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Top 10 Funniest Commercials

Updated on December 21, 2017

Very Funny Ads from Around the World

There are some creative geniuses out there that understand that the way to our pocketbooks is through entertainment. While most advertisements are bland and boring and force us to use digital video recorders (DVRs) to try to avoid them, these geniuses make us laugh hysterically at their ads and create memorable experiences. Remember advertisers, draw us into the discussion and you will be rewarded with our consumer dollars.

This is a collection of youtube videos of the funniest commercials that I have found from around the world. It will change over time as new ones are added. I hope you enjoy these funny commercials as much as I did in compiling. The best way to reward these creative directors is by purchasing the products represented. So next time you see an advertisement that is hilarious or truly edgy, think about rewarding that company for breaking out of the norm.

Let me know what you thought of the lens and which are the worlds funniest ads. Feel free to let me know if I missed some very funny ads and I will check them out for worthiness to include on this list. Also if you are a big fan of funny commercials, test your knowledge of some of the historic funny advertisements with our advertising icons quiz.

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One of the Best Comedies of the Past 5 years

10. Great Jeep Commercial - Perfectly Captures the Comfort and Ruggedness of a Jeep

This may not be the best funny commercial but it is one of the very funny car commercials . What's more it keeps us in suspense until the end when it unleashes its surprising and funny climax.

9. Volkswagen Darth Vader Funny Commercial - Both Funny and Touching to Create a Great Advertisement

This recent entry into the humorous advertising category really touched my heart and it is one of the best car ads I have seen. I really enjoy this clip for both its humor and its poignant moment.

8. Bud Light Battle Bot Funniest Commercial - This fit Perfectly for a Place and Time

During the 1990s, Battle Bots were all the rage. There were at least three prime time shows featuring the mechanical duals. Bud Light perfectly captured the spirit of the autobot cage matches in one of the very funny beer ads and they added their own humor to make this one of the funniest commercials of the 90s.

7. Fart in Car Funny Commercial - Sophomoric Humor Delivered Intelligently

This probably did not play on TV in the US but man is this video funny. In this funny banned ad, the sarcastic humor from the backseat couple is outstanding.

6. Very Funny Ad for Bud Light - Warning; Bleeped Profanity throughout this Video

Sometimes they get it right but its just too far for the mainstream audience of television. This hilarious commercial for Budweiser features a group of office workers and their "swear jar". The premise is quite funny but if you are sensitive to profanity, you might want to skip this video.

5. The Beer Guys do it again - This time its Miller Lite

Since Miller acquired Meister Brau Light and re-introduced it as Lite Beer from Miller in 1973, they have been humoring us with great ads. Early ads featured funny spoofs with tough guys, like Dick Butkis and Bubba Smith, or funny guys like Bob Eucker. But some of their ads need few words to convey the message like this funny ad.

4. Best of the Hilarious ETrade Baby Ads - Wow they Nailed it on this One!

The babies were one of the truly great funny advertising campaigns of the last 20 years. Thank you ETrade for bringing us these funny characters. This funny TV commercial is my favorite of the 'babies' ads and features Bobo the Clown

3. Nextel "Push It" Ad - One of the funniest commercials ever!

I can't even count the number of times that I have watched this commercial. I kept it on my DVR for over a year when if first came out so my kids and I could watch it and laugh again and again.

2. Fiat's Funniest Commercial - Thank you for taking risks Fiat

This "Don't touch my car" advertisement is outstanding. I laughed out load the first several times that I say this humorous commercial. Enjoy it over and over again.

1. Winner of the Funniest Commercial Award - Won't Tell you the Sponsor so I don't Give Away the Ending

This French offering is the funniest ad I have ever seen. Anyone who is a parent has been where this poor guy is and these thoughts have run through our head. With that lead-in, please enjoy this witty and funny TV commercial.

Vote for the Best Commercials in our poll.

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