A review to the movie Finding Nemo 3D

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  1. DaybyDayWriter profile image57
    DaybyDayWriterposted 6 years ago

    As you may have noticed Finding Nemo has come back to the big screen in 3D. This is one of my favourite Pixar animation movies. I went to see it a few days ago and decided to write a review.
        At the start of the movie a clownfish couple are talking about the future. A swordfish attacks and kills the mother and leaving only 1 egg.
        Now a few months later the father takes Nemo (the only serving fish egg now a child) to his first day of school. Nemo gets mad and touches the boat that his dad told him not to. A scuba diver takes Nemo and puts him on the boat. The father (who by the ways name is Martin) tries to follow them but is to slow and loses track of them.
         Nemo wakes up in a fish take in a dentist office. He meets some fish and learns about a filter he most try to stop up. He does it but the rock falls out of place and Nemo is almost killed by the filter. Luckily the other fish pulled him out just in time.
         Martin meets a strange fish. In a few moments you see that she has short term memory loss. She joins him and helps him find Nemo. They find a mask and think it will help they help the find Nemo. Suddenly a shark finds them and takes them to an old beat up war ship. They are part of a group called fish are friends that are sharks trying to not eat fish. One smells blood and starts attacking them almost killing them. The two of them are now at a very low part of the ocean.
          Nemo and the other fish try to think of a new way out. Nemo thinks he can get the stone in right this time. He tries to get in and put the stone in right. He does it and the tank gets filthy and nasty over the next tree days.
         Martin and the other fish are attracted to a light nearby. A fish that had the light almost eats Martin when he tries to distract the fish so that the other fish can read the mask(yes I know it is strange a fish can read something in human English). Next as they make a run for it they see a big hallow in a mountain and go above in. A jelly fish group appears around them and they make it out only by a split second. When Martin wakes up he's on the back of a turtle. He tells them the story of his adventure and the news spreads.
         Nemo wakes up finding that the tank is clean. He is frustrated as he finds out they put in a new tank cleaner. A few moments later a bird flys in to the window. He opens it up and hears that his father Is looking for him. He regains hope as the door opens with a creepy door that turns out to by the dentist nephew. She is turning 8 and is getting Nemo for her birthday. The others have told Nemo that a fish had been a gift for her last year and died because she waved the bag around to much.
         Martin and the other fish leave the turtles and go find Nemo. A moment later they are eaten by a whale. They hang on to the tongue for dear life until Martin loses his grip and they fall into the whales mouth. Than suddenly blown hi into the air. They find a bird(I don't remember what type) and he says he will take them to find Nemo. As they get there Nemo is in a bag. The bird bust in the window making a wild zone. In a moment Martin sees Nemo dead(witch turns out to be fake) and tells the bird to go.
         Nemo is put down seeming to be dead but he rolls himself down a drain into the ocean. As a Martin leaves to say goodbye to the other fish Nemo comes up and talks to her. Than the suddenly the other fish remembers everything and helps Nemo find Martin. They find him next to a school of fish. Than a net catches a good many of the fish including the other fish. Nemo has a plan and saves the fish. They all go home and have a good time.

    Now that that's over here is my opinion of some different things.

    The animation is vary good and so are most of Pixar's movies.

    Voice acting=9.0
    Almost all of the voices were well done.

    The story is a a very fun one with well thought out twist.

    Thanks for reading. If there is a movie you would like me to review please don't be afraid to ask. Also check out my new book I'm working on called 30 Days Of Life.

    1. galleryofgrace profile image77
      galleryofgraceposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      This does not belong in the forums. Actually it may be considered  spamming since you mention your book.

  2. Shaddie profile image83
    Shaddieposted 6 years ago

    This is more like a description of the movie rather than a review... Also Nemo's dad's name is Marlin smile

  3. DaybyDayWriter profile image57
    DaybyDayWriterposted 6 years ago

    Sorry I thought that I was making a hub from my phone.


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