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Game of Thrones Seasons

Updated on November 12, 2019
King's Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms
King's Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms

Game of Thrones' Background Summary

Game of Thrones series unveils in seasons lasting a few years each, where a battle of kings ensues for the Iron Throne. The events continue across time and the land called the Seven Kingdoms, where Westeros reside.

The Seven Kingdoms were united by Aegon Targaryen, who then ruled from the Iron Throne for three hundred years with the help of his dragons until the civil war erupted following the kidnapping of Lyana Stark, the daughter of the King of the North of The House of Starks. The Starks ruled the northermen, sometimes referred as wolves living between the Wall and the Neck for thousands of years.

Robert Baratheon, who along with Eddard 'Ned' Stark led the uprising, defeated the Targaryens, ceasing the rule of the Kingdom, and married Cersei Lannister. Other houses also aspire to rule that sometimes simply means to survive.

The most mysterious and dangerous area in the Seven Kingdom is north of the Wall made of ice that separates the land of the Wildlings and creatures called the White Walkers from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. The Wall has The Night's Watch, guarding against the unbeatable and cruel White Walkers.

Will, a scout from the Night's Watch witnessed some murdered bodies arranged in a ritualistic manner, realizing the supernatural power behind the killing. When he deserts, the warden of the North, Eddard punishes him by killing him. It is hard to survive in the North and betrayals are met with death.

Eddard Stark, the ruler of the North has four sons, Bran, Robb, Rickon, an illegitimate son, Jon and two daughters, Arya and Sansa. When his son, Bran witnesses Cersei and her brother Jaime having sex while being guests at Winterfell, it is the beginning of the fall of the House of Starks.

Although Game of Thrones is fantasy, there is symbolism involved in various events such as religious powers. Also, the kingdoms joined together can be compared to the joining of continents that, according to science, is to happen with our continents in a distant future.

Game of Thrones events occur during eight seasons, mostly when winter is coming. When it eventually arrives, it spells the beginning of the end.

Game of Thrones new season will be finalized next year. It will be the final 8th season.

Game of Thrones Season 8

In the final episode of Game of Thrones Season 8, some questions, such as the role of Melisandre remain unanswered. Winter has arrived and the White Walkers confront those on the other side of the wall separating the Seven Kingdoms from the far north. It is to last at least two years, but if the White Walkers win there is going to be endless night and winter.

Episode 1, Winterfell

The atmosphere couldn't be gloomier as Daenerys Targaryen enters Winterfell with Jon and their armies. Sansa and Arya Stark extend their rather cold welcome. Sansa looks reluctantly at the new Queen. She is suspicious about Jon's new alliances. Arya is apprehensive about seeing the Hound among the army.

Everybody in Winterfell is aware that they face an impossible threat that they have to face on their own as Cersei Lannister is not sending her troops as promised. Her brother Jaime arrives though. Theon Greyjoy also joins them after freeing his sister held by Euron Greyjoy. He wants to defend Bran to pay back for his previous betrayal.

Jon learns about his true ancestors and that his father was the Targaryen, which makes his claim to the throne before Daenerys.

Arya orders a Valyrian steel dagger to be made that is the only weapon that can be effective against White Walkers.

Episode 2, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

It is a time of reckoning. Daenerys recalls her father being killed when talking to Jon.

Jaime's arrival is met with suspicion and his motives questioned. Only when Brienne defends him he is allowed to stay. He makes peace with Bran for throwing him out of the window, but Bran holds no resentment. He is more worried about the future. He knows that he is marked by the Night King and that he will come for him.

Arya receives her Valyrian steel dagger from Gendry. Thinking it may be her last chance, she suggests that they sleep together and he agrees.

Any strategies designed will be not enough to beat the White Walkers. Bran is the keeper of all memories. This is what the Night King hates and is in opposition to what he represents. Bran is to wait for him in the open. Theon will defend him there.

The battle is expected to happen in the morning. Jaime reminisces with Tyron about the past while drinking wine when Brienne enters the room. She, along with Tormund, Davos and Pod join them. Tormund tries to impress Brienne. He then raises a question about knighthood. Jaime offers to grant it to Brienne and she accepts becoming a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.

Jon confesses to Daenerys about his true ancestors which makes her feel uneasy. She is worried that it may come between them or change him. He assures her that she will always be his Queen.

Episode 3, The Long Night

Just before the battle, Melisandre, a red priestess of the Lord of Light appears. She manages to set the swords of the first line soldiers on fire. This gives them some encouragement, but they end up severely defeated. As expected, the White Walkers are unstoppable.

Initially, the two dragons mounted by Jon and Daenerys manage to destroy some parts of their army. They get lost though when the dead army unleashes a snowy blizzard that covers everything. The White Walkers and their wights manage to cross another great fire raised by Melisandre. They enter the castle when the dragons finally find their way. The third dragon, Vasyrion, turned into a wight appears mounted by the Night King. The dragons engage in a battle and both Jon and the Night King fall down. Daenerys tries to seize this opportunity to burn the Night King to no avail. When Jon tries to attack him he raises the slain wights who surround Jon. Daenerys manages to save him ordering her dragon to burn the wights. She herself falls off the dragon, but Jorah comes to her rescue although later dies.

The Night King makes his way towards Bran. He first kills Theon who tries to attack him and is about to kill Bran him when Arya jumps at him. The Night King catches her by the throat, but she manages to stick her Valyrian steel dagger into his body. At that moment he, along with the entire army burst into pieces of ice and cease to exist.

After the battle, Melisandre walks out of the castle, taking off her jewels and revealing her true self as an old lady who falls down and dies.

Episode 4, The Last of Starks

All damages are assessed. Daenerys is broken-hearted about Jorah's death while Sansa is crying over Theon's body. After the vast numbers of those who died are burnt, the celebration of victory begins. Daenerys names Gendry the Lord of Storm End, even though he is the bastard son of Robert Baratheon who killed her father.

Arya, who is now the hero of Winterfell does not join in a celebration, practicing her shooting skills instead. Gendry finds her and proposes to her, but she refuses.

Tyrion engages in discussion with Lord Varys who regard Jon as a better king of the Seven Kingdoms than Daenerys. He also suggests that Bran should be the lord of Winterfell, but he doesn't want it. Jaime and Brienne spend the night together.

