What sort of keyboard or digital piano you play?

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  1. TechCraft profile image61
    TechCraftposted 11 years ago

    I'm an happy owner of a Casio Privia PX110 digital piano. What model do you have? Can you give me a brief description of your "feelings"?

    1. sairakhan profile image39
      sairakhanposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      i also play keyboard.i started with small one but 2 months ago i bought korg triton le.That have great varity of voices.i love to play it.

      do you make rock hard beats on keyboard?

      1. TechCraft profile image61
        TechCraftposted 11 years agoin reply to this

        I come from a metal past smile so I like everything sounds hard! But I like to play every sort of music, blues, classical, electronic.  Take a look at my hub about digital stage pianos there's a photo of my instruments!

  2. Harlan Colt profile image75
    Harlan Coltposted 11 years ago

    At one time I had 3 Ensonique Keyboards. They were awesome. I also had a Yamaha Digital Piano with weighted keys which I also loved, but I lent it to the Pastor's wife and I never saw it again.

    The other Keybords: Ensonique ESQ1 Rack mount, Mirage Midi Sampler, and I still have the main Ensonique Board with the multi-track sequencer. I Love this keyboard I can create a whole band and program every drum, every symbol and every note of every voice. It's awesome, but it is also an antique anymore. It still gets the job done and I am happy with it. I lent the slave board - the Mirage to my brother and he destroyed it with his stinky cigarettes and all the smoke.

    I have not looked at the newer keyboards in a long time because I just don't have that kind of money anymore. At the risk of offending you, and please, I would never do that, but I do not like Casio products. However, that is a perspective from 20 years ago when most of what they made was cheap Walmart kiddie market products. Casio has been at it so long they may have entered into a higher-end product and I would have no idea.

    I only buy high-end equipment or I do without. But again I played in professional stage bands for years. Anymore I only do studio recording work, I don't perform publically but only once in a great while.

    Finally, I also have a 1898 Grand Upright in excellent condition that I love to play ragtime on whenever I get the chance. I call it my analog keyboard lol.

    This is a great little post here. I am glad to add my 2 cents.
    - Harlan

    1. Harlan Colt profile image75
      Harlan Coltposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      oops... its Ensoniq... not Ensonique... sorry.

  3. TechCraft profile image61
    TechCraftposted 11 years ago

    Don't worry Harlan I know my keyboard doesn't belong to a great brand ... but it is cheap! and it has a good manufacturing quality!  I played an Ensonique in the past and my impression was good!

  4. tonymead60 profile image89
    tonymead60posted 11 years ago

    over the years I've had a series of keyboards; I have a slightly dated Roland E70 which Ireally love to play, the sounds are great and fully adjustable.
    My all time favourite was a Hammond B200 drawbar organ with external Leslie rotating speaker, what a machine that was. I played some pretty big venues and never needed extra power...grrr mean machine

  5. carlabodrick profile image60
    carlabodrickposted 11 years ago

    I'm with TechCraft. Of all the keyboards in the store, I chose the Casio Privia 110 for two reasons:

    1. Price...it was affordable.

    2. I love the action. The keys respond like a real piano; soft touch, soft sound and vice versa. I was amazed at the technology relative to the price.


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