need really mean insult`s && comebackkk`s . puh-leeez help ! ! (:

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    zoeeeyposted 7 years ago

    need really mean insult`s && comebackkk`s .
    puh-leeez help ! ! (:

    one of my stuck up friend`s , offically hate`s me .
    she`s getting everyone against me ,
    && tearing apart my group !
    pleeeease , help me ! i need good disses and comeback`s !
    [ no ur mama joke`s pleasee ! ]

  2. Mark C Middleton profile image61
    Mark C Middletonposted 7 years ago

    With sarcasm, say to them - "Sarcasm is the domain of losers."

    If standing in front of you - "Do you know what I see.  I see 112 pounds (or whatever) of I don't give a crap."  And then walk pass them.

    After a negative comment, look at them and say - "Sorry, I can't understand you.  I don't speak dumb-butt."

    And then there is always - "you've obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a crap."

    All of the above will surely antagonize this person and maybe make it worse.  I am guessing that this person has issues in there life (family, friends, school, jealousy) that causes them to only be able to feel good by thinking they are making someone else miserable.  Consider trying to understand where they might be coming from and maybe find a way to empathize with them to convert them, not necessarily into a friend, but at least into an acquaintance.

    If all else fails, do whatever you can to avoid them and if the situation escalates, get others involved, i.e. parents, other adults, school officials, law enforcement, etc.  Don't let it escalate into physical violence.

    I probably should have asked first how old you are.  But in any case, don't lose your cool, don't raise your voice or let them see you get upset.  Keep your confidence, self-respect and always remain controlled, even smiling.  Remember, they only are satisfied when they can get to you.  So, don't let them get to you.

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    Ask A Friendposted 7 years ago

    If this person is in the work place, talk to their supervisor.  There are legal remedies and legal liabilities for work place harrassment and every employer will respond to resolve any issues quickly.

    I don't know your age and will assume that you are not out of high school.  Try to determine what the persons issue with you is.  What happened to cause them to choose you to 'hate'.  If you can, you may be able to simply approach them, address the problem and resolve it.  You don't have to become friends but you can co-exist peacefully.

    Avoid contact as much as possible.  I am sure that your true friends are smart enough to know right and wrong and will support you and even ask them for their help.  If not, they probably were never really your friend.

    Keep your cool and don't let them make you angry.  Try to look ahead and anticipate their actions or words.  A controlled and thoughtful prepared response is always better than a thoughtless reaction.  Doing what is right with time, will always triumph.

    And I agree, don't let the situation escalate.  If it starts to, get others involved.  A bully becomes quite submissive, passive and cowardly when actually confronted with authority.  And, if this is at school, they will also act quickly to resolve the issue, even moving the student to another school.  They also fear litigation.