Daenerys wants to immediately attack Cersei Lannister. This battle can be conducted in a way that people are spared, but Daenerys cares only about winning. As they sail, their armies are attacked by Euron Greyjoy's army that kills one of her dragons and captures Missandei. It makes Daenerys even more desperate to defeat Cersei at all costs.

Tyrion convinces her to negotiate with Cersei who tries to use Missandei in these dealings. Both Cersei and Daenerys refuse to compromise. Cersei kills Missandei in front of Daenerys and her army. There can be no deal.

Episode 5, The Bells

Daenerys is deeply distraught about losing Missandei. She punishes any sign of betrayal. Tyrion arranges that in case of surrender the battle would not go ahead. He sends Jaime to give a sign of surrender.

Daenerys has no regard for that. She attacks first the fleet that killed one of her dragons as well as captured Missandei. Even before any sign of surrender would come she destroyed significant portions of the wall surrounding the castle.

Cersei's troops stand ready to surrender. The bells ring, but Daenerys moves towards the city, burning it. Grey Worm, who was in love with Missandei is unable to restrain his emotions and attacks the army that surrendered. His army follows, and the bloody battle begins.

Cersei and Jaime die under the falling stones.

Episode 6, The Iron Throne

The destruction of the city is so enormous that everyone is terrified. Even Tyrion seeing it rebels, announcing Daenerys that he quits. She orders his execution. Daenerys is so encouraged by her victory that she wants to keep going and free the entire world from slavery. Jon cannot be blind to her cruelties anymore seeing her turning into someone she initially despised. There seems to be no other way, but killing her. When he stabs her, her dragon turns up, but instead of firing at him burns the Iron Throne, flying away with Daenerys.

Jon is captured by Daenerys army and faces execution, but Tyrion wants to avoid another bloodshed and inspires the council to elect Bran as the new king. Bran becomes the king of Six Kingdoms as the North remains independent. Jon's sentence is turned into serving at the Night's Watch.

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Game of Thrones Season 7

Episode 1, Dragonstone

The first episode opens with Arya Stark avenging the death of her family by poisoning the Lords of the House of Frey during a celebration. Wearing the mask of Lord Frey she raises a toast only revealing later that this is the message from the North.

The winter has come and the Dead Army of White Walkers is marching towards the South. This is also seen by Bran who arrives at the Night's Watch with Meera.

In Winterfell Jon in charge. With Sansa's help he prepares his people to fight the White Walkers. He knows that dragonglass is one of the few weapons that can do damage. Sansa questions Jon's decisions about punishing betrayal. They both differ in the way their approach to those who help them. Jon manages to get the support of Houses of Umer and Karstark, but Sansa is afraid of their true intentions. She saw Cersei punishing those who were in her way and is afraid to be too trusting. She also has to deal with Lord Baelish who tries to regain her trust.

In King's Landing Cersei and Jaime realize the threat that Daenerys poses with her dragons while they also have no children. It becomes more difficult to control the Kingdom and find allies. When Euron proposes to her she rejects the offer.

Samwell is training to be a Maester. He wants to gain access to the restricted area of the library to find the defense against the White Walkers. The Arch Maester thinks his fears are exaggerated. Samwell is determined to study how to defeat the White Walkers. He finds the map of Dragonstone and dragonglass about which he will notify Jon. He also encounters a sick man, who later turns out to be Jorah staying in one of the rooms in Citadel.

Arya is on the way to King's Landing to kill Cersei. She meets Lannister's soldiers on her way, who share with her how tired of fighting they are. They laugh when she tells them she intends to kill Cersei.

Thoros and Sandor find dead people when traveling through the North. They consider the purpose of life when burying them. Sandors believe in the Lord of Light. When seeing the Wall and the dead army of White Walkers he realizes his purpose in life.

Daenerys arrives at Dragonstone, the House Targaryan where she was born. It was also the place where Stannis planned his battles. She is ready for the final battle, as we are nearing game of thrones season finale.

Episode 2, Stormborn

Daenerys questions the motives of Vaserys who ordered to kill her at the orders of King Robert. She is unsure of his loyalty, as he tends to follow whoever he serves.

Melisandra arrives at Dragonstone and meets Daenerys. She is trying to find the one who brings the dawn. She thinks it may be Jon Snow who is to fulfill the prophecy. Daenerys decides to invite Jon Snow, but she wants him to serve her then.

In Winterfell Sansa finds out from other Lords that they fear Cersei and are concerned that under her rule Seven Kingdoms will perish. Cersei is trying to gather support to fight Daenerys and she wants to get rid of all her enemies. Jaime wants Ryndal Tally to support them against Daenerys,

Jorah is staying at the Citadel trying to find some help for his greyscale disease. Samwell finds him there and decides to treat him with a forbidden cure. He also discovers how White Walkers can be defeated notifying about it Jon, who wants to meet Daenerys to join forces with her. Sansa is to take charge of Winterfell. He is infuriated with Lord Baelish, who confesses to him that he loves Sansa.

He is hopeful about defeating the White Walkers after receiving a letter from Samwell. Euron attacks Yara and Theon, Daenerys allies and captures Yara, Ellaria, and Tyene. Theon is unable to defend his sister and escapes.

Daenerys is gaining support from Lady Olena, who is bitter about the death of her daughter. She decides to attack the Casterly Rock.

Arya meets Hot Pie on her way to King's Landing. Only now she finds out that Jon is now the King of the North and her sister Sansa is alive. She changes her mind deciding to travel home instead. When she arrives Winterfell's guards fail to recognize, but she manages to convince them to let her inside.

Episode 3, The Queens Justice

Jon meets Daenerys at Dragonstone. Daenerys wants him to serve her, but he refuses. He is more concerned about the Dead Army and asks her to join forces with him. He gains access to dragonglass.

When Bran reaches Winterfell, he is no longer himself but the Three-Eyed Raven. He informs Sansa about his visions and his role.

Euron delivers Ellaria and Tyene to Cersei. As a reward, he will fight alongside with Jaime and will be able to marry Cersei after the war. Cersei kills Tyene in revenge for her daughter's death.

Jorah is cured and travels to Daenerys. Jaime kills Olena after defeating her army. He finds out that she killed Joffrey.

Episode 4, The Spoils of War

Arya's return to Winterfell arises some suspicions among her friends and her sister, who watch her incredible skills when she defeats Brienne in a sword fight. Bran receives from Lord Baelish a dagger that was used to kill him.

During his encounter with Daenerys Jon inspects dragonglass and finds paintings made by the First Men and the Children of the Forest as they fight against the Dead Army. It gives them some hope about defeating them.

