Johnny Diamont's band.

So wish I could find a pic of Eric in this. He cracks me up in this show.

No matter what the man puts on even eyeliner he still looks good. And as far as I can tell tho I'm not a pro, has great range. In this he's the things you should never say about (or) man should never be: Sensitive, & Emotional.

Its not the whole ep but at least you can see what Eric Looked like.

He goes from Beach singer to bad-ass!


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