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It Starts with a Great Modeling Portfolio

Updated on March 12, 2016

Modeling portfolio

Modeling Portfolio

Every aspiring model needs the right tools to move ahead. One of the most important of those is a professional quality portfolio. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune; all it really requires is a bit of resourcefulness, artistic common sense and good preparation.
To build your first modeling portfolio, obviously you will need a skilled photographer…someone whose work can make you stand out from the crowd. Find out who some of the better photographers are in your area, then contact them. Ask about prices, how long it will take to get your photos and what their format will be. Before you commit to a particular photographer, it’s smart to ask for a sample of their work, too. Just because someone may be good or have a top-flight reputation, that doesn’t mean they will necessarily fit your artistic style and sensibilities.
Once you have settled upon a photographer, you’ll want to hire a trained makeup artist unless you are highly skilled in that art yourself. A great makeup job also goes hand-in-hand with a dazzling hair style. So use a stylist that you know and trust, or one that your photographer can recommend.
On the day of the shoot, your photographer may suggest a number of different poses, but do your homework ahead of time. It’s important for you to search through various fashion magazines to find poses that you especially like

and that highlight your attributes. Try practicing in front of a mirror to make
sure that you’re comfortable with these particular poses.
You’ll also want to try on different clothes to see what will give you your best look. Keep in mind the different poses and props you will be using so that the wardrobe fits the photo’s mood.
When you are doing the shoot, listen to what the photographer suggests because he or she has had experience in these matters. At the same time, feel confident enough to disagree and to suggest poses and looks that you think are best. Don’t be afraid to take a few chances with some shots either, as long as you are comfortable with them. You can always eliminate them later, if necessary. I always tell the models who come to me for advice that they should relax and have fun. You can maintain a professional demeanor without having to be rigid and distant.
As you assemble your portfolio, pay close attention to every photo. Select only the very best because those reviewing your shots will be looking for quality more than quantity.
Your portfolio should be a hardcover booklet, with your photos enclosed and protected within a plastic sheet. Lead with your best photos so that you can make an immediate impression, and continue to update them every six months or so. If you keep all of these things in mind, you will have created a representation of your modeling talents that is neat, professional and, most
importantly, that properly sells and promotes you.

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