Could The Police do it again?

  1. kappa022 profile image54
    kappa022posted 10 years ago

    So I just purchased 2 tickets to The Police during the last leg of their (farewell) tour scoring seats 15 rows from the stage. I grew up listening to The Police from my dad's tapes, but was a toddler when they were going stron in the 1980's.

    Here's my question to hubbers out there who love music. Could The Police come back with a new album & be the #1 pop/rock band all over again? Are they good enough to create new music and strike a chord a generation later with today's 20-somethings?

    It's never been done before by a group that has reunited after 20+ years. I can't think of any bands that have accomplished a strong comeback album after so long. The Police likely won't release any new material, but I'd be curious to see if they still have it in them to create another grat album.