Beady Eye Release Debut Album Diffrent Gear, Still Speeding

  1. BritishRock profile image57
    BritishRockposted 6 years ago

    Liam Gallaghers Oasis days are over now the big question is can he stand up on his own two feet without brother Noel?

    Former members of Oasis have gone onto form new rock band Beady Eye and have released there debut album Diffrent Gear, Still Speeding. The album has recieved mostly positive reviews with tracks like (Roll On) being praised as Oasis worthy tunes. But just because the music scene has changed it hasnt changed Liams expectations of his new band claiming they will be bigger then Oasis which seems to be a laughable statement seeing that Oasis were the biggest rock band of the 90s and have sold more the 70 million albums worldwide. Beady Eye has a diffrent sound to Oasis and in my oponion a diffrent sound to any band currently of course there are songs simlar to Liams idols The Beatles and the song Beatles and Stones a lawsuit in the making.

    To me an album like this new one is a once maybe twice in a year thing. New artists and faces today just seem total fakes people hate Liam for his attitude but atleast he doesnt try and be something hes not, hes honest with his style and attitude.

    Unlike most in todays music who act huumble and respectful to please the fans and media have some balls musicians your boring me to death nobody has any courage anymore there just fonies.