Why I Like Asian Music?

  1. Kyumin13 profile image56
    Kyumin13posted 7 years ago

    Asian music, many of you have probably never heard of any Asian songs and may think that they don't have music. Well,they do and in my opinion it is much better than American music these day.

    I started liking Asian music, mainly Japanese and Korean, a year ago when I was really into anime. Anime's have op's and ending songs which are mostly Japanese. I got into these songs as much as the anime itself, especially Hare Hare Yukai.

    Upon hearing them I went out of my way to find out the name of the artist. Most of the artist where J-pop artist and that is how I got into J-pop(Japanese Pop).

    Out the time of my discovery of J-pop and Anime songs there was a new wave of music beginning in Japan, the Hallyu Wave. The Hallyu Wave is Korean artists making Japanese songs. As soon as I found out about this, I discovered K-pop(Korean Pop).

    Korean music is influenced by American music of the mid and late 90's. Dominated by Boy-bands and Girl-bands which have a hip-hop, dance and pop style. With the combination of these 3 genres it is hard not to redist.

    Most people say I'm weird because I don't understand what they are saying. Although this is true I study Japanese so I have a idea what they are saying and if I don't then I'll check the translation.

    I recommend this music to people who are non-ignorant, but K-pop and J-pop is not for everyone. In my opinion it is much more better than American and British music these days.