why is turner hall in galena illinois haunted

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    kkhamsterposted 8 years ago

    why is turner hall in galena illinois haunted

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    Blake Cahoonposted 8 years ago

    Thank you for the question.

          In Galena, Turner Hall is a solid yellow stone imposing building.  Over the years many events have been held here and many have reported strange and bizarre events.  Tales of lights turning on and off and missing objects are common.  This building has undergone many incarnations over time, but today is used mainly for theatre productions.
          The weird events at Turner Hall are well known to the locals.  The Turner Society constructed this building in 1874 for the purposes of developing sound minds and sound bodies.  It started as a gymnasium, theatre and a literature center -- an idea of the Germans, who were immigrants of the time in the Galena area. They were ahead their time in developing mind, body and spirit. 
           Research of the building reveals that the first manager of the building was Charles Scheerer.  He was part of the firm of Scheerer, Armbruster & Coleman which specialized in furniture sales.  This firm also sold coffins and funeral services.
           During the the time when this firm was still active, Scheerer performed various undertaker duties whenever needed for Turner Hall.  His firm was located next to Turner Hall. Scheerer was also the Turner Society’s treasurer.  He was very faithful to his firm and to the Society. 

        Scheerer continued to look after the place even when he was retired.  He passed away on March 14, 1910 from natural causes.  He was found lying in Turner Hall, his beloved building. 
        Some say it is Charles Scheerer that still haunts Turner Hall today.  They say he acts as theatre critic.  If he doesn’t like a theatre production, he’ll let you know by making noises, causing problems and turning lights off and on!

        Galena is a fascinating small town, full of ghosts and well worth the visit!

    Blake Cahoon