I'm trying to copy your loric character from skyrim, but cant find the guide. ma

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    SirMASUMposted 5 years ago

    I'm trying to copy your loric character from skyrim, but cant find the guide. maybe im being stupid

    I'm playing on the xbox. I would be really great full smile I promise to donate!

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    j-u-i-c-eposted 5 years ago

    No problem. The site is probably confusing the first time you check it out. My Skyrim characters are organized like this:

    NPCs from the game (like Aela and Ulfric) are in my Famous Faces section (there are a few pages of them, so just follow the links A-F, G-M, N-Z and Loading Screen characters.

    Original characters that I created myself, like Loric, are located in War Dogs (male characters), War Baby (female characters), and Celebrity Sliders (characters modeled after real people, both male and female). Loric can be found on my War Dogs page. [http://www.truancyfactory.com/mods/skyrim/warDog.html] The links to all of these pages are in the sidebar.

    Each character has a collection of slider screenshots. Just move the sliders so they match the screenshots. Some of the sliders are off just a little bit. That's a bug in the game that can't be totally fixed. I can fix the most important errors, but there are a few that I can't; typically, it's something minor like the eye depth or mouth forward slider will be a little off. You can correct those errors by using the last image which shows all of the sliders accurately (it's taken directly from the game editor). In any case, it doesn't have to be an exact match, and you will likely want to tweak it a bit to suit your own taste, so it shouldn't be an issue.