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Jodeci "Forever My Lady" Album Review

Updated on October 7, 2017

Forever My Lady (Album Review)

On May 28th, 1991, an album was released that would change the landscape of R&B forever. That album was called 'Forever My Lady' which was made my the group Jodeci. Twelve tracks of pure harmony. This is the album that put the group on the map. But there is more to the album than you think. I'm going to review each track in it's originality and grade each of them according to my liking. If you have any opinions to each track, feel free to express how you feel and if you agree or disagree to my grading system.


Stay (written by DeVante Swing), is the perfect way to begin this album. This was the third single to have come out for the album. Both men and woman can use this song if they were to lose that special someone or if you've left them and you've felt that you'd done the wrong thing by doing so. Use this song to let them know how much you truly feel for them. A great way to start the album.

Grade: A

Come and Talk to Me

Come and Talk to Me (written by DeVante Swing) was the fourth single to come out and to be, this was the biggest hit to the album. Till this day you could hear people sing a verse or two to this song. You want to get an idea of how you want to approach someone that has caught your eyes for a long time, then listen to this song and channel that thought process in. Trust me, you won’t be nervous anymore. True classic and possibly the best song on the album.

Grade: A+

Come and Talk to Me (Remix)

The original one was great, but the one that made it to mainstream was the remix version of Come and Talk to Me. Check out the video.

Forever My Lady

Forever My Lady (written by DeVante Swing and Al.B Sure) may have been the second single, but this was the single that made people know the name Jodeci. A song that can be heard in weddings and during other times as well due to the nature and lyrics of the song. Very beautiful in its own way. If you were to ever make a mix CD of love and this song is not one of the songs on there, then you don't know R&B. Another classic.

Grade: A

I'm Still Waiting
I'm Still Waiting

I'm Still Waiting

I’m Still Waiting (written by DeVante Swing), I can’t even put into words but to sum it up in one word: Beautiful. This is probably my favorite track out of the entire album. I love it all, but this one just speaks everything out. This was the fifth and final single to have come out. Although I wish it would’ve done better and promoted more, this was the most slept-on songs on the album. You want to make a collage of love music, then I highly suggest you have this song on there. Not just a classic, but my classic.

Grade: A+ (Highly recommended)

U & I

U & I (written by DeVante Swing) took a while for me to catch on with the song, but eventually I've grown to like it and it'll probably the same effect on you as well. At first it'll catch you off guard because the lead single isn't K-Ci, but actually his brother JoJo who actually holds his own very well in this song. A good way to end the soft side of the album.

Grade: B

Favorite Song from 'Forever My Lady' Side One

Which is you favorite song from Side One?

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553 - Nasty (Interlude)

553 - Nasty (Interlude) (written by DeVante Swing), I can't really say much because it's just an interlude, but it shows off the singing melody chops of the Hailey brothers. Due to it being just an interlude.

Grade: N/A

My Phone

My Phone (written by DeVante Swing) is a good way to start off the fast side of the album. You have to get used to it and all being that side one is still in the mind. But ‘My Phone’ creeps up on you and makes you want to bop your head a little bit. Nice uplifting song.

Grade: B+

Gotta Love
Gotta Love

Gotta Love

Gotta Love (written by DeVante Swing, K-Ci & JoJo) was actually the first single to have come out for the group Jodeci. Although it didn't make a big splash as compared to the other four singles, this one can hold it's own. There are two versions to the song. The hip-hop (music video) version and the album. I personally like the album one better just based on the beats alone. It goes with the song as compared to the other one. The hip-hop one sounds too rushed while the album one is well oiled. If you like the New Jack Swing era, then this song will make you dance to that groove again. It's that good.

Grade: A-

Gotta Love (New R&B Remix)

This was the video version of Gotta Love. Even though I like the album version better. Check it out.

Play Thang

Play Thang (written by DeVante Swing) is another song with that New Jack Swing sound mixed will a little club sound in it as well. This song is probably one of my favorites from side two. Another one that gets overlooked from the other songs. This should've been put out as one of their singles. But it's cool, still a great song to me and shouldn't be overlooked to all.

Grade: A

It's Alright

It’s Alright (written by DeVante Swing) keeps the side in its New Jack Swing mode with its fast dancing beats. Not one of my favorites but not a bad song either. Can’t say much about this one but I can say one thing, you won’t be disappointed.

Grade: B

Treat U

Treat U (written by DeVante Swing) is probably the least favorite out of the album. The New Jack Swing is still there, but I couldn’t get into the whole song. It’s listenable to the ears. It’s not a bad song. Still my least favorite, but then again it’s Jodeci so how bad can it be?

Grade: B-

X's We Share

X’s We Share (written by DeVante Swing) hands down should have been a single because this is such a beautiful song. What a way to end an album that with this. The lyrics to the song will make a girl/woman melt into your arms. So for you guys out there, I’d suggest you check this last song out and lay it to your girl’s ears. The results will be good. One of my favorites.

Grade: A

Favorite Song from 'Forever My Lady' Side Two

Which is you favorite song from Side Two?

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