Daenerys learns about Euron's capture of her allies and attacks the Lannister army with her dragons. She decimates the Lannister army and almost kills Jaime as well, who is saved by Bronn.

Episode 5, Eastwatch

The winter has come and the final battle for the Seven Kingdoms ensues. Jaime reports to Cersei about the defeat of his army by Daenerys and Dothraki army, making Cersei realize that they are not going to win the war.

In Winterfell Bran of the Dead Army marching towards the Seven Kingdom as the winter sets.

Samuel tries to discuss the Dead Army with to Arch Maester. John Snow finds out that Arya and Bran are still alive. Sir Davos brings the Robert Baratheon's illegitimate son to meet with Jon Snow.

Episode 6, Beyond the Wall

Beyond the Wall opens with Jon, Jorah and few other men from the Night's Watch venturing into the Northern lands looking for White Walkers. Tormund and Jon Snow debate about whether bending to other rulers or kneeling is a good strategy. Tormund seems to have adopted a different view than the previous leader Mance Rayder who refused to kneel and he and his men were executed. Eventually, Tormund kneeled and united his forces with the rulers of the North. He now questions whether kneeling is such a bad thing, suggesting Jon that it is better to unite than needlessly die.

Jon Snow offers to return his Valyrian sword that was initially given to him by Jorah's father. Jorah insists that Jon Keeps the sword that has so far served him well.

In the heavy snow, they are attacked by bear monsters with blue eyes who are already dead. One of their men is killed and one wounded. They send for help.

They encounter a group of White Walkers, manage to capture one of them but find themselves surrounded by the entire army of Walkers amidst a lake with the ice partially melted that makes White Walkers fall into the water. The White Walkers then stop and wait.

Sansa and Arya reminisce about their experiences as children. Arya is forthright about what happened in the past as Sansa was forced to act on behalf of Lannisters against their own people. Arya confronts her about the path she took to survive showing her the letter Sansa wrote and which Arya found at Lord Baelish's room. Although Sansa managed to gain back the Winterfell, Arya is deeply disturbed that she in a way betrayed her family to survive.

When Sansa talks to Lord Bealish about the letter he lies telling her that he doesn't know how Arya got hold of the letter. Sansa already communicates to him distrust she has for Arya. She receives an invitation to King's Landing and asks Brienne to represent her, but she is worried to leave her in the presence of Lord Baelish.

Daenerys receives the request for help and flies with her dragons to help Jon Snow and his people.

Sansa discovers Arya's masks that she was using to train as a faceless person. Arya distrusts Sansa about her intentions. She explains that she uses faces to become someone else. She admits that she could also become her.

After some time the Dead Army realizes the ice is strong enough and they start marching towards Jon and his people. Initially, they manage to withhold the attack, but their large number means that it is only a question of time before they become defeated. Just as they prepare to die Daenerys arrives with her dragons and decimates the Dead Army. As she is rescuing them the King manages to wound one of the dragons with his spade. Daenerys watches him fall into the lake. Jon Snow still fighting the White Walkers falls into the icy lake. He is saved by uncle Benjamin who gives him a horse and sends him away, himself dying instead. Jon manages to reach the Wall. Seeing the dead army Daenerys decides to join her forces to defeat them. Jon also changes his mind and wants to bend the knee to serve her while they both find themselves attracted to each other. The White Walkers manage to get the dragon out of the water resurrects him as the dead dragon.

Episode 7, The Dragon and the Wolf

The alliance with Cersei to fight the Dead Army fails even when Cercei witness with her own eyes one of its members. She refuses to join forces when Jon Snow refuses not to take sides.

Cersei is only convinced by her brother Tyrion to fight alongside, but she never really intends to do that. She even threatens her own brother and the father of their child not to participate in such war.

Bran unravels a secret of Jon's true background. Through his visions, he found that Jon is really a Targaryen and his name is Aegon. His father is Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, who secretly married. This makes Jon an heir to the Iron Throne.

In the meantime, the Dead Army with the help of the dragon Viserion manages to break through the wall as the dragon fires a blue flame at the Wall. The Dear Army has now no obstacles to march further towards the South.

Game of Thrones season premiere will be available in May - June 2019.

Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones Season 6
Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones Season 6

Game of Thrones Season 6

New Season of Game of Thrones

Episode 1, The Red Woman

Game of Thrones Season 6 opens as Jon Snow’s dead body is lying on the snow following his stabbing. Thorne becomes the commander of the Night’s Watch. Sansa and Theon, who were trying to escape Ramsay at Winterfell manage to get to the woods. Ramsay and his men manage to find them, but just before they are captured again Brienne and Podrick rescue them killing Ramsay’s men.

Jaime reaches King’s Landing with his dead daughter, Myrcella. Cersei upon seeing her decides to take revenge.

Myrcella’s fiancée, Trystan is killed by Obara and Nymeria while Ellaria and Tyen kill Areo Hotah.

Tyrion and Varys assume their reign in Meereen in the absence of Daenerys who is captured by Dothraki at Khal Moro, where Jorah and Daario are heading.

Blind Arya tries to survive on the streets of Braavos as a beggar. She has to face the Waif, a girl she befriended is also attacked by the Waif, in the House of Black and White, who attacks her. After beating Arya, she promises to come back again.

Captured by Dothraki Daenerys, pleads with her captors revealing that she knows their language because her first husband, Khal Drogo was Dothraki. They let her live.

Melissandre staying at the Night's Watch reveals her true appearance after she takes off her jewels just before going to bed. She turns out to be an old woman.

Episode 2, Home

When Roose’s baby boy is born, Ramsay decides to murder him, his lover Walda and the baby.

Theon travels home. Sansa learns about her sister Arya. Euron Greyjoy murders King Balon Greyjoy.

In Meereen, some resume slavery and Tyrion finds out about it.

Bran continues to have visions, seeing Ned, Benjen, and Lyanna Stark.

Jon Snow survives his wounds after Melisandre without success tries to bring him back to life.

Episode 3, Oathbreaker

Jon Snow miraculously awakens following his apparent death. He hangs the men who tried to kill him in protest of letting the wildlings inside the Night's Watch. He then announces that he ended his watch. Edd becomes the new commander of the Night’s Watch.

Bran discovers in his visions how Lord Howland Reed murders Ser Arthur Dayne. He discovers that he receives visions so that he could learn. He is to find out what it is.

