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The Fictional Living Cars

Updated on April 22, 2015

It's Alive!

We know that it is impossible for cars and other vehicles to have a life of its own.

When I say 'living' I didn' mean they have or organs the fact that they are cars, but rather they have the capability to think on their own. Some movies use this concept in making cars alive.

There is a TV Trope for this called Sentient Vehicle, which also shows a list of movies with living vehicles although this page features cars.

You can also get a more of these from my pinboard at , Living Cars

Here is a list of known fiction cars that are portrayed as a living being.

Green Goblin Truck - from Maximum Overdrive

One of Stephen King's creation which was also based on his short story Trucks. In the film, all appliances, vehicles, and other electronic devices come to life after a comet passes the Earth as it's tail envelopes it.

The Green Goblin truck is the leader of the other trucks who gathered around the Dixie boy truck stop. Before it killed people, it was regarded as one of the finest trucks in the truck stop. It commanded other trucks and also appeared to be smarter then them as it tracked down the main characters instead of crashing itself to the truck shop.

Herbie - from The Love Bug,Herbie Rides Again, and other Disney Films

A Volkswagen beetle that shares some human traits. Despite of being an old model car, he has exceptional speed which always makes him win in races.

Herbie appeared in several movies and tv series.

Lightning McQueen - from Cars and Cars 2

McQueen is a racecar who has a little thinks life is all about winning trophies. Well that was before he got into a town in the first Cars movie. He was based on NASCAR vehicles but some of his features were taken from Mazda Miata and Dodge Viper.

(It seems that he lives in a world of cars with the absence of humans. It can also be suggested that cars could have been the outcome of Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive, or the Short Story Trucks perhaps since in the movie the humans survived while in the short story the trucks took over. But oh that's just an idea )

Optimus Prime - from Transformers Films and cartoons

The leader of the Autobots, a group of robotic aliens from the planet cybertron. Optimus Prime can transform itself into a truck. The transformers were actually based on toys


KITT - from Knight Rider (1982)

Unlike the other cars in this page, KITT(Knight Industries Two Thousand) is a car with artificial intelligence. It is also equipped with guns and rockets for crime fighting.

There is another version of KITT, which stands for Knight Industries Three Thousand, which came out in a TV series in 2008


from Christine (1983 Film) / Christine (Novel) by Stephen King

A possessed Plymouth Flurry, Christine is another creation of Stephen King. Like the green goblin truck, she is also a bad car, although she seems to possess a lot of abilities like self-repair, mind control to it's owner, and a lot more. She also likes killing people by either running over people or suffocating passengers inside by removing air or using carbon monoxide(expert in chemistry huh).

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