Casting for film in Aberdeen, Scotland

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    Aiysha17posted 8 years ago

    The current film we are casting for is based on the abduction of a young woman. It is a Christian based film, however I feel is is very important here to point out the fact that many of the cast are not Christian and at no point is religion ever forced on anyone. Our last film is going off to 2010 film festivals and has been noticed by Pheonix International Christian Film Festival in America. The trailer is on youtube, just search The Hope Within Trailer Aberdeen and it should come up. We have improved vastly since then though and our next film is even more action packed and it will be a rather fast paced movie with even better quality. We also make short comedies to give us all practice and they are either put on youtube or in the near future (January), will be sold on DVD online.

    DON'T WORRY ABOUT EXERIENCE! It may be helpful sometimes but it is not essential, we all start somewhere. The Directors are looking for natural talent, confidence and co-operation. Many of the group had no experience before joining but have thoughily enjoyed the new experience.

    We are a very welcoming and open minded group. We accept everyone, all that is expected from you is to have the same openess and approachability towards the rest of the group.

    There are one or two male and female parts still available if you are interested in auditioning. The main one that we are casting for at the moment, and my reason for writing this, is as follows: The girlfriend of a Russian gangster that is responsible for the abduction. This is an important role and the character is quite fierce and enjoys the protection that comes with being Urie's girl friend.

    The group is not quite established enough yet to be paying actors but given the professional advice we have been given, it is garanteed that our previous film will be produced on DVD professionally and we would hope for the same with this film as it will be of even better quality. However, I will say at this point that I have had so much fun since I joined in its early days last year and I have made some fantastic freinds trough it. We are all a bit crazy in our own little way but at least there is never a dull moment at rehersals.

    If you want I can set up a meeting/audition for you with the directors and from there it is up to you. I will be back in Aberdeen at the end of January and if all goes well I would hope to see that you have integrated into the group well. I will say that the group is full of some real characters and we are all very different but fit together well.

    Hope to hear from you soon! xx