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Updated on March 20, 2016


here you will find all videos and pictures which is the demand by viewers.

in this video you should watCh related fun and will enjoy more fun for this you should enjoy and i will provide fun for every one.plz subscribe and watch more videos.

and i will give more related videos.and i will wait for your more comments and vote for this.

National Song Of Pakistan by an African Child

its to much amazing video in this National Song Of Pakistan by an African Child.this video make in africa during UNO for please in Africa and now the people are happy and like Pakistan and people of pakistan and one example i want to share with all of you for this video that how they like nation of pakistan so watch and enjoy this video and pass your comment in comment box for more funny videos.

Funny video

Video of African Boy

i hape you all are enjoy this video and now i am going to share with you a funny picture of an african army girl, she is on duty and how she do care of her baby

Funny Picture

Funny Jump

i hope you like last funny video , now i am going to tell about another funny video which is related to an old fun , and he is to much sharp crazy and strong he want to long jump but during jump what happen with watch and enjoy this short and funny video and after watching must pass comment for this video.

Funny Jump by old Man


Condition Of Labor in Middle East

Every Person who belong from any Country who economy and GDP is down Per Capita Income also down so the People of that country want to migrate to Middle East Like UAE, Dubai, Emarits , Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain etc
this countries are a center for Business Man and here every person want to earn ,
this place only suitable for Professionals not for labor.
watch the condition of Labor in this short video Clip.

Condition of Labor in Middle East

When Girl Friend Crazy

Life of She Male

She Male are those people who have totally cut off from our society they are looking very Strange in our society but they are totally talented and have very powerfull people and very caring about there Physical and mantel Beauty.
they use many kinds of Product and Cosmetics for looking Beautiful.
and also they want to attractive more then others in any party where they are invited for arrangement .
like Dressing and for Dance party program

Funny Dance of She male

How Make Black Chicken

fantastic Written by Barrie Davenport

There is no better cure for a bad mood than laughter. Not just a little giggle, but side-splitting, milk-coming-out-of-your nose, hard-to-breath laughter. It’s like having an emotional colonic. Cleans out all of the stuff and purifies the soul. It’s hard not to feel better after a convulsion of hysterical laughter.

When I want to laugh like that, there are a couple of friends I always call. Within minutes, we can hardly speak because the tears are rolling, noses are running, and our breath is coming in short pants In my own blog, I write frequently about how to find Sustained Happiness This kind of happiness involves a shift in perspective and sometimes a lifestyle overhaul. Laughter, and the cleansing joy that it provides, should be a daily ritual that contributes to sustained happiness. Like a spoon full of sugar, it helps the medicine go down But sometimes spontaneous laughter eludes us. Stress, hormones, depression, boredom, and many other factors, can put us in a funk that makes it nearly impossible to feel the faintest bit jocular. I was feeling that way when I started my research for this post. After looking at dozens of laugh-out-loud blogs, I don’t even remember why I was feeling dreary.So, do you want to laugh? I mean really, really laugh? Here are some hilarious blogs that you can check out when you are ready for the big guffaw. Warning: have tissues and water ready.

FUNNY Mouse iFlying


Hyper Bole & Half

This is my all-time favorite. It’s written by Allie (no last name provided), who happens to be a Beautiful girl. Even as I was pasting the link, I had to stop and read this woman’s latest post. She has these crazy little cartoon drawings to illustrate the workings of her bizarrely humorous mind. Two of my favorite posts are the story of how a fish almost destroyed her childhood and the Dina sour goes incident. If you don’t die laughing, there is something wrong with you.

Funny Shah Ruh Khan

Cheez Burger

you are one of the 3 people left in the world who hasn’t seen these kooky cats and the wicked captions with the photos, that’s a cat ta strophe. These are cool cats with attitude sort of a cross between 1950 beatnik cat meets urban funk cat. You don’t have to be a cat person to find these kitties ditties funny.

How Cat Can Black Mail You

Not available any more

Here is one more Tumble hub full of humorous pictures. Funny pics and jokes has also got funny quotes, animals pics and demotivates. Minimalist design won’t distract your attention from the main part of the hub

When you where uset

has images almost for every occasion. Thousands of pictures and photos are collected in this amazing comic blog. Don’t miss your chance to laugh.

when you upset

funny hub

Unlike famous 007 man, Humor me 007 is less serious, but no less helpful. It also save the world by making people laugh and thus prolonging their lives. Subscribe to this hub now and live longer.

Funny 007


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