Daenerys is taken to a place where other widows also live and her fate is to be decided.

The Wiff questions Arya about her family while fighting with her. She also wants to know about everybody that is on Arya's revenge list. Arya insists that she is "no-one". Only when she is certain that she is "no-one" she is given a drink and recovers her sight.

Rickon Stark and Osha, captured by Lord Umber are taken to Winterfell and presented to Ramsay, who imprisons them. Lord Umber refuses to kneel in front of Ramsay, giving him instead Rickon and Osha.

Episode 4, Book of Stranger

Game of Thrones Episode 4 opens with Jon Snow leaving the Night's Watch. Just as he is about to go Brienne with Sansa enter and reunite with Jon. Sansa tries to convince Jon to retake Winterfell. It is clear now that winter finally arrived. It is an ominous sign that life would get harder, making the people of Westeros an easier target for the White Walkers. Brienne reveals how she arrived there after killing Stanis.

Lord Baelish manages to gather support from the Knights of the Vale for the support of Sansa, knowing that Ramsay will do anything to get her back.

Tyrion Lannister negotiates with the slave masters the terms under which they would relinquish slave ownership. Slaves share their suspicions about doing any deals with the slave owners.

Margery is allowed to see Loras in jail. The High Sparrow sends her there to convince Loras to repent following a conversation with her. She wants her brother to be strong instead, but Loras is broken and willing to accept his conditions. In the meantime, Jaime, Kevan, and Olenna can only conspire against the High Sparrow. So far, there is nothing else they can do even in their own kingdom.

When Theon arrives at Pyke, Yara doesn’t want to accept him into the family, but he tells her that he will help her to rule the Kingsmoot.

Daario and Jorah find the prison where Daenerys is held. They approach just before she is taken to meet the Khals. During the meeting, she burns the temple of the Dosh Khaleen. Although everybody dies, she survives. Seeing this, the Dothraki accept her as their queen.

Episode 5, The Door

Petyr Baelish arrives at Night's Watch and offers Sansa help in retaking Winterfell. Sansa rejects his offer and travels with Jon to negotiate with Northern houses to ally with them against the Boltons. Brienne questions Jon's loyalty towards Sansa.

Arya learns about faceless men who were first slaves and mentored others. Arya is told that she will never be one of them unless she accepts her chance to redeem herself and kill Lady Crane, an actress. She attends her plays that portray the familiar events that relate to her sister Sansa and the Lannisters. Arya questions the reason behind the order to kill the actress at first. She befriends her.

Bran discovers that it was the Children of the Forest who brought to life the White Walkers to defend themselves, witnessing one of their executions. They confessed that they became threatened by men and had to do something. The White Walkers appear in front of him touching him in his vision which means that they will be trying to find him. The White Walkers then appear in front of their cave and attack them. The Children of the Forest urge them to run while fighting the White Walkers. Bran seems to have visions of his youth and is unable to wake up. His friends manage to escape defending them from the White Walkers. They manage to get inside the house, but the White Walkers get there. Bran is safe for now when taken away into the forest.

Theon Greyjoy wants his sister Yara to be the king. Their uncle who killed their father arrives claiming that he should be the king. Yuron becomes the king after being christened. He promises to win the entire kingdom if people build ships so that they can defeat Theon and Yara who managed to escape.

Daenerys learns about Jorah’s disease and receives support from a priestess Kinvara. Jorah confesses his love to Daenerys, who orders him to get cured.

Episode 6, Blood of My Blood

Game of Thrones Episode 6 opens with Bran still having the visions of the past but being able to just escape the White Walkers. He wakes up just as they find them but a mystery man on the horse defends them ordering them to go with him.

Sam with his wife and his baby arrives at his house. They both receive a warm welcome, but his father discovers that his wife is one of the wildlings that his family has been fighting for generations. He orders Sam to leave the house and leave his wife and the child but he takes them with him.

Arya is about to kill Lady Crane, but after getting to know her changes her mind, saving her life. The Wiff learns that Arya disobeyed them.

When Jaime wants to free Margery from the High Sparrow, her brother Loras already accepted becoming part of the Faith. Margery is about to do her walk of atonement when Jaime appears ordering the High Sparrow to give him Tyrel and Margery threatening to kill the priest if he disobeys. The High Sparrow announces that there is no need for the walk because Tommen also became part of their faith. Tommen wants to send Jaime away from the city, but his mother wants Jaime to lead their soldiers in the war.

The mystery man who saved Bran turns out to be his uncle, who was also attacked by the White Walkers but survived. What saved him was what also created the White Walkers, a dragon spear.

Daenerys manages to leave the warriors while riding with them when one of her dragons appear. She stands next to her dragon making a speech to the Dothraki warriors to fight for her. She manages to win them over.

Episode 7, The Broken Man

Olenna Tyrell is in danger when the High Sparrow warns Margaery that she will also need to be converted after Margaery has been subdued to the Faith. Olenna fears for her life and wants to leave the Kings Landing.

Sandor Clegane managed to be revived by a Septon, following his deadly fight with Brienne and joined the Brotherhood Without Banners. Septon wants to undo his past wrongdoings, but he is attacked and hanged. Only Sandor survives while being away at the time of the attack.

Jaime meets Blackfish asking him to surrender but meets resistance.

Jon and Sansa try to find allies to gather forces against the Boltons among various houses but remain outnumbered. Their forces include mostly the Wildlings. Jon wants to fight immediately even though Sansa would prefer to gather more forces.

Theon with his sister on their way to join Daenerys to take revenge on the Boltons.

Arya decides to leave the House of Black and White.She is attacked and stabbed by the Waif.

Episode 8, No One

Arya has nowhere to go after being stabbed by the Aif and finds shelter at Lady Crane's house who nurses her to back to health. She wants to travel West and beyond. The Waif finds them, executing Lady Crane and pursuing Arya, who tries to escape. Cornered in one of the houses she faces the Waif and fights her. She manages to kill the Waif, delivers her head to the house of Black and White and announces that she is heading home.

Sandor finds those that killed his friends and takes revenge on them.

The High Septon's men enter Cercei's castle to take her in front of him. She sternly refuses even though they threaten to take her by force. She orders the Mountain soldier to fight them and they die.

