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Franka Potente

Updated on October 7, 2014

Franka Potente

The multi-talented Franka Potente has already starred in two hit Hollywood movies; Blow (2001), and The Bourne Identity (2002). Before her stardom in English-speaking films, Franka won several awards in her native Germany in both the television and movie arenas. In addition to her acting, Franka is also a singer, and has authored four books as well.

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Franka Potente Bio

Public domain photo courtesy 123-celebrities

The German-born Potente has been well schooled in her chosen profession of acting. After her high school years, Franka studied drama at two prestigious acting schools in both Munich and Manhattan. Potente soon found herself busy acting in various French and German films, winning several awards for her outstanding acting ability along the way. Franka starred in the popular German film Run Lola Run in 1998, and showed off her singing ability by performing on the film's soundtrack. Potente won a Bambi Award for best actress for her role in the film.

Franka's acting talents soon caught the eye of American directors, and the multi-lingual actress soon landed roles in English-speaking films, including Blow in 2001 and two "Bourne" films. Franka has also guest starred in several U. S. television series including The Shield, Psych, and House M.D.

Today, Franka Potente resides in Berlin, and stays busy writing and acting in various films. In 2010, Franka finished authoring her fourth book, Zehn: Stories.

Franka Potente Videos

In addition to her acting, singing and writing skills, Franka Potente also plays the violin and flute, and is an avid fencer.

When she was 17 years old, Franka spent a few months as an exchange student in Humble, Texas.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I've known Franka Potente by her acting of Bourne Identity and Bourne Supremacy. She is one of great actress. Thanks for sharing this lens. 5 stars for you :)