Burton's Circus Experience!

  1. Tara Anderton profile image61
    Tara Andertonposted 5 years ago

    I ventured out in the rain tonight to attend Burton's Circus in Tweed Heads. The torrential rain should have been enough to keep me away but I decided to brave the weather! BIG mistake! Huge!!!
    I arrived and realized I would have to cross a mote with no bridge to reach my destination. Which  I soon would find out was a sludge pit with mats atop, pretending the be havens from the squelching mini rivers oozing through the entrance to 'the circus'. If fact the real circus was happening outside, the guests the performers as they waded through the brown stenching bog that claimed to be a field. Children screamed and scampered up mothers legs trying to escape the quicksand like mud, shoes sinking into the ground possible lost forever, mud flicking up onto peoples clothes as they paraded around like monkeys trying to walk on two legs, arms flailing trying to escape. Once at the entrance a smaller tent had been erected so patrons could purchase tickets, knee deep in mud, I waded to the front, tickets in hand and entered the Circus! Dry seats awaited, shoes off, mud caked on my feet began to dry and crust as the ringmaster called the audience to attention.
    Mud forgotten the first act began with a women in a G-string and bikini top starts pole dancing! Every father, teenage boy and grandfather held there breath and wondered why they had grumbled when wives, mothers and kids had propositioned a trip to the circus. I sit agog and wondered if I misunderstood and "Circus" stood for titty bar. My best friend and I sat through about 6 different dance routines by about three women all dressed in 'nothing' doing provocative dances. Some mesmerizing others just a bit risque for the crowd of impressionable kids and dads whose thick middle aged wives seethed about circuses not being what they used to, all about the animals, even though they where the ones who had lobbied to get animals out of circuses.
    I for one thought it was entertaining watching the crowds reaction as well as gauging my own and Jodie's

    The animals consisting of two rather beautiful Macaws, two lamas, a baby pony, two other horses, a camel and a bull where received with cheers, the usual clown who wasn't that funny, more clowns please. And a guy who knew how to work a whip, tightrope, and a lasso with ease, and then so high flyer guy who was pretty buff and that's about it. Worth the free tickets got and entertaining to say the least.....

    Lets just say the trip back to the car was as above....