Which is your favorite spanish movie and why?

  1. whizcreed profile image68
    whizcreedposted 5 years ago

    Which is your favorite spanish movie and why?

  2. Chaval profile image75
    Chavalposted 5 years ago

    Mondays in The Sun. It's a bleakly funny tale of some unemployed dock workers in Vigo in Galicia coming to terms with the fact that their women are now the breadwinners. It's political with a small p, brilliantly observant of fading Spanish machismo, and beautifully-acted.

  3. ishwaryaa22 profile image90
    ishwaryaa22posted 5 years ago

    My favorite Spanish film is Volver (2006) by Pedro Almodovar. This film is about women, their fates and how they slowly came to conclusions of the past events of their life in the end. The reasons Volver is my favorite Spanish film- (1)This film starred Penelope Cruz, a well-known star and she performed very well. (2) I watched many of Spain's iconic filmmaker Pedro Almodovar for his thought-provoking films ,his brave cinematic exploration on certain shocking issues and his artful ways of dealing with these touching subjects. I saw most of his intelligent works including All About My Mother, Talk to her and Male Education. Pedro showcased the twisting story of Volver and its sensitive issues in an unique way that surprised the audience including me! (3) This film's story, screenplay and its cast all are convincing. (4) The film is engaging from the beginning to the end and would be an intelluctual cinematic treat for those who are connoisseurs of Spanish cinema.