Is Beyonce's new video a sweet dream or a repititive nightmare?

  1. 4ever Mo profile image58
    4ever Moposted 8 years ago

    Music heavyweight and entertainment diva supreme Beyonce, dropped her 3rd album late last year and rocked the world with the smash hit,Single ladies (P.A.R.O.I).She revealed a softer unforgettable side on the 'I am' half of the album and  gave her sexy mostly uptempo alter ego,Sahsa,an intense second name,Fierce.

    From single ladies to Diva to Ego and now the futuristic sweetdreams her sinlges from the Sasha side of things have been nothing less than Fierce.But the videos...have all been  cut from the same cloth (as P.A.R.O.I) which gets overwhelmingly monotonous after a while with familiar choreography and the two back up dancers in all.

    As much as I'm a big fan of B I think that she didn't deliver 100% when it comes to creativity in the new video.Yes she gave us the killa dance moves especially at the end of the song,she gave us the fierce costumes(the robot inspired piece) ,she gave us the energy ...and she gave us a little something a little something different and that's the modest graphic effects but since sweet dreams is a new sound,a new concept,a fresh wave of ideas would have been highly welcome.