How can I unleash my potentials?

  1. Faztt Flow profile image61
    Faztt Flowposted 5 years ago

    How can I unleash my potentials?

    As a stand up comedian,a young writer and a musician,i seek to know how to move to the top.

  2. PegCole17 profile image94
    PegCole17posted 5 years ago

    Hello Faztt Flow,
    The best advice I've heard on this subject came from a business philosopher named Jim Rohn. He asks the question of anyone who wants to improve their craft:
    1) "How many books have you read on the subject (Comedy) in the past month?"
    2) "How many classes have you taken that will enhance your performance? (In your case such as drama or stage presentation skills)
    3) "How many past performances of skilled comedians have you watched or listened to in order to perfect your craft?"
    He says if we wish to be successful, then we must study success in our area of concentration. Success leaves clues.