Card Magic Review - Patrick Redfords: Hands Off Any Card at Any Number

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    TheMagicOfMagicposted 6 years ago

    Card at any number is a favorite magic trick of magicians. The plot is simple. The spectator thinks of any card…..and then thinks of any number between 1 and 52…..for instance….. The Jack of hearts and the number 12 are randomly chosen by a spectator. Who then counts down 11 cards in a deck that has been in full view the entire time and the 12th card is the jack of Hearts.

    Patrick Redford's Hands Off: Any Card at Any Number accomplishes this however; this version of the card trick is not as clean as one would think by watching the promotional video.

    In fact, the promotion for this magic trick is a bit misleading. The promotional video states that no memorization is required, when in fact, that is not quite the truth. The card trick is performed the cleanest if the deck is stacked and completely memorized, as Patrick performs it in the promotion.

    The purchased DVD explains that you can use five key cards to help locate the chosen card and then move it into the proper position, however, this method can be uncomfortable and clumsy. A clean way to handle this method is not explained in the DVD and in fact is somewhat played down. The method utilized to locate and place the chosen card in the proper position with a memorized stack is spoken about in detail on the DVD. At the very least one needs to be familiar with the arrangement of the cards, as Patrick states in the purchased DVD.

    Additionally, Patrick explains that his version of the card trick is virtually move-less. True, however the extra moves required to be performed in front of the spectators to get the selected card in its proper place are not disclosed…..until the instructions are purchased. In fact, this part of the routine is omitted from Patrick’s performance of the effect on the promotional video. That’s right, skipped right over. It makes one question why? when arguably it is an integral part of the presentation to the spectators.

    A more informed decision could be made by someone considering the purchase of Patrick’s method, if the promotional video showed the audience management that occurs when the move is made in front of the spectators to get the chosen card into position and did not specifically say that memorization was not required.

    With this being said, Patrick Redford’s method accomplishes the card trick of any card at any number, however the promotional video that was prepared is misleading. It is the opinion of The Magic of Magic that some of you would reconsider the purchase if the memorization requirements and the move made in front of the spectators to get the chosen card in the proper position were addressed differently in the promotional video.

    Any additional thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.