The Naked and Famous

  1. NickJarvis profile image56
    NickJarvisposted 6 years ago

    I went to watch this New Zealand band with 2 friends last night at the O2 academy in Birmingham. As far as public awareness of this band goes, they have 2 months of radio 1 airplay under their belt and have created a super trendy sound similar to the likes of MGMT. The 5 piece quickly created a great atmosphere by playing their 2 big hits so far punching in a dream and young blood. I tip these to do well this year and had a wicked time! A very classy and stylish sound coming from such a young band. Their complimentary promotional post cards were perfect too, artwork produced by (after searching not sure!) but tight design never the less! Keep checking for my next gig blog - the wombats! Scale of 1 to uber cool - 8!