Card Magic Review - AARON FISHER - The Revolution and Helter Skelter

  1. TheMagicOfMagic profile image58
    TheMagicOfMagicposted 7 years ago

    Just finished reviewing Aaron Fisher's Personal Training Series....Presenting The Revolution and Helter Skelter.

    This is one of the best card magic training DVD's on the market. Color changes with cards in the middle of the deck and not on top of the deck, entire decks of cards turning over visibly and magically except for a selected card and a color changing deck are taught by Aaron.

    Aaron's instructions are so clear you will find yourself performing the effects right along with him getting them right the first time! He teaches how to do these kinds of blow you away, professional card effects with NO difficult/knucle busting sleight of hand.

    If you like card magic and you get a chance, pick this one up........ You will be glad you did.