Brienne travels to Riverrun with Jaime's sword to negotiate the surrender of Blackfish. She wants Jaime to allow her to ask Blackfish to fight together against the Boltons. Blackfish refuses to abandon his house. Jaime captures and tortures the Lord of the Riverrun forcing him to impose the surrender of the Riverrun and hand over Blackfish. The Lord fulfills the promise but Blackfish dies during the fight

In Meereen ships arrive to take back the slaves. They attack the city just when Daenerys returns with Dothraki.

Episode 9, Battle of the Bastards

Daenerys tries to make a deal with the slave masters who come to see her to negotiate her surrender. She wants them to surrender. To their surprise, she calls one of her dragons and mounts it. She orders the dragon to burn the ship when they reach them. Dothraki army fights the rest of the soldiers. The kings are punished for the revolt and only one is left alive.

Theon and Yarra are on the way to make an alliance with Daenerys while the armies of the Boltons and the Stark meet. Ramsay holds Sansa’s brother Rickon. He orders him to join his family just when the battle begins. Rickon is shot with arrows in front of his family. Jon attacks Ramsay in a bloody and cruel battle. He is almost defeated when the Knights of the Vale arrive, rescuing Jon's army. Ramsay is imprisoned, tortured and in the end given to his own hounds to devour him.

Ramsay Bolton
Ramsay Bolton

Episode 10, The Winds of Winter

In Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 Thomen prepares for the trial of Loras. He is not allowed to leave the room. Soon, he realizes why when witnessing the destruction of the Sept of Baelor, where the trial was held. The High Sparrow, Margaery, and Loras die along with all who participated in the trial. Seeing this, Tommen jumps from his balcony.

Varys forges an alliance between Olenna, Ellaria and Daenerys who all want to fight the Lannisters.

When Melisandre confesses that she initiated the execution of Shireen Baratheon, Davos wants to kill her, but Jon decides that if she never returns she can leave towards the North.

Arya takes revenge on Walder Frey responsible for the death of her mother and other members of her family.

Bran has another vision involving his family, seeing Ned witnessing the death of his sister Lyanna who was Jon’s mother.

Cersei becomes the new Queen, just as Jaime comes back to King’s Landing. In this last episode of Game of Thrones season 6 Daenerys sails with her many fleets and dragons towards King’s Landing, signaling the final battle that is to take place.

Daenerys fleet sailing towards the Seven Kingdom in Game of Thrones Season 6
Daenerys fleet sailing towards the Seven Kingdom in Game of Thrones Season 6

Game of Thrones Season 5

Episode 1, The Wars to Come

Cersei Lannister faces the fears of her past, remembering a witch foretelling her that she is to marry a king and all her children will die young. These words haunt her as she meets her brother Jaime near the dead body of Tywin Lannister killed by Tyrion. She blames Jaime for Tywin's death because he freed Tyrion after he was accused of murdering her son Joffrey.

Daenerys Targerian loses control of her city Meereen, as the Sons of Harpy rebel against her freeing the slaves. One of the members of the Sons of the Harpy kills her warrior slave in a brothel.

In the far North, Stannis wants to forge an alliance with the Wildlings, asking Jon Snow to convince their leader, Mance Rayder to come under his command or face death by burning. Mance Rayder chooses to die rather than yield to Stannis. His death is part of the sacrifice that Melissandre makes to the God of Light. Jon shoots an arrow at Mance when the fires surround him.

Sansa Stark travels with Petyr Baelish, unaware he arranged for her to get married.

Tyrion has been hiding. He is constantly drinking and spending time with Varys, who thinks Tyrion could be a good king. He takes him to see Daenerys Targeryan at Meereen. Danearys locked her dragons, making her control of them even more difficult. They respond with fire when she visits them.

Episode 2, The House of Black and White

Arya arrives in Braavos to train at the House of Black and White to become one of the faceless men. At first, she is refused entry, but later she is allowed to come in.

Brienne travels with Podrick Payne who wants to be her squire. One day he notices Sansa Stark with Petyr Baelish at a tavern. Brienne, who promised her mother, Catelyn Stark to protect her offers her help, but Sansa refuses after Petyr accuses Brienne of failing to protect others in the past.

Cersei is worried about the fate of her children and decides to bring back her daughter Myrcella who is to marry Trystane at Dorn. Jaime offers to bring her back.

Daenerys is in a difficult position when the murderer of her warrior slave is found. She wants to give him a fair trial while the slaves want him dead. Before she is able to bring proceedings, one of the slaves kills the murderer. She wants to be fair even in this situation and sentences the slave to death. Her approach provokes anger towards her from other slaves. One of the dragons, Drogon appears in front of her while she is by herself, but quickly disappears.

Tyrion is despondent about his situation. Cersei searches for him, ordering to behead him. Many similar heads are brought to her and many similar dwarfs beheaded as a result.

Episode 3, High Sparrow

In Braavos, Arya's training involves endless sweeping the floor in the House of Black and White. She complains that she is there for other reasons. She wants to become no one, but her possessions make her who she is. She disposes of them retaining only her sword. She then assists in washing the dead bodies.

Margery weds Tommen. They are happy together, trying to get to know each other during their wedding night. Margery fears Cersei, who is protective of her children. They both think that Cersei is not happy. Margery suggests that perhaps she should go to Casterly Rock. When Tommen raises this with Cersei, she becomes suspicious. Cersei also finds herself in a difficult situation when the High Sparrow orders the punishment of the High Septon for visiting Littlefinger's brothel. She decides to give him more power.

Theon witnesses Ramsay flaying people who failed to pay their taxes. Ramsay's father Roose Bolton wants extend their power not only through torture but also through alliances and orders Ramsay to marry. He made a deal with Petyr Baelish to bring Sansa to marry Ramsay. Petyr tries to make such marriage palatable to Sansa despite murders the Boltons committed. He tells her that Stannis plans to attack Winterfell. She would be freed and become the Wardeness of Winterfell.

Brienne and Podrick follow them, getting to know each other. Podrick learns that Brienne is eager to avenge her father's death and kill Stannis.

Stannis wants Jon to join them to avenge his family on the Boltons, but Jon refuses. Jon faces resistance from his own guards and has to execute Janos Slynt who refuses his order to rebuild Greygard.

Sansa arrives with Petyr Baelish at Winterfell. She is welcomed by Roose and Ramsay. One of the servants is sent by Brienne to let her know that if she needs help she should light a candle in the highest place in Winterfell. Roose is suspicious of Petyr's motive and his connections with the Lannisters.

