What path do you recommend I follow re Hollywood? I'm 31 and currently live in S

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    gsgoodseposted 7 years ago

    What path do you recommend I follow re Hollywood? I'm 31 and currently live in Sydney, Australia,

    In Jan of this year I travelled to LA and met with agents from CAA, UTA etc. I have my own management firm over here, write for Australia's leading film mag etc. I've got a law degree with honours, business degree, have worked at top-tier law firms, in London etc.
    I'm not sure whether I should try and work for a big, small agency? Does it matter? I don't really want to start in the mailroom. Could I start as an assistant? Are there any other paths I can take? How hard is it to get into the top 4 agencies? Sorry for all the questions but I have a passion for entertainment and love LA.

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    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    Initially, I think you have to go there.  You have to be committed and willing to work at just about anything for your existence while you pursue the craft.  Hollywood is not just about being good at what you do.  Like Nashville and Country Music, a lot of it is highly dependent on timing, visibility, and sheer luck.  On that basis, if you are there, you have to pursue every opportunity that will give you exposure and visibility.  The same process is at work here on HubPages, exposure and visibility will take you far.  But remember this, opportunity normally only really knocks once and the true question that you must answer when it does knock is "are you ready?"  If you are not ready, then everything else you might do will have been pretty much in vain.  Good Luck and I hope you make it big!  WB

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    peggypatposted 7 years ago

    If you already have some good talent that you can "bring to the table" you may be able to get into one of the big four. For example if you happen to represent hot writer, director or actors from Australia that mean something in that market that may be a calling card for you.  If you don't have that kind of clout then maybe start in a small or mid size agency. They might be happy to have you. The problem is you have to know the town and only a visit here isn't going to do it.  In a smaller agency you would probably start as an assistant or Jr. Agent....  However, if you can get into the mail room of one of the big four and you can survive on the income for a while I would take it. Just so you know I have known many people with Harvard MBA's and law degrees and law practices from various parts of the country come here and start in the mail room.... in fact MANY people with HUGE edcuations start in the mailroom ... so don't feel bad. Just don't stay there longer than a year.  This town is all about relationships so the more people you can meet at the highest levels the better it is for you in the long run.
    Hope this helps. Its an exciting career and it sounds like you have already got the chops to do it here.  You just have to do it.
    Best of luck to you! I am happy to answer any other questions you might have!