What instrument shall a girl pick to learn to earn a music scholarship in future

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    Kejiaposted 5 years ago

    What instrument shall a girl pick to learn to earn a music scholarship in future: oboe,clarinet,sax?

    My 4th grader wants to join school band badly, she came home mentioning flute.  I read your article, but you left out the clarinet.  I like the sounds of bassoon, but it is too big for a 9 year old.  Even sax may be too big for the skinny girl?

  2. Beverly Kase profile image60
    Beverly Kaseposted 5 years ago

    How about the piano. She can play with other people or solo. She can also play in a hotel loung, make people feel good just sitting down listening to her play. There are many kids who have earn a scholarship by learning to play a piano. One girl earn a scholarship after 22 months of piano lessons. Check this out (http://www.scholarships.com/financial-a … olarships/). It will tell you more about scholarship with music. Good Luck smile

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    DreamerMegposted 5 years ago

    Which does she like? Can the school give her the opportunity to try them? Does the school band have a place for these instruments in it? Maybe only flute is on offer. If you give her private lessons and she progresses well, the school might include her in concerts as a featured instrumentalist at a later date. With these wind instruments, presumably what you learn on one can be transferred (at least in part) to another. Certainly, learning musical notation and reading music will be transferable. Does she have good breathing? These instruments will all require a good deal of breath control.
    No matter which instrument you choose, it will take a GREAT DEAL of practice to achieve a scholarship.