Suspiria 1977 Movie Short Review

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    princelandposted 8 years ago

    Suspiria 1977 Movie Short Review

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    Lpd42posted 8 years ago

    Suzie Banyon, an american girl, travels to italy to learn ballet at a highly prestigous school. Her time there, though, turns out to be Hell.

    Dario Argento's films are not necessarily about the plot or the story : They are 100% about the EXPERIENCE. And witnessing suspiria on a large screen with surroundsound in a darkened room is most certainly an experience to remember. Pulse-piercing music guaranteed to unnerve the soul, combined with images grotesque and surreal. The strongly colored visuals gradually unravelling before the viewer have such a strange grainy yet pristene quality, one almost feels as if stepping through the screen COULD be a possibility...

    Though this may seem very mild in comparison with many recent outright blood-and-gorefests, this supernatural shocker is a breath of fresh air. Reccommended for art-film fans as well as horror fiends looking for something different.