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Cool and Funny animations you'll like.

Updated on September 17, 2014

Welcome to the world of animations and cartoons - Indie style.

There's something about an animation that captures the kid in all of us. This lens is just a small selection of fun animations by indie artists that you will enjoy. There are a couple of features (check out Buck Bunny) some Australian humor (Cane Toad) and a few cute videos you may not have seen before. Enjoy!

Animated cartoons are great.

Most of us grew up watching all the cartoon superheroes, the classic stuff from Disney, Warner Brothers - Bugs bunny, Roadrunner, Foghorn Leghorn, Porky Pig etc and all the others we knew from TV. Most of the earlier animations were done using pen and paper. Now however most is done using computers and animation software. This has opened up a whole new area for both commercial and independent artists. Now with the web it's possible for indie artists to showcase their talents. This is great news for everyone.

What kinds of animation do people enjoy watching?

What animations do you like most?

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Buck Bunny

This fantastic cartoon feature is both entertaining and beautifully crafted with lots of laughs along the way for both kids and adults. (runs for 10 minutes).

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Re-live those Saturday cartoons or discover some new ones on DVD.

Cane Toad!

Some Aussie humor here. The cane toad is an introduced pest that many people love to hate. A little gory in parts and some minor slang but the story is funny.

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Ever wanted to create your own animations? These books will teach you how.

Turtle Wanted Dead or Alive.

Funny animation video from the desert.

The TV!

Two cave dwellers discover the TV.

Man's best friend - A bird?

A Lizards Adventure.

Cute lizard gets himself in trouble.

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Want to create your own animations? Basic software is available at affordable prices.

Some Martial Arts Animations

A couple of martial arts related cartoons with a funny ending - enjoy!

Funny Romantic Animation

Romance has always been a popular theme for animations - this is humorous look at romance with a twist.

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