When Tyrion Lannister visits a brothel with Varys, he is abducted by Jorah Mormont, who wants to redeem himself in this way in front of Daenerys.

Episode 4, The Sons of the Harpy

Cersei empowers the religious sect the Sparrows. They order the arrest of Loras Tyrell, Margery's brother. Margery pleads with Tommen, asking for his release, but Tommen is unable to free him.

Melissandre tries to seduce Jon Snow to join their army to defeat Winterfell. She doesn't trust Stannis, who previously abandoned her once.

Jaime and Bronn arrive at Dorne. They encounter four horsemen and kill them in a fight. Wearing their clothes as a disguise they are able to enter the city. Ellaria, the lover of Prince Oberyn and the king's niece wants to avenge Oberyn's death by abducting Myrcella.

The Sons of the Harpy slaughter the entire patrol of Unsullied, injuring Grey Worm and killing Ser Barristan.

Episode 5, Kill the Boy

Daenerys wants to avenge the death of Ser Barristen. She brings the members of all families to her dragons who kill one of the members. She also reopens the fighting pits and marries Hizdahr zo Loraq to forge an alliance.

Brienne is worried about Sansa, realizing she must be facing danger from the Boltons. When Sansa walks around Winterfell, Ramsay's girlfriend Myranda takes her to Theon Greyjoy, now Reek, who serves Ramsay.

Jon manages to convince Tormund to unite the Wildlings with the guards of the Night's Watch, but Tormund makes a condition that Jon has to travel with him to Hardhome to help him convince his people.

Jorah and Tyrion encounter the stone men, who emerge from the water as they swim by boat towards Meereen. Tyrion falls into the water. Jorah rescues him, but becomes infected with greyscale.

Episode 6, Unbowed, Unbent Unbroken

Jorah and Tyrion can see Meereen, walking towards the city now on foot. On their way, slavers capture them, intending to sell them at the slaves' market.

In Braavos, Arya enters a chamber full of dead people in the House of Black and White. Jaqen decides that she is not ready to become no one, but ready to become someone else.

Jaime and Bronn find Myrcella with Trystane, her fiancee. Just as they want to take her with them, they are attacked by Oberyn's daughters, Sand Snakes. During the fight the guards surround them and arrest all.

Lord Baelish arrives at Seven Kingdoms. He meets Cersei, telling her that Sansa is alive and about to marry Ramsay Bolton. He wants to lead the knights of the Vale to defeat the Boltons and Stannis, hoping to receive Winterfell as the reward.

The High Sparrow makes Margery testify at her brother, Loras trial. Margery denies that Loras is homosexual, but his partner proves that she lies. Both, Margery and Loras are imprisoned.

Just before Sansa's marriage to Ramsay, Myranda tells Sansa that Ramsay had sex with many girls and killed them after getting bored with them. Sansa responds that she will not be frightened and proceeds to marry Ramsay. After a short and brief wedding, Ramsay takes Sansa to his room and rapes her forcing Theon Greyjoy to watch.

Episode 7, The Gift

After Jon leaves with Tormund to convince the Wildlings to join the forces of the Night's Watch, Master Aemon dies. Sam, Jon's friend is warned that he is losing his friends. One night, two men find Gilly alone and try rape her. Sam comes to her rescue. Only Jon's wolf that suddenly appears makes the attackers run away.

Ramsay Bolton finds out about a friend Sansa had in the castle. He flays the old lady, bringing Sansa to see the corp. Stannis marches towards the Winterfell in freezing conditions.

Melissandre advises Stannis that if he sacrifices his daughter she is confident that he would gain victory.

Jorah and Tyrion are sold as slaves and are to fight in the fighting pits.

Olenna approaches the High Sparrow to free her daughter Mergery and son Loras. He refuses any offers or blackmails, even when she threatens the entire kingdom with starvation. She ends up talking to Lord Baelish, as they both conspired to kill Cersei's son Joffrey. Cersei decides to visit Margery in prison, but Margery doesn't want to talk to her. The High Sparrow approaches Cersei, telling her that the only way Margery can be freed is if she confesses her sins. He tells Cersei that he knows of her sins as well and Cersei is locked in prison.

Episode 8, Hardhome

Melissandre convinces Stannis that he needs to make a sacrifice if he wants to win.
Stannis knows that things will get harder as the Winter is coming that would make freezing conditions last a few years.

Jorah and Tyrion are about to fight in a pit when he notices Daenerys watching the fights. He runs out and fights in front of her, taking out his mask at the end to reveal who he is. Tyrion also manages to break his chains and joins Jorah. Daenerys gives them an opportunity to explain what happened. She thinks Jorah should be killed for his betrayal. Tyrion suggests that she exiles Jorah while accepting him as her adviser. Jorah's disease progresses.

Cersei is made to confess her sins in her cell, but she refuses.

Arya becomes Lana, selling oysters in the city for the Faceless men. She is sent on a different route one day to spy on a dishonest marine insurance merchant. Jaqe orders her to poison him.

Sansa approaches Theon for help. He admits that he faked her brothers' death, but there is no escape from Ramsay, who seems to know about everything that is going on, ready to punish for any betrayal.

Roose knows that Stannis is marching towards Winterfell. He hopes that Stannis, being from the South won't be able to cope with cold climate. Ramsay wants to weaken him by attacking him with 20 people.

Daenerys allows Tyrion to be her counsel so that she can take the Iron Throne. Tyrion advises her against it, but Daenerys is adamant that she is going to break the wheel that keeps on defeating everyone trying to take over the Iron Throne.

Jon arrives at Hardhome with Tormund, who forces all elders to gather. Despite the past wars, they manage to convince the Wildlings to unite with the Night's Watch to defeat the White Walkers. They are able to get five thousand men just as an endless undead, white army attacks them, killing all but those who managed to escape. Jon and Tormund want to help the remaining Wildlings to fight the White Walkers, but there is too many of them and they fail. Jon and Tormund along with five thousand Wildlings manage to escape on boats. They witness the dead Wildlings rising after their death to become White Walkers.

Episode 9, The Dance of the Dragons

The Wildlings arrive at the Night's Watch and are allowed to enter. Stannis is facing starvation and sends Ser Davos to get food from the Night's Watch. Soon after he leaves, Melissandre finally convinces Stannis that his daughter needs to be burnt as a sacrifice to the God of Light. Shireen dies in front of the army.

In Braavos, Arya notices Lord Tyrel arriving to talk to the Iron Bank. She fails to obey the order to kill the insurance merchant.

