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How to Capture Funny Animal Videos

Updated on May 12, 2014
Go Doggie Go!
Go Doggie Go!

Here are some funny animal videos! these are our favorites. I also created two of these videos with our Guinea Pig, " Walter". We had fun making this video please give us some feed back on our page. Sometimes I feel like we have a Noah's Ark at our place. We have Peacocks, Leopard Gecko, Guinea Pig, Miniature Rat Terrier, Cats, Fish and the neighbors free range chickens. Life has been wild, with lots of laughs. With assortment of animals like we have, you can really get oodles of great videos. Enjoy!

How to catch a funny moment on video

A great way to make a funny animal video is to video tape your animals often and let them get used to you taping them, then they quit paying attention to you and start doing their normal funny stuff they do! If you can hide a camera and get a video without your pets knowing you are recording them that's a good way to catch something funny too. Just having a camera with batteries and memory card ready to go sitting on the coffee table helps, usually when I have recorded something funny it was when I happened to have a camera readily available. If you try these tips you will be on your way to catching that funny shot or video of your pet. Good Luck!


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