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16 More Netflix Recommendations

Updated on August 22, 2019
Alyssa Nichol profile image

Alyssa loves curling up on the couch with a hot cup of black coffee to binge watch the best programs on Netflix.

Netflix and Chill.
Netflix and Chill.

Netflix and chill is a beloved American pastime. There are many options and you can easily spend an hour browsing through the titles trying to find something to watch. Along the way, you might add a bunch of shows and movies to your watch later list. This is something I like to do each time I settle on the couch to watch TV. I often see people asking for recommendations on social media and have decided to write these articles giving my picks. It's become a little series that I look forward to writing. This fourth installment of recommendations is full of comedies to make you laugh, action to keep you on the edge of your seat, and interesting documentaries because learning is a lifelong journey.

Let's dive in, shall we?

Death Dive To Saturn

I love anything that has to do with space, as you can tell browsing through this list. In this NOVA documentary, the scientists responsible for the Cassini spacecraft break down its final mission and reveal surprising facts about Saturn and its famous rings. This is an absolutely fascinating program that everyone in the family will love.

Black Hole Apocalypse

If you get excited about new scientific discoveries concerning all things space, this is the program for you. In this NOVA documentary, scientists discuss how they first proved the existence of black holes and the shocking discovery of how common, and even essential they are to galaxies in the universe. Grab some snacks and a drink, settle in, and get ready for an exciting adventure!

Killer Hurricanes

When you think of natural disasters, recent hurricanes might come to mind. They can be deadly and seem to get worse as the years go by. In this NOVA documentary, weather and climate experts discuss how they predict hurricanes, trends, and take a look back in time at the deadliest hurricane ever recorded. Along the way, you find out the surprisingly cool methods scientists use to prove their theories and make new discoveries. This was a fascinating documentary!

Hitler's Circle of Evil

If you love learning more about WWII or have an interest in psychology, this is a great docuseries for you. This program dives deeper into the men who made up Hitler's trusted inner circle. You learn how they got close to the dictator, earned his trust, the backstabbing and sabotage that went on among them, and how they lost favor and regained it. Most importantly, this series discusses the responsibility these men had and their role in the atrocious acts of WWII. This was a fascinating program and I was hooked from the first episode. My husband and I ended up watching all ten episodes in a single day.

Wine Country

I adore Amy Poehler and when I found out that she had written and directed a new movie for Netflix, I just had to watch it. Wine Country speaks to the heart: Six best friends reunite to celebrate one friend's 50th birthday, and they end up discovering new aspects of themselves and their friendships. Amy gathered an all-star cast of hilarious women for this movie. Even if you've already watched it, it's worth a second viewing.

Wanda Sykes: Not Normal

Wanda Sykes is down to Earth and her humor reflects her practicality and good-natured personality. In this comedy special, she discusses her rise to fame, life as a celebrity, funny antics with her family, and politics. This is a great special to watch to relax, especially if you are not easily offended.

Prelude to War

This film is a special treat. Directed by Frank Capra in the 40's, it's an interesting look into the rise of Fascism and the reasons behind WWII. You get a deeper understanding of the mindset of society leading up to the war and learn a little more about why the specific threats were allowed to grow. If you love diving into history, this documentary is a must watch!

72 Dangerous Places to Live

If you're looking to travel the world from your couch and want a mini series to binge watch, this is show for you. There are six episodes, each dedicated to a different theme, showcasing Earth's most challenging landscapes. It's fast-paced and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Grab some snacks, your favorite beverage, and settle in for an adventurous afternoon.

Jesus Countdown to Calvary

You don't need to be religious to appreciate this in-depth look at Jesus' final days on Earth. In this interesting documentary, Hugh Bonneville, actor and theologian, travels to Israel to breakdown what happened leading up to Jesus' Crucifixion. He traces Jesus and the Disciples' steps, traveling to the places Jesus was known to be in those fateful, final days. This documentary provides deeper insight and an appreciation for the history that has shaped not only Christianity, but also our current world.


I love diving into the world of conspiracies, and this series provides 12 episodes featuring society's most interesting theories. Did Hitler survive and live out the rest of his years in Argentina? Were the Kennedy assassinations coordinated by the US government and are those connected to other notable assassinations? Did the Vatican and the Catholic church play a prominent role in helping Nazi criminals escape justice? Did the British government try to suppress up and coming rock and roll groups in the 60's? These are just a few of the questions covered in this series. Grab some snacks and settle in for an interesting weekend.

Secrets of London Underground

London is a fascinating city filled with historical significance, but did you know there is an entire world located right under the city? This documentary takes you below ground to explore and reveal the secrets found below the hustle and bustle of the city. Learn more about the subway tunnels, Churchill's secret WWII headquarters, air raid bunkers, plague burial pits, and an ancient Roman Amphitheater.


I love the Mission Impossible movies with Tom Cruise. They are among my favorite movie series. This one has nothing to do with those. This popped up on the recently added list a few weeks ago. I saw Kit Harington from Game of Thrones stars in it and decided to give it a try. I thought it was a little slow at first, but throughout the course of the movie, the story line picks up and the action takes over. It's a pretty good movie, perfect to watch as you relax and drink your coffee on a weekend morning.

Ultimate Mars Challenge

Mars is the next big thing when it comes to space discovery and exploration. Right now, there are plans being made to build on the Moon with the goal of becoming an in between station for missions to Mars. Who knows? In a few short decades, we might actually have humans living on Mars. It's amazing when you think about how far technology and space exploration has come. In this PBS documentary, scientists discuss how they built the Curiosity Rover to explore the Mars terrain. They discuss the challenges they faced and the possibilities of the future. This was an interesting documentary.

Lo and Behold

I love anything Werner Herzog creates. In this film, he dives into the world of the internet, breaking the story down into several parts. He explores how the internet came to be and how it's evolved in a short manner of time. He talks with people who have Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, visiting a community who are completely off the grid. He dives into the dark side of being connected and explores the future of AI and the internet. This is a fascinating film that everyone should see.

Undercover How to Operate Behind Enemy Lines

This is a special treat: an actual training film for secret agents during WWII. It's a fascinating look into the qualities and characteristics of being a spy during this tumultuous time in our history. You might be surprised and find that you actually learn something useful from this old film.

Sebastian Maniscalo: Why Would You Do That?

I had never heard of Sebastian Maniscalo before seeing his most recent special pop up in the recently added list. After watching the trailer, I knew I had to give it a try. Sebastian is relatable and hilarious. He talks about being Italian, the differences between his family and his wife's family, and the humorous occurrences of everyday life. This comedy special will keep you laughing for the entire hour.


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