Jaime receives the consent of Prince Doran to take Myrcella back to the King's Landing.

Jorah returns to the pits to fight and appears fighting in front of Daenerys. He defeats other fighters. Noticing that one of the Sons of the Harpy is about to attack Daenerys, he shoots a spear at him. The Sons of the Harpy attack her guards and surround her. She is saved when her dragon Drogon appears. She mounts him and flies away.

Episode 10, Mother's Mercy

After Shireen is sacrificed, the snow melts. Stannis learns though that half of his men deserted him at dawn while Selyse hanged herself. He proceeds to march towards Winterfell. He is about to begin the siege when he is surrounded by Ramsay's forces and defeated. Stannis manages to survive, but Brienne finds him and kills him for the death of her father. Melisandre arrives at Night's Watch.

Sansa escapes her room to light a candle for help, but Brienne is busy fulfilling her other mission. On her way back, she encounters Myranda and Theon. Myranda wants to shoot Sansa and Theon accidentally murders Myranda when defending Sansa. They see Ramsay's soldiers returning from the battle, get on top of the castle wall and jump outside.

Cersei confesses to some of her sins, such as sleeping with Lancel. The High Sparrow lets her go if she does the walk of atonement, crossing the town on the way to her castle naked. She agrees to do that, still facing trial for her lies.

Jaime succeeds in freeing Bronn and taking Myrcella and Trystane to the Seven Kingdom. Just as they leave, Ellaria poisons Myrcella when kissing her during the farewell. Myrcella dies on the ship.

Sam and Gilly ask Jon for permission to leave so that Sam can become a maester. Jon sadly agrees.

In Braavos, Arya avenges the death of her family members, killing Ser Meryn when taking on the appearance of one of the prostitutes. She receives punishment for this crime by the Faceless Men, who make her blind, seemingly when Jaqen drinks poison.

Jorah and Daario leave Tyrion and Varys in charge of Meereen while they travel to find Daenerys. She is surrounded by Dothraki horsemen when searching for the food for her dragon.

Jon is stabbed and left to die by Allister, Olly, and other guards who resent his alliance with the Wildlings.

Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer

Game of Thrones Season 4

Game of Thrones Episodes Summary

In Season 4, Joffrey Lannister remains the only ruler but becomes poisoned at his own wedding. We hear that "Winter is coming", but it is always warm and sunny in King's Landing, the capital, and cold at Castle Black in the North.

In Episode One, 'Two Swords', the events set the scene for more troubles in the Seven Kingdoms. Jaime Lannister, who fathered Joffrey with his sister Cersei receives a sword made of Valyrian steal from his father, Tywin Lannister. Despite Tywin's ambitions that he marries and has his own family, Jaime wants to remain close to his sister.

Prince Oberyn also called the Red Viper of Dorne arrives for the wedding between Joffrey and Margaery. He also hopes to somehow avenge the death of his sister Ellia, who was raped and cut in half by Gregor Clegane serving the Lannisters.

Tyrion Lannister is under pressure when Sansa is devastated by the news of her family being killed. His mistress, Shae wants to continue their relationship, unaware of Tywin's threats to kill any Tyrion's mistresses.

Arya Stark travels with the Hound, Sandor Clegane, the younger brother of Gregory Clegane, who burnt half of his face for playing with his toy. They arrive at a tavern, where Polliver and his men robbed the innkeeper, and are about to rape his daughter. Polliver previously stole Arya's sword 'Needle'. She and the Hound take revenge on Polliver and his men, killing them in a fight.

Episode Two, The Lion and the Rose.

Ramsay Snow, the bastard son of Roose Bolton savagely tortured Theon Greyjoy, who in the process lost his identity, thinking he is now one of the Boltons. The Boltons are known for skinning people alive that is also part of their emblem.

Lord Varys, who is from the free city of Lys warns Tyrion Lannister that Shae may be killed by Tywin, as Cersei Lannister already knows about her. Cersei hated Tyrion since his birth for being a dwarf. She is jealous of Brienne, who brought Jaime back, suspecting her of being in love with him.

During Joffrey's wedding, where he displays his cruelties, he unexpectedly becomes poisoned. Cersei accuses Tyrion of this act, as he holds Joffrey's cup in his hand.

In Episode 3, 'Breaker of Chains' Sansa runs away from the wedding with the help of Petyr Baelish, who pays to rescue her. They travel to her mother's sister, Lysa Arryn. Cersei orders Tyrion to be jailed and stand trial for the murder of her son.

In the North, Wildlings gather in thousands to avenge taking over their lands. Tywin confronts Prince Oberyn about poisoning Joffrey and then hearing his assurances appoints him to be one of the judges at Tyrion's trial. As witnesses are gathered against Tyrion, Wildlings ransack villages, killing anyone they can. Night's Watch debates how to fight Wildlings, who vastly outnumber them while they also allied with tribes that practice cannibalism.

After gaining control over Astapor and Younkai, winning the loyalty of these cities' slaves, Daenerys Targaryen reaches Meereen.

In Episode 4, The Oathkeeper

Daenerys delivers weapons to the slaves conveying in Meerenn through her army commander Grey Worm to free themselves. She succeeds and gains control over yet another slave city.

Both Lord Baelish and Margaery's grandmother admit they poisoned King Joffrey. Jaime wants Brienne to find Sansa and take care of her. He gives her his sword which she calls 'The Oathekeeper".

Episode 5, First of His Name

While Tommen Baratheon, Joffrey's brother is crowned to be a King, Petyr Baelish with Sansa reach lady Lysa Arryn. She is in love with Petyr and killed her husband to be with him. Her love for Petyr becomes an obsession.

Jon Snow fights mutineers, who also captured his brother Brandon with friends. Bran decides to abandon his meeting with his brother in favor of finding a mystery tree that persists in his visions.

Episode 6, The Laws of Gods and Men

Stannis and Daavos plead for assistance from the Iron Bank. Daavos supports Stannis in his claims to the King of the Iron Throne, as the only rightful heir.

Yarra Greyjoy travels to the Boltons in an attempt to rescue her brother Theon, who is kept by them, but Theon is so terrified of his captors that prefers to remain with them. The tortures he endures makes him convinced he is not Theon. His sister abandons fighting for her brother when Ramsay Snow releases dogs. Ramsay rewards Theon for staying with him with a bath.

The sentencing court case against Tyrion Lannister is under way. His father Tywin interrogates him, calling various witnesses, who testify against him. Although Tywin admits to Jaime that his intention is to send Tyrion to Night's Watch, Tyrion loses his nerve when hearing Shae testifying against him, giving a speech full of accusations, and demanding a trial by combat.

Episode 7, Mockingbird

Cersei chooses Gregor Clegane, also called the Mountain to fight against a champion that is to fight for Tyrion. Tyrion has less luck in his searches until Prince Oberyn, learning about Gregor, volunteers to fight against the man who killed his sister.

Lysa Arryn suspects Sansa to have a romantic connection with Petyr. She threatens her, but Petyr intervenes, admits that the only woman he loved was her sister, lady Catelyn, pushing Lysa into a pit, and killing her.

Episode 8, The Mountain and the Viper

The Lannisters know about the progress Daenerys Targeryan has been making and want to stop her. They decide to pardon Barristen Selmy, who was expelled as a King's Guard. He spied on Daenerys at first, but then became devoted to him.

When Baelish is questioned about Lysa Arryn's death, Sansa helps him, claiming that Arryn's death was a suicide.

Ramsay Snow uses Theon to convince a garrison to surrender only flay them later, as is the Bolton's tradition. He finally manages to gain recognition from the Boltons to be part of their family.

When Arya Stark and the Hound reach Lysa Arryn's place, she is already dead. Sandor is unable to claim his ransom.

The fight between Prince Oberyn and Gregor ends with both of them killed in a fight. Tyrion is sentenced to death.

Episode 9, The Watchers of the Wall

Wildlings are ready to fight the Night's Watch and attack them. They outnumber the men in Castle Black by one to a thousand. They also bring with them a mammoth and their giant King. They manage to get inside, but after fierce fighting they are stopped. Ygritte manages to find Jon Snow. She is about to kill him when an arrow strikes her and she dies. Jon decides to negotiate with Wildlings to end the war.

Episode 10, The Children

As Jon Snow negotiates with Wildlings, Stannis Baratheon surrounds them with his army and captures them.

Bran Stark finally reaches a mystery tree, although one of his friends has to die so that he could enter the tree. Children with supernatural powers appear rescuing him the rest of his friends. He is now about to find out all about his future.

Game of Thrones Season 3

Season 3 lasts several autumn months, although there is no definite timeline when the season ends. In a similar spirit, a new conflict is simmering with a civil unrest following the end of the war between Stannis Baratheon and the Lannisters. The defeated Stannis Baratheon continues to plot another confrontation to win the throne with the help of his mistress Melisandre, who is convinced that her god will help them to overcome all obstacles.

In the meantime, the Lannisters celebrate their victory while Joffrey is courting Margery Tyrell to eventually marry her. His father, Jaime Lannister manages to return to King's Landing and joins the family.

The house of Stark is in disarray since Rob Stark despite his successes in his war against the Lannisters. He makes a mistake of breaking his vow to marry one of Walter Frey's daughters which costs him and his family life, as he marries Talisa Maegyr. He loses the support of the Freys, although they agree that Edmure Stark instead can marry one of their daughters, or so it seems. When the wedding takes place Frey kills the entire Stark family. Arya who is about to join her family learns about it and vows revenge. For now, she has to travel with the man she hates. Her brother Bran Stark travels North while Sansa Stark manages to stay alive while staying with the Lannisters.

The adopted son of the Stark house, Jon is battling dangerous winter conditions along with White Walkers that threaten the Night's Watch. He ventures behind the Wall, where he becomes involved with so-called 'wildlings' and falls in love with Ygritte. Their different lives cannot be reconciled and he chooses his own people over his relationship with her.

Daenerys Targerian gathers an army in the South, successfully foiling the plot to kill her, and travels towards the King's Landing.

Game of Thrones Season 2

Season 2 unfolds with the beginning of autumn. Rob Stark tries to make peace with the Lannisters, sending his friend Theon Greyjoy to speak for him.

The House of Lannister maintains its power now led by their king Joffrey Baratheon. Sansa Stark is staying with the Lannisters and gets to know Joffrey's exceptional cruelty. There is also a claim to the throne made by the House of Tyrell while Stannis Baratheon, Robert's brother pursues his own entitlement with the help of his companion, Melisandre, a priestess determined to ensure his succession to the throne.

Stannis Baratheon fights the Lannisters during the battle of Blackwater Bay. Although Joffrey deserts the battle, Tyrion Lannister destroys the enemy setting the ship on fire. He then defeats Stannis's soldiers.

Behind the Wall, all 'wildlings' disappeared as they prepare to go to war.

Daenerys seeks refuge at the city of Qarth as a guest of the merchant Xaro Xhoan Daxos. He then tries to capture her servants and dragons, but she saves her dragons and seals him in a vault, ceasing his wealth and buying a ship.

Game of Thrones Season 1

It is summer during season 1, but we are told that winter is coming. The House of Stark is always preparing for winter. Robert Baratheon never loved his wife Cersei, also unaware that she has children with her own brother, Jaime. Her other brother is a dwarf called Tyrion. Robert appoints Ned Stark as the Hand's successor and Ned has to stay with Robert at King's Landing.

In the Free City of Pentos, the two surviving children of the Targaryen house, Viserys and Daenerys would like to regain the Iron Throne. Viserys marries his sister to Khal Drogo, the warlord of Dothraki Khalasar. Daenerys turns Dothraki into her friend to convince him to fight for the throne of the Seven Kingdoms.

Ned learns about the affair between Cersei and Jaime while Robert dies after becoming wounded during hunting. Cersei and her son Joffrey cease the throne despite Robert's will and execute Ned Stark. His wife, Catelyn with her sons declare the war to avenge his death.

Jon also wants to join his brothers in the war but remains at the Night's Watch to guard against the creatures once thought to be dead. They now threaten the entire Kingdom.

You can watch Game of Thrones Season 1 by clicking above and purchasing the complete season.

Game of Thrones Book and Video Game

Game of Thrones book is written by George R. R. Martin as part of A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series before becoming a series made by HBO.

Game of Thrones Ascent is a role-playing game developed by Atlus, delineating the struggle needed to survive and progress among Westeros. The game is available on Facebook, iPad, iPhone and Android.

Game of Thrones Games follows events similar to Game of Thrones, featuring various houses struggling for power. Game of Thrones Games Review.

Game of Thrones scenery can be experienced directly with Oculus Rift.


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